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Item Description
1.DESCRIPTION: Please read all terms and conditions for this auction. It should answer any questions that you may have, ie: if you require shipping, if you are unable to remove your own items, about bringing your own labor, etc. It explains the process during the auction and how it all works. If you have any questions at all!! Call me, Marilyn 406-570-3922 and I will help in any way I can.
2.DESCRIPTION: Please, please, rely on physical preview for condition, size, color, models, SN, etc. It is your responsibility to remove items yourself with your own labor, hand trucks, packaging, boxes, tools or any other means for removing items from the auction site.
3.DESCRIPTION: Buyer's Premium. Remember there is a 15% Buyer's Premium. Please Bid accordingly. Everything sells AS IS, WHERE IS, with all faults.
4.DESCRIPTION: Six vintage diecast racers. Three are Lesney Matchbox, made in England. Italian red F1 Ferrari no. 73, blue no. 52 B.R.M., Aston Martin DBR5, and three smaller unmarked racers.
5.DESCRIPTION: Four Lesney Matchbox series collectible diecast cars. Green D Type Jaguar no. 41, green and black Ferrari Berlinetta no. 75, red Pontiac GP Sports Coupe no. 22 with opening doors, white Mercedes 230SL no. 27 with opening doors.
6.DESCRIPTION: Four Lesney Matchbox series diecast cars. C. 1969 blue and yellow Unimog, blue Scammel 6x6 Tractor Pickfords, Italian red Mercedes-Benz 220 SE no. 3 with opening doors and a metallic brown Jaguar MK10 with opening hood.
7.DESCRIPTION: Five green Army diecast cars. Husky forward control Land Rover (made in Gt Britain), Lesney Thorneycroft Antar with a Sankey 50 ton Tank Transporter trailer no. 3., Lesney Matchbox Austin MK2 Radio Truck no. 68, Midgetoy/Tootsitoy jeep (Rockford, Ill) with broken front bumper (see photos), and a Dinky Toys 1 ton army cargo truck no. 641.
8.DESCRIPTION: Five 1960s, Linsey Matchbox series diecast trucks. Red Pipe Truck no. 10, blue Site Hut Truck no. 60 (with removable hut), blue Tippax Refuse no. 15, Refuse Truck no. 7, and a red London Trolleybus.
9.DESCRIPTION: Four Lesney Matchbox series diecast cars. Yellow Jeep no. 72, blue Land Rover Safari no. 12, green and yellow Dodge Wreck Truck no. 13, green and yellow Petrol Tanker no. 25 with forward tilting cab.
10.DESCRIPTION: Five vintage Lesney Matchbox Series diecast cars. Orange Honda M/cycle trailer no. 38 (no motorcycle), yellow pony trailer no. 43 with working cargo ramp, red Jeep Gladiator no. 71 with opening doors, silver Volkswagon camper no. 34 with opening side doors, and a mint green VW Caravette no. 34 that is missing the side doors.
11.DESCRIPTION: Five vintage Matchbox diecast cars by Lesney. Red Fire Pumper Truck no. 29, red Ford Galaxie Fire Chief no. 55/59, yellow "Rentaset" TV Service Van no. 62 with opening rear door, red Thames Trader Wreck Truck no. 13, and a Ford Fairlane Fire Chief's Car no. 59.
12.DESCRIPTION: Four vintage Lesney Matchbox Series diecast cars. Blue and yellow Ford Tractor no. 39, blue Land Rover Safari no. 12, white Ford Galaxie police car no. 55/59, and a Opel Diplomat no. 36 with opening hood revealing chrome colored engine.
13.DESCRIPTION: Five RARE and very cool Lesney Matchbox series diecast collectible toys. Blue and yellow Bedford Articulated truck and trailer no. 2, ca. 1959 blue Jaguar 3.4 litre no. 65, blue Austin A50 no. 36, Cadillac Sixty Special no. 27, and blue Car Transporter no. 2 with removable trailer.
14.DESCRIPTION: 1966 Matchbox Collector's Case no. 41 that will hold 48 cars. It comes with a variety of "well used" Lesney diecast cars inside. Most are missing tires or body parts. These cars are in need of some love, or they would be great for spare parts!
15.DESCRIPTION: Clear top shadow box with some great ephemera. Report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Mines discussing the mining procedures and minerals of Fergus County, Montana. History, geology, and mineral production of the Fergus County mines are presented. This report includes tables, and maps. There is also a vintage World War II War Ration Book no. 3 from 1943, a sheet of 48 1940s ration stamps, two uncirculated, circa 1914 U.S. Postal Service 1 Cent Jefferson Stamp Card, etc.
16.DESCRIPTION: Handmade antique wood keepsake box with lid, (some wood glue and hinges are needed) with vintage documents inside that include a 1935 Montana resident big game license, a soldiers letter home in November of 1943, paper Montana vehicle driver's license from 1942, Constitution and by-laws handbook for the Sheep Shearers' Union of North America no. 1 - printed in 1935, a 1943 California Deer License tag, Hallmark date book copyright 1949, and more!
17.DESCRIPTION: Habanello cigar box with vintage documents, postcards and photos inside. Applications for war savings bonds, series E. 1946 baby announcement, postcards from 1943, receipts for membership fees for Fraternal Order of Eagles in Lewistown, MT, vintage black & white photos and more!
18.DESCRIPTION: Collection of vintage wallets, 2 Due books for the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Pocket wallet full of membership cards for the Fraternal Order of Eagles, small booklet from New York Underwriters Insurance Company 1929, and a Security State Bank Ledger from Terry, MT.
19.DESCRIPTION: Shoe box filled with vintage documents including: Employee's Statement of Earnings and Deductions from U.S. Navy Yard, Mare Island, California - as early as 1904, bank documents, military documents, loan booklets, Sheep Shearers' Union card directory booklets, vintage vehicle registration cards, court documents, mail correspondence, and more.
20.DESCRIPTION: By Artist Ramil Latypov, born in 1952 in Ufa, Bashkiria. He has traveled the world with his art. His mother Janice Thaxter lives right here in Lewistown, MT. Here are two original chalk caricatures featuring Whoopie Goldberg and Bill Clinton, signed RL. The papers are attached to cardboard back.
21.DESCRIPTION: By Artist Ramil Latypov, born in 1952 in Ufa, Bashkiria. He has traveled the world with his art. His mother Janice Thaxter lives right here in Lewistown, MT. Two original chalk caricatures, signed by artist RL. Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley and Latvia/born Russian American dancer, choreographer Mikhail Baryshnikov. The papers are attached to cardboard back.
22.DESCRIPTION: Two original chalk caricatures, signed by artist RL. The Beatles and Jim Carey. The papers are attached to cardboard backs. By Artist Ramil Latypov, born in 1952 in Ufa, Bashkiria. He has traveled the world with his art. His mother Janice Thaxter lives right here in Lewistown, MT.
23.DESCRIPTION: Hardcover book with slipcase, in excellent condition. "An Island Garden" by Celia Thaxter, copyright 1988. In March 1894, Houghton Mifflin published the first edition-one thousand copies-of An Island Garden, the last and best book Celia Thaxter wrote. A second printing of one thousand copies was published in November 1894, a few months after her death, and the book was declared out of print in 1902. Although an edition without illustrations was brought out two years later, this is the first reissue by Houghton Mifflin of the famous Childe Hassam edition.
24.DESCRIPTION: Soft cover, Poet On Demand-The Life, Letters, and Works of Celia Thaxter by Jane E. Vallier. Peter E. Randall publisher, 1994. Copyright 1982, 1994 by Jane E. Vallier.
25.DESCRIPTION: Paperback book, The Poems of Celia Thaxter, introduction by Jane E. Vallier, c. 1996. Peter E. Randall publisher, 1996.
26.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST EDITION paperback Celia Thaxter: Selected Writings, edited and introduced by Julia Older, Appledore Books publisher. In addition to more popular Thaxter offerings, this compendium of Celia Thaxter's writings contains letters, stories and other material which haven't been in print since the nineteenth century. There's something here for everyone: poetry, nature writing, true crime, children's stories, personal letters, and gardening. This also is an excellent anthology for women's studies, writing, and American literature classes and workshops. It is mentioned in Paz Associates Reading Group Choices 1998 booklet as a companion volume to Older's biographical novel - The Island Queen .
27.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST EDITION paperback, The Island Queen by Julia Older, c. 1994, Appledore Books publisher. Poetry, romance, and murder combine in this historical novel based on the life of Celia Thaxter (1835-1894).
28.DESCRIPTION: Paperback, Among The Isles Of Shoals by Celia Thaxter. Peter E. Randall publisher, 1994. A reprint of the poet's classic 1873 human and natural history of the Isles of Shoals, a group of nine Islands off the coats of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
29.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST EDITION, first printing hardcover, Celia's Island Journal, written by Celia Thaxter, adapted and illustrated by Loretta Krupinski, c. 1992. Little, Brown and Company publishers. An illustrated journal of a small child from the nineteenth century describes the colors, sounds, and textures of her home on the Isles of Shoals.
30.DESCRIPTION: Jim Heller (1937-2001) signed clown print featuring a clown in a top hat that appears to be down on his luck, c. 1980. Metal framed and matted under glass. Heller was a Las Vegas artist who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the young age of 18 months. Even when he was on his final stages of lifelong battle with MD he was determined to complete the last painting he was commissioned with the help of a friend and caregiver.
DIMENSIONS: Overall 14.25" H 11.5" W
31.DESCRIPTION: Jim Heller (1937-2001) signed clown print featuring a happy clown with bright orange hair, white pierrot-style ruffled collar. Metal framed and matted under glass, c. 1980.
DIMENSIONS: Overall 14.25" H 11.5" W
32.DESCRIPTION: Jim Heller (1937-2001) signed original featuring a smiling hobo clown with corn cob pipe and red suspenders. Metal framed and matted under glass, c. 1980.
DIMENSIONS: Overall 14.25" H 11.5" W
33.DESCRIPTION: Jim Heller (1937-2001) signed original featuring a grinning clown with a little white hat, white pierrot-style ruffled collar. He has green hair, red eyebrows, blue nose and lips. Black painted wood frame, matted under glass, 1980.
DIMENSIONS: Overall 14.25" H 11.5" W
34.DESCRIPTION: Jim Heller (1937-2001) signed original featuring a smiling clown with small blue hat, red lips, wearing a red pierrot-style ruffled collar. Metal framed and matted under glass, c. 1980.
DIMENSIONS: Overall 14.25" H 11.5" W
35.DESCRIPTION: Jim Heller (1937-2001) signed original featuring a smiling tramp with worn suit, tie, hat and a corn cob pipe. Gold tone metal framed and matted under glass, c. 1980.
DIMENSIONS: Overall 14.25" H 11.5" W
36.DESCRIPTION: Jim Heller (1937-2001) signed original featuring a smiling clown with white ball cap. Metal framed and matted under glass, c. 1979.
DIMENSIONS: Overall 14.25" H 11.5" W
37.DESCRIPTION: Handmade pink tone and white afghan with ripple pattern. Made by Margaret Jean Rebar Thaxter, Belt MT. The daughter of a miner. Very nicely crocheted and with love.
DIMENSIONS: 4'6" x 5'6"
38.DESCRIPTION: Hand crocheted multi color afghan with fringe. Made with love by Margaret Jean Rebar Thaxter, Belt MT. The daughter of a miner. C1970-80. In wonderful condition.
DIMENSIONS: 3'6" x 6'
39.DESCRIPTION: Hand crocheted afghan with a surplus of different colors that would look great with any decor. Made with love by Margaret Jean Rebar Thaxter, Belt MT. The daughter of a miner.
DIMENSIONS: 8' x 6' 6"
40.DESCRIPTION: Handmade quilt with all the colors girls love, and flowers to boot. Made with love by Margaret Jean Rebar Thaxter, Belt MT. The daughter of a miner. C1950-60.
41.DESCRIPTION: Red and paisley design, handmade quilt. Made with love by Margaret Jean Rebar Thaxter, Belt MT. The daughter of a miner. C1960-50.
DIMENSIONS: 8' x 6' 6"
42.DESCRIPTION: Black Hills Gold butterfly pendant, marked.
43.DESCRIPTION: Vintage J.J. (Jonette Jewelry) faux pearl, gold tone leaf brooch and a cameo brooch.
44.DESCRIPTION: Small butterfly pendant, purple beaded necklace, gold tone flat band necklace and a petite silver tone bracelet.
45.DESCRIPTION: Beaded hummingbird necklace and a pair of gold tone and faux pearl earings with matching pendant.
46.DESCRIPTION: Beautiful vintage cream perfume compact, Hypnotiyque "Spring Song" by Max Factor. It depicts a gold tone bird and nest with colorful eggs. Also a large gold tone necklace with faux pearl in tulip accent.
47.DESCRIPTION: Three pairs of earings in this lot. 10 Peso's that have been made into earrings, handmade wood with mother of pearl inset, and butterflies.
48.DESCRIPTION: Avon butterfly jewelry; gold tone brooch, necklaces and earrings, silver tone necklace and earring set. Plus gold tone teardrop earrings.
49.DESCRIPTION: Vintage gold tone jewelry. The Monet butterfly brooch is harp-style, having golden wire wrapped around the butterfly shaped frame. The front of the butterfly is accented with a spray of faceted, crystals on stems which gives this brooch a very 3-D effect. Castlecliff large faux pearl and leaf brooch, and another butterfly brooch marked Jane HBA 1998.
50.DESCRIPTION: Vintage SPBC Lind rhinestone and faux pearl necklace and a red beaded rope necklace. Plus twelve pairs of earings to include; angels, buttferflies, beads, etc.
51.DESCRIPTION: Large silver tone, beaded necklace with knot accent.
52.DESCRIPTION: Misc. gold jewelry pieces, mostly representing the order of the Eastern Star Freemasons. 10k DM marked star ring, broken 10k star ring, 10k fuchsia with star and moon, star in laurel wreath with gavel pin, and a "G" center star pin.
53.DESCRIPTION: Coin purse that contains vintage jewelry. Avon silver tone hanging rope earrings, gold tone butterly earrings, BGE "Hope" gold washed sterling butterfly pendant with crystal accents, gold tone open heart pendant with crystal center, Miriam Haskell butterfly earrings, 14k HGE Lind ring with rhinestone accents, and a MM 10kt white gold multi-color mother's ring.
54.DESCRIPTION: Vintage Florida porcelain plate, "Kissin' Don't Last, Good Cookin' Do".
55.DESCRIPTION: Hand painted, Yellow Swallowtail butterfly on purple thistle. Framed and matted.
DIMENSIONS: 8.5" x 6.5"
56.DESCRIPTION: Glacier Pearle abolone butterfly necklace and earring set. A jewel of nature, made in Canada.
57.DESCRIPTION: Cairns Birdwing butterfly display under glass dome, Queensland. Birdwing butterflies are among the largest and most attractive butterflies in the world and keenly sought after by collectors. While this species is common, some are quite rare and the trade of all birdwings is restricted to farmed specimens as this one is. Only the males are green and females are larger with black, white and yellow markings.
58.DESCRIPTION: Mid century, modern swirl, Desert Sands pottery tumbler. Small chip on rim.
59.DESCRIPTION: Vintage clear glass trinket box that is shaped like a butterfly. Plus a square ravioli cutter made of metal with wood handle, made in Italy.
60.DESCRIPTION: Hand painted pink rose motif bud vase with handles, gilt trim. E-20, Japan stamped in red on bottom.
61.DESCRIPTION: Stunning carved wood, turquoise, natural stone and other gem stones on black leather corded necklace. Includes matching earrings.
62.DESCRIPTION: Bamboo and brass necklace with center malachite and polished wood. Don't forget the matching wire earrings to go with!
63.DESCRIPTION: Faux pearl necklaces and gold tone earrings. One pair of earings is missing a pearl on the stud.
64.DESCRIPTION: Menelaus blue morpho butterfly encased in a round glass ornament display. Due to its characteristic blue color, Morpho menelaus is considered highly valuable among collectors and was widely hunted in the 20th century.
65.DESCRIPTION: Two Marbled White butterflies in a Price Products glass display box. They are displayed with fabric flowers, moss, stones, and wood.
66.DESCRIPTION: I believe this to be a Miami Blue butterfly, native to Florida. Encased in a round glass ornament display.
67.DESCRIPTION: A loose stone, probable high quality CZ. Please, please come to the preview and inspect it for yourself! 2-3mm in size.
68.DESCRIPTION: Our seller states that this neat old cane is made from bone fragment sections. It has a carved Chinese dragon head handle with ivory fangs.
69.DESCRIPTION: Two hollowed book jewelry cases with magnetic covers and felt lined compartments. Great for hiding valuables and/or secrets inside.
70.DESCRIPTION: Haverhills, Admiral Nelson's Telescope, a high-power, precision instrument. It has 25x magnification with a 30mm objective lens which gives it high light-gathering capacity. Comes with protective case.
DIMENSIONS: 14" when extended
71.DESCRIPTION: M. Hohner Marine Band Harmonica #364, C-key, 12-hole wood and chrome with original box. Made in Germany.
72.DESCRIPTION: Two hand drills. Antique Brass Goodell-Pratt Push Drill, Nov. 17 1891 stamped in metal and a mini brass drill with 11 bits.
73.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1910-1920, P. Lorillard Co., Golden Twins Climax square corner tobacco tin with partial tax stamps and labels intact. Great graphics and colors!
DIMENSIONS: 1.75" H 4" Sq.
74.DESCRIPTION: This lot will take you back. Vintage election campaign buttons. Bush - Quayle '88, Reagan, Reagan - Bush '84, Renne, Edward T. Dussault (missing button enclosure), Kennedy, RARE Women for Nixon Agnew, and a RARE Goldwater in '64. Fantastic additions to your political collection!
75.DESCRIPTION: Two vintage flashlights in great condition. Chase nickel plated brass vest pocket light with no. F4 battery (marked 1932), and a working 7" Eveready 2 cell black/chrome light with narrow boat switch and Eveready Logo.
76.DESCRIPTION: RARE! Stunning silver, raised repousse dragon cigarette case, Tientsin China, 1945, monogrammed Anna. A beautiful raised design of Chinese dragon in high relief surrounds the top with a vine engraving the letter "Z" in the center. Plus a vintage Copenhagen Snuff can (pre Surgeon General Warning)
77.DESCRIPTION: Vintage butane lighters. Ronson and a Continental, made in Japan advertising Lucky Strike cigarettes.
78.DESCRIPTION: Presto - the danger's gone! Two vintage Presto "Mini" brass Fire Extinguishers, "C - B" use, Merlite Industries Inc - New York. They are full and one has the mounting bracket.
79.DESCRIPTION: 1966-67, Mattel Makery Bakery, "Let's Get Cooking" toy oven in good condition.
80.DESCRIPTION: Two Missoula Sentinel newspapers covering the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. EXTRA from Friday evening, Nov. 22nd, 1963 and Saturday mornings, November 23rd, 1963.
81.DESCRIPTION: Antique Dietz D-Lite no. 2 oil lantern. Perfect for any rustic decor or collection.
82.DESCRIPTION: 1920s Turner Brass Works, quart size blow torch, Sycamore, Ill.
83.DESCRIPTION: Perfect for the game room or man cave! The original party animal, Spuds Mackenzie! A cute bull terrier lamp. Budweiser - Bud Light Beer, no. 801-326. Stamped Oct 07, 1987 on the bottom.
84.DESCRIPTION: Vintage Bristol model 9 telescopic fly fishing rod, copper colored steel with wood handle.
85.DESCRIPTION: Here are some vintage fishing treasures. Berkley Fish-N-Fold II collapsible fishing pole with original box, and a custom built, vintage 5' 6" Ply-Flex rod with a Bronson Green Hornet real no. 2200.
86.DESCRIPTION: Vintage Eskimo table fan. Heavy construction and very powerful, this fully operational fan will help keep you cool on those warm days.
87.DESCRIPTION: RARE! Red Comet, riveted copper and brass fire extinguisher, Underwriters' Laboratory, Littleton, Colorado, USA. 2 1/2 gallon, classification A-1, no. C184162. There is a dent under the handle, please see photo.
88.DESCRIPTION: Three vintage porcelain top with metal lock, Holland Florida Grolsch amber glass beer bottles. They have a embossed wheat logo and Grolsch name. Gorgeous color and in very good condition. Probably made 1950s or 1960s.
89.DESCRIPTION: Six vintage glass soda bottles. Two green Squirt, one from Lewistown Distributing Co. Plus clear embossed Dr. Pepper, A very RARE Western Beverages with cowboy theme (also from Lewistown, Montana Distributing Co.), rare Kist, and Dad's root beer. These would look awesome in your bar or man cave!
90.DESCRIPTION: Vintage soda bottles. 3 clear Nesbitt's of California, a very RARE green Mountain Dew Hillbilly - filled by Rick and Merriessa, and 2 clear Pepsi-Cola bottles.
91.DESCRIPTION: Five vintage Coca-Cola green glass bottles and one Diet Coke. The two smaller bottles have Lewistown, Mont. embossed on bottom. Others marked: Abilene Tex., Cheyenne Wyo., and Charlotte N.C.
DIMENSIONS: 8" and 9.75"
92.DESCRIPTION: Three vintage, green glass 7up bottles. Two were bottled in Montana.
93.DESCRIPTION: Early 1900s, Tuttle's Elexer special veterinary liniment, twelve sided glass bottle. It has a surface ship on bottom. Plus a US Industrial Chemicals Co. Pure Ethyl Alcohol bottle. USP-NF, reagent quality.
DIMENSIONS: 6.25" and 7"
94.DESCRIPTION: Four old, empty aluminum cans. 12 oz. Great Falls Select - keglined flat top beer can, 9 1/2 oz. 7up can, Pepsi Free and a 1970s pull tab Pepsi Light.
95.DESCRIPTION: Vintage Indiana Glass ruby red flash cake plate in the Oleander or Willow pattern.
DIMENSIONS: 2" H 13.5" Dia.
96.DESCRIPTION: RARE! 1950s Anchor Hocking emerald green Waterford / Waffle pattern cake plate or platter. We also added five milk glass sectioned bowls that fit nicely on the platter. Just because, you know, maybe that's the way you want to go with it.
97.DESCRIPTION: Vintage EAPC (Early American Press-Cut), Star of David pattern depression glass platter made by Anchor Hocking.
98.DESCRIPTION: Vintage clear, etched glass platter with bubble edge.
99.DESCRIPTION: Vintage etched glass serving bowl with bubble rim.
100.DESCRIPTION: Hazel Atlas green depression glass, large square salt & pepper shakers with original metal lids in good condition.
DIMENSIONS: 4.5" H 2.5" W
101.DESCRIPTION: Green depression glass salt and pepper shakers with embossed ornate design, original lids.
102.DESCRIPTION: Vintage pressed glass watering can vase.
103.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1942-46, Anchor Hocking clear glass sectioned dish with opalescent rim. It has a hobnail pattern, ruffled rim.
104.DESCRIPTION: Vintage clear, cut glass covered butter dish with diamond pattern.
DIMENSIONS: 2.5" H 8" W 3.5" D
105.DESCRIPTION: Antique, hand blown clear glass cruet, no stopper.
DIMENSIONS: 4.25" H 3.75" W
106.DESCRIPTION: Princess House Heritage pattern etched crystal, two piece, versatile vase/flower/candle holder.
DIMENSIONS: 10" H 5.65" W
107.DESCRIPTION: Mixed lot of vintage clear pressed glass. Luncheon plate with unmatched dome (great for a cheese plate), old bottle stopper and an oval dish.
108.DESCRIPTION: Seven piece, vintage French Arcoroc, Cris D' Arques Durand Diamant, crystal salad set with vertical diamond pattern, 9" serving bowl and six 5" individual bowls.
DIMENSIONS: 4.25" H 9" W
109.DESCRIPTION: Clear, pressed glass table extras. Small footed bowl and two matching sugar bowls with handles.
110.DESCRIPTION: Eleven etched leaf, crystal sherry glasses.
DIMENSIONS: 4" H 3.25" W
111.DESCRIPTION: Two vintage sets of glass salt and pepper shakers. Clear, art deco etched grape with original lids (one is bent) and Fransiscan Desert Rose pattern. There are plenty of Desert Rose pattern serving pieces and a dinnerware set later in this auction. Keep scrolling for more!
112.DESCRIPTION: Set of 8 cognac glasses with hexagon stems.
113.DESCRIPTION: This beautiful green depression glass cake plate will add color and style to your table and kitchen. Made by Jeanette Glass Co. in the 1930s with sunflower pattern, three feet.
DIMENSIONS: 1.5" H 10" W
114.DESCRIPTION: American Sweetheart pink depression glass platter. The glass is thin, noticably thinner than some patterns such as Georgian by Federal or Mayfair from Hocking.
115.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1960s, Pfaltzgraff Heritage White shakers in the shape of a lighthouse. The salt has two holes (small chip on bottom), the pepper four. Pfaltzgraff is the oldest pottery company in the US still producing today. Heritage White, first produced in 1963, is arguably Pfaltzgraff's most iconic dinnerware line and remains one its most popular for its durability and clean styling. It is noted for traditional and architectural influences and most pieces feature eight or twelve sides. Heritage White works well with a variety of table settings and is a popular bridal gift.
116.DESCRIPTION: Antique, art deco pressed glass salt and pepper shakers with original lids.
117.DESCRIPTION: 4" spiral glass bud vase, 3" cut glass vase, two 2.5" cut glass toothpick holders, 2.5" (one with a small chip in the rim).
118.DESCRIPTION: Five vintage textured clear glass sherry glasses with embossed floral motif.
119.DESCRIPTION: Six pieces of vintage glassware. Jeanette Glass cubist pattern sugar, emerald green glass condiment bowl, pressed glass sugar with handle, embossed foliage cereal bowl no. 27, etched floral footed sugar with handles, and an etched cherub pedestal bowl.
120.DESCRIPTION: Three Federal green depression glass ice cream/sherbet pedestal glasses with panel sides.
DIMENSIONS: 2.75" H 4" W
121.DESCRIPTION: Vintage pressed glass bowl with stainless steel lid. The rim of bowl has some chips that you can't see when lid is on. See photos.
DIMENSIONS: 4" H 4.75" W
122.DESCRIPTION: Vintage pressed glass bowl and two tumblers (different pattern than bowl).
123.DESCRIPTION: 2 matching vintage pressed glass footed bowls.
DIMENSIONS: 2.5" H 6.25" W
124.DESCRIPTION: Vintage pressed glass vase and a candy dish with lid.
125.DESCRIPTION: Vintage German ruby red stained clear, pressed glass vase with sawtooth rim. A gorgeous vase with cut-to-clear look. Weighted at bottom with 1/2 inch of solid glass.
126.DESCRIPTION: Fenton hand painted floral, cranberry glass bow drape bell. It has original Fenton sticker and is signed by the artist.
127.DESCRIPTION: Lefton China is always a popular collectible. The Lord's Prayer praying hands planter and a c. 1997 Yamada Originals musical angel. She plays, "The Wind Beneath my Wings". Thre are two small chips on the base of the angel.
128.DESCRIPTION: Vintage pressed glass pitcher with oval panel sides, flower bottom.
129.DESCRIPTION: Set of four Indiana Glass no. 7027, clear panel sundae cups.
130.DESCRIPTION: Three 7.5" clear glass goblets with swirl pattern.
131.DESCRIPTION: Two clear glass martini glasses.
132.DESCRIPTION: Vintage clear glass pitcher with hand brushed floral motif, and two stem glasses that are very similar but slightly different sizes.
133.DESCRIPTION: Five vintage clear pressed glass bowls with star pattern.
134.DESCRIPTION: Beautiful Indiana marigold carnival glass bowl. The pattern is Grape Leaf and Loganberry (berries and leaves). The bowl is triangular in shape, with the edges scalloped from the leaves. The berries act as feet for the bowl to sit upon. This bowl is perfect for Thanksgiving, and could be a candy dish, salad dish, or small serving bowl.
135.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1970s, Jeannette marigold carnival glass candy bowl with three sections. A nice, decorative dish even when empty. Plus a clear glass, shell shaped condiment spoon.
136.DESCRIPTION: Vintage Imperial cut glass bowl with sawtooth rim, applied finger hold, notched handle.
137.DESCRIPTION: Clear, cut glass bowl that is slightly purple tinted by UV rays.
138.DESCRIPTION: Lovely vintage glass divided relish dishes in the Star of David pattern by the Anchor Hocking Glass Company. Produced in the 1950s. You could use this pretty dish to accompany place settings for tea or a luncheon. Put floating flowers in the top section, and chocolate truffles in the bottom section. Use your imagination and creativity to enhance your table setting!
139.DESCRIPTION: Beautiful brilliant, cut glass bowl with ruffle edge, sawtooth rim.
DIMENSIONS: 3.75" H 10" W
140.DESCRIPTION: Two vintage heavy clear glass heart shaped bowls with clear glass sides and a flower pattern on the bottom.
DIMENSIONS: 2.25" H 6" W
141.DESCRIPTION: Vintage L.E. Smith Quintec Heritage aqua blue glass candy dish with applied handle. Bright and vibrant in color, lovely for display, for entertaining on special occasions, or for collector's of vintage glass.
DIMENSIONS: 2.5" H 6.75" W
142.DESCRIPTION: Capri Swirl, Hazel Atlas amber glass berry bowl.
DIMENSIONS: 1.5" H 4.75" W
143.DESCRIPTION: 7" solid, etched India brass vase with floral motif, pointillism signed and numbered on bottom. Plus a stainless steel butter dish with lid and an 8" sterling silver candle holder (not pictured).
144.DESCRIPTION: Two pressed panel glass creamers.
145.DESCRIPTION: Assortment of matching Princess House, Heritage pattern, etched crystal with grape/floral motif. Large serving bowl, three section stackable candy bowls with lid, two individual salad bowls, small plate, salt and pepper shakers.
146.DESCRIPTION: One of a kind, custom elk antler cribbage board.
147.DESCRIPTION: Well kept Fotron III camera with original case. Made around 1967, the camera batteries had to be charged for 18 hours to shoot just one 10-exposure cartridge, and 72 hours for more than one! It was sold door-to-door at very high prices - from $150 upward. Charging cord, original instruction and film stamp book included.
SN: 88567
148.DESCRIPTION: Old, new stock, Indiana Glass iridescent gold carnival glass, three piece salad/fruit set in original box. The set consists of the large "bunch of grapes" shaped bowl and an amber plastic salad fork and spoon. Ca. 1970s.
MODEL: 2895
149.DESCRIPTION: Hard to find, ca. 1959, Sunscope Halina-35X Model 101 camera in original box. Has a leather, full-body case and spare shoulder strap. Sunscope is a brand name seen on various cameras (including Haking, Yamato, and Crystar models), perhaps belonging to some trading company. Very clean camera.
150.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1970s, Kodak XL33 Movie Outfit, movie camera with original box, paperwork and unused shoulder strap. This camera was designed to take indoor video using Super 8 film, and without the need for additional lighting.
151.DESCRIPTION: Three vintage cameras. Ca. 1975, X50 Magimatic 126 Instant Load, Magicube; Ca. 1963, Kodak Instamatic 104; and a Canon Snappy S 35mm.
152.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1965-70, Polaroid Swinger model 20 land camera. White body with wrist teather. Features an extinction exposure meter tied to the aperture which displays the word "YES" in a window below the viewfinder when the exposure is set correctly. Earlier models display the word "NO" when not properly adjusted, while later units use only the "YES" indicator. We don't know which one this is. The Swinger also includes a built-in flashgun for AG-1 flashbulbs. It uses Polaroid's 20-Series roll film, which was the first Polaroid roll film to develop outside the camera.
153.DESCRIPTION: Uncommon, ca. 1964-66, Kodak Instamatic 800 with 38mm f/2.8. Ektanar Prime lens hardshell, removable drop-front case. This camera uses 126 film and has an adjustment for variable shutter speeds.
154.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1969-71, Polaroid Colorpack IV land camera. It has a built in mechanical development timer and a flash bulb socket on the side. Variable lens and light meter. Film selector: for 75 speed color or 3000 speed black and white.
155.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1960-70s, Polaroid Electric Zip land camera. It is designed only for the 80-series packfilm. Film selector: for 75 speed color or 3000 speed black and white. As an improvement over the original folding series however, there is no need to cock the shutter after each exposure. takes generic 'blue dot' flashcubes, with a wind-up hot shoe. As an improvement over some other models the Electric Zip features film rollers rather than spreader bars, giving more reliable development.
156.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1939-48, Kodak Monitor 620 camera in original brown leather case. Arguably the most sophisticated American Kodak folders of the 1930s and 1940s. They are solid and very well crafted. The Monitor is a viewfinder camera; it lacks a rangefinder. The viewfinder is a surprisingly pleasant to use pop-up unit on the center of the cameras top plate. It has a parallax adjustment that can be varied from infinity to 4 feet. Surprisingly, the camera also has the older style waist level reflecting finder common on most older Kodak folding cameras. Features automatic film spacing, double exposure prevention, and top-plate-mounted accessory shoes and shutter releases. A top-plate-mounted depth of field dial was present on the models featuring the Anastigmat Special lens. The all metal bodies are covered with embossed leather.
157.DESCRIPTION: Vintage Viking swung stretch glass vase in shimmering blue. This vase is a perfect example of mid century modern design. It is large and elegant.
DIMENSIONS: 12" H 2" Dia.
158.DESCRIPTION: Blue art glass vase, hand-stretched and formed from a vintage Milk of Magnesia bottle. Bottom reads, "Genuine Phillips, made in USA".
DIMENSIONS: 11.75" H 3" W
159.DESCRIPTION: More pretty crystal by Princess House in the Heritage pattern. Four tumblers and a cheese plate with etched dome. One glass has a chip on the rim.
DIMENSIONS: Plate 6" Dia.
160.DESCRIPTION: Two sets of clear glass taper candle holders.
DIMENSIONS: Tallest 7.5" H 3" Dia.
161.DESCRIPTION: A pair of Avon, 24% lead crystal champagne glasses, made in France. Plus a bud vase with an etched petal pattern and the same pressed glass pattern. We also added a small 10th anniversary bell with gold tone chain and cut glass heart clapper.
162.DESCRIPTION: Red Seal $2 bill. A United States Note backed by the credit of the US Government and was redeemable for gold or silver. The Red Seal distinguishes it from the Green Seal (Federal Reserve Notes).
SN: A71758565A
163.DESCRIPTION: Eight old wheat pennies: 1917, 1925, 1927, 1930, 1941, 1944, 1951-D, 1953-D.
164.DESCRIPTION: Space Exploration, Cosmonaut gold stamp replica, first day issue stamp. Date of issue: May 29, 1992, first day city: Chicago, Illinois - site of the original 1893 World Stamp Expo.
165.DESCRIPTION: "Buffalo Horse" bronze signed by artist Frederic Remington. A cold cast bronze after the original. Features a horse and his Native American rider being tossed up into the air by a charging buffalo.
DIMENSIONS: 15.5" H including .75" marble base.
166.DESCRIPTION: Westward Journey Nickel Series. Set includes a nickel from each Mint - Philadelphia and Denver. Handshake/Peace, Keel Boat, American Bison, Ocean View, Return to Monticello.
167.DESCRIPTION: 1981-S Kennedy Half Dollar Gem "Proof" Half Dollar.
168.DESCRIPTION: 1999 Philadelphia Mint edition, state quarter collection. States include Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut. They come in original clear plastic cover, cardboard sleeve and certificate of authenticity. Coins have been circulated.
169.DESCRIPTION: 1910 Barber Quarter, 90% Silver. First produced in the late 1800s, the Barber Quarter was immediately a hit with US citizens because it offered increased versatility with regard to the money they were able to use.
170.DESCRIPTION: Ancient Roman Coin. This coin was collected from the Holy Land. The Roman Empire minted coins throughout its reign (27 BC to 378 AD). Kings and hereos of the battlefield were honored by stamping their likeness on a coin. Each is authentic and hand-struck, causing it to have its own unique shape.
171.DESCRIPTION: Eight foreign coins. 1) 2009- United Kingdom Penny, 2) 2006 - Guatemala 1 Quetzal, 3) 1996 - Norwegian 50 Ore, 4) 2007 - Mexico 50 Centavo, 5) 2006 - South Korea 100 Won, 6) Euro Cent, 7) Japanese Yen, 8) 2003 - Indonesia 200 Rupan.
172.DESCRIPTION: 1909 VDB (Victor David Brenner) Wheat Penny. In honor of the designer the initials V.D.B. were placed at the bottom of the reverse. Soon a controversy arose concerning the initials. Some said that as Brenner had been paid for his design, what he did was strictly as a workman, and no recognition was needed. Others said that the letters were too prominent, and that few knew what the possibly cabalistic notation meant.
173.DESCRIPTION: U.S. Mint General Daniel Morgan reproduction pewter medal. Morgan (1736-1802) is honored on the sixth in the US Mint's ten-piece series of pewter reproductions of America's first medals, voted by the Continental Congress to commemorate the decisive military actions of the Revolutionary War. It comes in hard plastic display case with information paper.
174.DESCRIPTION: Six old Jefferson Nickels: 1940, 1941, 1952, 1953, 1958, 1959.
175.DESCRIPTION: 1963-B $1 Federal Reserve Barr Note, signed by Joseph W. Barr and Kathryn O'Hay Granahan.
SN: B80448573H
176.DESCRIPTION: Twelve old wheat pennies: 1926, 1928, 1929, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1942, 1944, 1945, 1952, 1954, 1956-D.
177.DESCRIPTION: 1961 Mexican Silver Dollar. Issued from 1957-67. Obverse: National arms, eagle left within wreath, Reverse: Morelos bust right.
178.DESCRIPTION: 1972-D Eisenhower Dollar. Issued from 1971 to 1978.
179.DESCRIPTION: Small, vaseline glass candy compote with lid, petal base.
DIMENSIONS: 6" H 6.5" Dia.
180.DESCRIPTION: 1941-S Mercury Dime, 90% Silver. The San Francisco minted Mercury dimes are the rarest of the dimes issued this year. They represent around 15% of the coins issued.
181.DESCRIPTION: 8 - 2009 Bicentennial Lincoln Cents. There are four from each mint, Denver and Philadelphia. They include Birthplace, Formative Years, Professional Life, Presidency. Mint issued to recognize the 100th anniversary of the first issuance of the Lincoln cent and the bicentennial of Lincoln's birth.
182.DESCRIPTION: 1972 Bureau of the Mint set, sealed in plastic. They each include Kennedy half, Washington quarter, Roosevelt dime, Jefferson nickel, Lincoln penny. The Denver set includes an extra penny and the Philadelphia includes a Mint token.
183.DESCRIPTION: Two sets of 1943 PDS (Philadelphia, Denver, San Fransisco) steel war pennies.
184.DESCRIPTION: 1865 Three Cent (minted from 1865 to 1889). Obverse: Head of Liberty, Reverse: Wreath surrounding Roman numeral III. The three-cent nickel piece initially circulated well, but became less popular when the five-cent nickel was introduced in 1866, a larger, more convenient coin, with a value of five cents better fitting the decimal system. After 1870, most years saw low annual mintages for the three-cent nickel, and in 1890 Congress abolished it. The last were struck in 1889; many were melted down to coin more five-cent pieces.
185.DESCRIPTION: Eight brilliant uncirculated Roosevelt Dimes: 1973, 1974, 1974-D, 1977, 1978, 1979-D, 1979, 1987-P.
186.DESCRIPTION: Six buffalo nickels: 1920, 1923, 1926, 1927, 1929, 1934.
187.DESCRIPTION: 1965 British Winston Churchill commemorative 1874-1965 silvertone crown coin with Queen Elizabeth on reverse.
188.DESCRIPTION: Eight old Jefferson Nickels: 1940-S, 1941, 1942, 1947-D, 1953-D, 1954-D, 1954-S, 1959-D.
189.DESCRIPTION: Ten brilliant, uncirculated Lincoln Cents. 1956-D, 1958, 1963-D, 1964, 1970, 1973-D, 1974-D, 1976-D, 1979-D, 1981.
190.DESCRIPTION: Four V-Nickels: 1907, 1908, 1910, 1911.
191.DESCRIPTION: 1863 Civil War, Indian Head Penny.
192.DESCRIPTION: Uncirculated Kennedy half dollar with Statehood (2002 Tennessee) Quarter's image imposed on the face. The image is enlarged and colorized to display its fine detail.
193.DESCRIPTION: 1913 Barber Dime, 90% Silver.
194.DESCRIPTION: Mint error cent planchet. Yes both sides are blank!
195.DESCRIPTION: Six 1943 Steel War Wheat Pennies.
196.DESCRIPTION: Old Proof Set of Coins. 1962 Lincoln Cent, 1981-S Jefferson Nickel, 1981-S Roosevelt Dime, 1970-S Washington Quarter.
197.DESCRIPTION: 1846 Braided Hair Large Cent. Back then, pennies and half cents were big coins compared to the modern penny. These coins, known as 'Large Cents,' were unpopular with the public because their large size made them cumbersome. It would not be until 1856 that the mint would produce a more popular smaller penny, the famous Flying Eagle cent!
198.DESCRIPTION: Series 1957A Silver Certificate. Minted when the US backed their currenty with silver. In 1966, they were recalled and are no longer in circulation.
SN: B31594732A
199.DESCRIPTION: Eight US Treasury Commemorative Medallions. These brilliant uncirculated medallions are found only in US Mint Sets. They show the balance scale and the traditional Treasury Key. On the reverse, the Mint Mark indicates Philadelphia or Denver.
200.DESCRIPTION: Eight Indian Head Nickels: 1919, 1920, 1923, 1925, 1928, 1929, 1937, 1920.
201.DESCRIPTION: Six Indian Head Cents: 1880, 1887, 1897, 1902, 1907, 1908.
202.DESCRIPTION: 2000 Republic of Liberia Millennium $10 Coin. The reserve banner reads, "The Love of Liberty Brought Us Here." A Liberty figure is releasing a dove and holding a large hourlgass while sitting on top of the world.
203.DESCRIPTION: 2007 Thomas Jefferson Presidential Dollar, brilliant uncirculated. Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.
204.DESCRIPTION: Six uncirculated old Jefferson Nickels: 1970-S, 1974-D, 1977, 1978, 1981-P, 1987-P.
205.DESCRIPTION: St. Gaudens .999 fine copper medallion. Replica of the $20 gold coin. Augustus St. Gaudens was selected by president Theodore Roosevelt to make the US coinage more beautiful. His design for the $20 gold piece, or "double eagle", is considered by many to be the most beautiful coin minted.
206.DESCRIPTION: 1867 Shield Nickel. Shield Nickels were first produced in 1866, so it should come as no surprise that the second release of this coin series is just as popular as the first. The 1867 Shield Nickel is a crucial part of any Nickel collection and, seeing as it is one of the first editions produced, it is one of the first Nickels sought after by investors. Because of the coin's age, very few have survived the years in good condition.
207.DESCRIPTION: 1923-S Peace Dollar, 90% Silver. The 1923 San Francisco Peace Dollars are the most valuable of the 1923 silver dollars.
208.DESCRIPTION: 1956-D Uncirculated Wheat Penny in plastic holder.
209.DESCRIPTION: Old bank note dated Jan. 31, 1900 with a two-cent tax stamp. The stamp is a Battleship Revenue, Documentary Series. When the Civil War erupted in 1861, the country was on the verge of bankruptcy. A plan was developed to generate internal revenue - money collected from taxes placed on domestic items such as tobacco, alcohol, medicine, perfume and playing cards. Stamps were provided as proof of payment. The documentary 2 cent stamp was largely used to pay the 2ct tax on bank checks. The canceled bank note is from The First National Bank, Cooperstown, NY.
210.DESCRIPTION: Three old coins: 1900 Indian Head Wheat Penny, 1936 Indian Head/Buffalo Nickel, 1923 Silver Mercury Dime.
211.DESCRIPTION: 1982-D George Washington Silver Commemorative Half Dollar, uncirculated. Minted in recognition of the 250th anniversary of the birth of Washington, 90% silver, 10% copper.
212.DESCRIPTION: 1900-O Morgan Dollar, 90% Silver.
213.DESCRIPTION: .999 Fine Copper, 1 oz. Walking Liberty collectors round.
214.DESCRIPTION: 1989 US Mint Uncirculated Set. Philadelphia and Denver Mint Kennedy Half, Washington Quarter, Roosevelt Dime, Jefferson Nickel and Mint Token.
215.DESCRIPTION: 1953 Franklin Half Dollar, 90% Silver.
216.DESCRIPTION: US Mint Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set in plastic case: William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, James K. Polk, Zachary Taylor.
217.DESCRIPTION: 1965 Canadian Dollar, 80% Silver.
218.DESCRIPTION: 1995-S Uncirculated Year Set: Kennedy half dollar, Washington quarter, Roosevelt dime, Jefferson nickel, Lincoln cent.
219.DESCRIPTION: Three uncirculated Sacajawea Dollars: 2004-D, 2007-P, 2008-P.
220.DESCRIPTION: 2007 pure 24k gold enriched James Madison Dollar. Official registration number: 01-081198-GLD-04.
221.DESCRIPTION: 1944 Walking Liberty Half Dollar, 90% Silver.
222.DESCRIPTION: 1926-D Peace Dollar, 90% Silver.
223.DESCRIPTION: 1882 Morgan Dollar, 90% Silver.
224.DESCRIPTION: 1978-S US Proof Set. Eisenhower Dollar, Kennedy Half Dollar, Washington Quarter, Roosevelt Dime, Jefferson Nickel, Lincoln Cent. Plastic display case and cardboard sleeve.
225.DESCRIPTION: 2006-S United States Mint Proof Set. Coins include Sacajawea Dollar, Kennedy Half Dollar, Roosevelt Dime, Jefferson Nickel, Lincoln Cent and 5 Washington State Quarters (Nevada, Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota). They come in clear plastic display cases in cardboard sleeve.
226.DESCRIPTION: Six German Notgeld, 50 Pfennig, hyper inflation currency. By fall 1922, Germany found itself unable to make reparations payments. Inflation was exacerbated when workers in the Ruhr went on a general strike and the German government printed more money to continue paying for their passive resistance.
227.DESCRIPTION: Fall duck and and duckling swamp scene watercolor artist's proof, double signed lower right by Andrea Pierce, 25 of 75. Andrea owns and operates Art by Andrea Pierce Gallery & Gifts in beautiful Polson, Montana. Framed and matted under glass, the mat does need re-centered.
DIMENSIONS: Overall 36" H 30" W
228.DESCRIPTION: Vintage Stanley no. 150 cast iron and wood miter saw box. It is mounted to a piece of wood.
DIMENSIONS: Overall 11" H 23" L 17.5" W
229.DESCRIPTION: Eight vintage Duraduck rubber mallard duck decoys, two hens and 5 drakes. They are attached to strings with sinkers. Duracraft Rubber Co., Salt Lake City, Utah.
230.DESCRIPTION: Eight hand painted wood miracas. There are six matching pair and two mismatched. The palm beach themed pair are signed by the artist (8" H 3.5" D). Plus a vintage, (probable) Brazilian hand painted wood tambourine with brass cymbals and goat skin.
DIMENSIONS: Tambourine 9" Dia.
231.DESCRIPTION: 37" red agate and turquoise tribal necklace, 8" bracelet, wall mount gold tone piece, and a heavy windchime (or pendant?).
DIMENSIONS: Windchime 12" H 10" W
232.DESCRIPTION: Handmade peridot and garnet tribal jewelry pieces.
DIMENSIONS: Largest 4" H 5" W
233.DESCRIPTION: Very heavy tribal pendant with semi precious stones, chain link fringe with coin embellishments. Some missing stones.
234.DESCRIPTION: Four tribal jewelry pieces. Colorful string and pressed aluminum "scarf" wrap, coral, onyx and perigot necklace with metal embelishments; colorful glass beaded necklace, and a green beaded necklace.
DIMENSIONS: Longest 47"
235.DESCRIPTION: Vintage lapis stone teardrop chocker necklace and an all metal necklace.
236.DESCRIPTION: Small handmade pick and stake.
237.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1950s Missionhurst rosary made of silver tone metal and wood, made in Italy.
238.DESCRIPTION: Vintage Lourdes wood and silver tone rosary, made in France.
239.DESCRIPTION: Vintage Roma Italy blue glass bead rosary with Pope John II.
240.DESCRIPTION: Two hand painted fabric Oriental fans with black laquer frames and a black lacquer collectible that seperates into three sectioned boxes.
241.DESCRIPTION: A selection of vintage, silver tone rings and misc. pieces. The rings vary from size 5 to 9. Please see photos for more info.
242.DESCRIPTION: Brown tone wool rug with fringe.
243.DESCRIPTION: A collection of hand painted porcelain angels. Two Lefton China playing harps, two Lefton China holding sheet music (one is missing a finger), four wall-mount - made in Japan (one missing fingers on left hand), and a angel holding a bluebird that is missing a wing and her neck has been repaired.
244.DESCRIPTION: Three vintage Italian, A. Santini cherub wall pocket plaques.
DIMENSIONS: Largest 10" H 10.5" W
245.DESCRIPTION: Two vintage lying down cherubs. Their facial expressions appear smug, as if they've been up to something mischievous.
246.DESCRIPTION: Six G. Ruggeri singing angels, signed G.R, composite stone with an ivory Look.
247.DESCRIPTION: Three Italian singing angels, hand crafted from stone with ivory look.
248.DESCRIPTION: Heavy metal, gold tone mushroom napkin holder and two matching spoon rests.
DIMENSIONS: Biggest 4" H 5.5" W
249.DESCRIPTION: Hudson Bay replica wool blanket with blue, yellow and red stripe.
250.DESCRIPTION: Vintage Silvestri pastel Easter egg light set in original box. It's a 35 light set for indoor/outdoor use.
251.DESCRIPTION: Corkboard with vintage blue vinyl frame cover that has teenage girl motif.
252.DESCRIPTION: Shortland SB British made Instrument with barometer and thermometer. The case is sold wood and it has a removable club. The barometer glass is cracked.
DIMENSIONS: 20" H 20" W 4" D
253.DESCRIPTION: Eighteen vintage marble/granite/alabaster polished eggs with two stands.
254.DESCRIPTION: Two big horn sheep art pieces. A Rolf Cox signed mountain lanscape titled "Cliff Dwellers", c. '66. It is framed and matted under glass. The other is painted on board in wood frame, not signed.
DIMENSIONS: Largest 10" H 12.5" W
255.DESCRIPTION: 1981 Ruddy Ducks signed lower right by artist by John S. Wilson with Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation stamp. Limited edition print 833/16,000. Framed and matted under glass. The frame has a chip, please see photos.
DIMENSIONS: Overall 14" H 15.5" W
256.DESCRIPTION: A cute little girl is the focus of this art piece. It is fabric matted, in a gray with gilt accented frame.
DIMENSIONS: Overall 16" H 15" W
257.DESCRIPTION: Vintage hunting dog in meadow lithograph signed lower left by artist (Robert) Christie, c. B.P. Co., Inc. Double fabric matted, framed under glass.
DIMENSIONS: Overall 14" H 16" W
258.DESCRIPTION: Vintage iron pipe threader and a wood stick with handle and rounded bottom.
DIMENSIONS: Threader 55"
259.DESCRIPTION: Vintage Davidson Star D tripod with 2-part extensions on each leg.
DIMENSIONS: Not Extended 25.5"
260.DESCRIPTION: Christmas is coming! A nice collection of vintage angels in all shapes and sizes. Two Tontanini ornaments in original boxes, a few small plastic (some from Italy), five 6" Italian musical angels, six Anri Toritart, etc.
261.DESCRIPTION: Hand painted demitasse cups and saucers. Capodimonte with angel motif (small chip on rim), gold embellishments, two Bavarian with gilt rim and flower edge, and a East Germany green with gilt accents.
262.DESCRIPTION: Vintage childs porcelain tea set that includes teapot with lid, sugar with lid (repaired), creamer, six saucers, and 6 cups.
263.DESCRIPTION: Vintage childs porcelain tea set that includes teapot with lid, sugar with lid, creamer, four saucers, and four cups (one with broken handle). Made in Japan.
264.DESCRIPTION: A very large wooden pasta roller. It measures 33.5" L 2.5" dia. Make fast work of it!
265.DESCRIPTION: Hardcover with dust jacket, Frederic Remington: Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture in the Amon Carter Museum and the Sid W. Richardson Foundation Collections by Peter Hassrick. Published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc, c. 1973, in association with the Amon Carter Museum of Western Art. The book is in very good, however it appears to have been stored in a damp area.
266.DESCRIPTION: Four great reads. 1) It Happened in Montana by James A. Crutchfield, Twodot publishers - Helena, MT, second edition, second printing. From the Lewis & Clark Expedition to the arrest of the Unabomber, thirty-five evens that shaped the history of the Treasure State. 2) Hardcover, Cats in Art: Diary 1990. Published by Alan Hutchison. It has not been written in. 3) A History of Western Society: from Absolutism to the Present, 9th edition, volume 2. Bedford publ, c. 2008. 4) Hardcover John Muir: America's Naturalist by Thomas Locker, c. 2003 by Fulcrum publishing, unstated FIRST EDITION.
267.DESCRIPTION: Complete 9 volume set, Time-Life Series, The New Face of War. Titles include: Air Combat, Air Strike, The Armored Fist, Carrier Warfare, Commando Operations, Electric Spies, Hunters of the Deep, Sky Soliders, Special Forces and Missions.
268.DESCRIPTION: New condition, Godinger Silver Art Co. grape design green marble serving tray. The tray is beautifully designed and very sturdy. Fine quality silver plating on the handles by Paul Revere Silversmiths. The heavy duty handles are mounted on the under side of tray with metal brackets and screws. Four feet with rubber caps to avoid scratching surfaces. Makers mark round paper sticker on bottom reads "GSA Godinger Silver Art Co., LTD".
DIMENSIONS: 1.5" H 18.5" L 9" W, Marble measures 12" L 8" W
269.DESCRIPTION: Unmarked, silver tone tray with etched design, pierced handles.
DIMENSIONS: .5" H 18.5" L 12" W
270.DESCRIPTION: Black and gilt wood frame tray with glass top. The center, hand painted scene is a colorful bouquet of flowers.
DIMENSIONS: 19.5" L 12.5" W
271.DESCRIPTION: The Toastmaster Hospitality Tray manufactured by Waters-Genter Co. a division of McGraw Electric Company.
272.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1950s, Wearever English folding style, ice cap/pack. Patented 1927.
273.DESCRIPTION: Time-Life, The American Wilderness 15 of 27 volumes c. 1972. Atlantic Beaches, Baja California, Cactus Country, Canyons and Mesas, The Everglades, The Grand Canyon, The Great Divide, Hawaii, The High Sierra, New England Wilds, The North Woods, The Northeast Coast, The Northwest Coast, The Okefenokee Swamp, Wild Alaska.
274.DESCRIPTION: Time-Life, Lost Civilizations 11 of 24 volumes, c. 1995. Aztecs: Reign of Blood & Splendor, China's Buried Kingdoms, Early Europe: Mysteries in Stone, Egypt: Land of the Pharaohs, Etruscans: Italy's Lovers of Life, Pompeii: the Vanished City, Ramses II: Magnificence on the Nile, Rome: Echoes of Imperial Glory, The Holy Land, The Magnificent Maya, Wondrous Realms of the Aegean. Plus extra copies of Pompeii and Egypt.
275.DESCRIPTION: Time-Life, Library of Art 17 of 28 volumes with one with duplicate, c. 1967. The World of Bermini, (2) Cezanne, Delacroix, Gainsborough, Giotto, Goya, Lenoardo, Manet, Matisse, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Rodin, Rubens, Van Gogh, Vermeer, Watteau, Whistler.
276.DESCRIPTION: An antique bisque cherub that is sad because there's a hole in his drum. Missing his drum stick.
DIMENSIONS: 6" H 8" L 5" W
277.DESCRIPTION: Noritake Nippon Toki Kaisha bone china vase. Glazed terracotta color on the exterior with hand painted white and gilt swirl, white interior. It is marked on the bottom, along with a Noritake sticker.
DIMENSIONS: 9" H 3" Dia.
278.DESCRIPTION: A stunning piece of 1960s art. This Stangl Pottery vase has a gorgeous finish of gold. It has extra detailing on the base with white waves between gold horizontal stripes. A truly beautiful piece of pottery that adds elegance.
DIMENSIONS: 9.5" H 6" Dia.
279.DESCRIPTION: A rare and wonderful antique souvenir from the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago. A lovely cranberry blown cup or mug with applied clear handle and Mary Gregory white painting of a child on one side. It is etched with "World's Fair 1893" on one side of the handle and "Kennedy" on the other; obviously the proud original owner of this gem. There are a few "flea" bites around the rim.
DIMENSIONS: 3.75" H 2" Dia.
280.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1950s ironing sprinkler bottle with etched Dutch motif over frosted glass.
DIMENSIONS: 13" H 4" Dia.
281.DESCRIPTION: Vintage wood treasure box with octagon shape laminate landscape on the panels. It has a pierced design metal handle and closure.
DIMENSIONS: 5" H 9" L 6" W
282.DESCRIPTION: Vintage wood fishing lures, sinkers, and five Wright & McGill "Bait-Holder" Eagle Claw hooks still attached to original package. The lures include a Shakespeare Swimming Mouse and three others.
283.DESCRIPTION: Asbestos Sad Iron with removable handle, pat. May 22, 1900.
284.DESCRIPTION: Three hardcover Big Little Books, Whitman publishing. 1) Bonanza: The Bubble Gum Kid, 1967. 2) Dick Tracy Encounters Facey (writing in pencil on front end papers). C. 1967 by Chicago Tribune. 3) Sir Lancelot by Dorothy Hass, c. 1958 by California National Productions, Inc. Authorized edition based on the television series.
285.DESCRIPTION: Seven vintage, c. 1954 paperbacks, Whitman publishing. Each has twelve pages of great graphics and rhymes. The sweet little books are titled Susie Says, ABC, Who Lives Here?, Jenny Giraffe, Wink, Tiny Rabbit, Let's Go Riding.
286.DESCRIPTION: Mid century, large round red metal BBQ serving platter by Marcelline Stoyke. The enamelware tray is strong and sturdy. The red, white and black colors are vibrant and the tray looks great displayed.
287.DESCRIPTION: Retro Viking spring green, swung stretched glass vase.
288.DESCRIPTION: 1920s Art Deco lithograph depicting a woman in a large hat and with a parasol. Features reverse-painting on convex glass with striped tin frame by Morris & Bienien, NY.
DIMENSIONS: 8.25" H 6" W
289.DESCRIPTION: Six Stangl Pottery cocktail plates, or bread and butter plates with brown body and yellow flower center.
290.DESCRIPTION: Antique outhouse oil lamp with fingerhold. It has a P & A, Eagle brass burner and a clear glass chimney.
DIMENSIONS: Overall 11"
291.DESCRIPTION: A stunning and unusual antique Schafer & Vater hat pin holder. Beautiful woman with flowing hair and head dress in the Art Nouveau style. Lavender jasperware bisque with green and gold accents. An exceptional antique hat pin holder! We also included an oval embellished hat pin.
292.DESCRIPTION: Unmarked A.C. Williams cast iron Mammy with spoon, still coin bank. She still has the original black painted dress, white apron, white scarf with red polka dots. Ca. 1905-30.
293.DESCRIPTION: Mr. Weller Sen Ivorex plaques were made in England by Arthur Osborne. B. Osborne Company, was founded by Arthur Osborne and worked from 1899 to 1965. The plaques, made of a material he called sterine wax, pictured buildings or room interiors modeled in three dimensions. There is a small chip on the very top center edge.
DIMENSIONS: 5.75" H 4" W
294.DESCRIPTION: Antique blue and cream salt glazed cuspidor with bow and ribbon motif.
DIMENSIONS: 5.25" H 7.5" Dia.
295.DESCRIPTION: Time-Life, The Seafers series, 11 of 22 volumes with one extra, c. 1990. The Ancient Mariners, Atlantic Crossing, Clipper Ships, East Indiamen, Fighting Sail, (2) Great Liners, Luxury Yachts, Pirates, U-boats, Whalers, Windjammers.
296.DESCRIPTION: A selection of vintage auger bits, various sizes. Plus chisels, punches, files, etc. The 19" auger bit is marked Keen Cutter.
297.DESCRIPTION: Five old wrenches. 8" Heller Brothers Masterench pipe wrench, no. 78 open end, 9/16 - 1/2 Hinsdale offset, 10" Heller Brothers Masterench, and unmarked slip-joint wrench.
298.DESCRIPTION: Peerless WinterTrac tire traction cables, no. 0175355. Fast and easy installation, no tools required; double the traction of regular tires, fits front or rear wheel drive vehicles. Detailed instructions included.
299.DESCRIPTION: Bench Weasel, power rotary tool kit. Variable speed 8000-30,000 RPM, includes versatile flex shaft for precision jobs, complete accessory pack for polishing, grinding, cutting, drilling, sanding, sharpening & much more.
300.DESCRIPTION: Vintage art deco, Cambridge glass nude lady flower frog. She is trying to cover herself up after her towel slipped off.
DIMENSIONS: 7" H 3" Dia.
301.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1910-20 Stover Junior Waffle Iron No. 8. It is made of cast iron and has wood handles. It was made exactly like the full size version but was made for children to use. With age appropriate patina and made by the "Stover Manufacturing Company of Freeport, Illinois" this piece of 19th century Americana is in great condition for its age.
302.DESCRIPTION: Collectibles to include two CM Russell wood wall plaques, St. Labre Indian School - Ashland MT glass paperweight with brass medallion center, small carved wood elephant, two Yellowstone National Park white plastic elephants (both have one missing tusk), a small brass figure, and a glass swan and camel.
DIMENSIONS: CM Russell 4" Sq.
303.DESCRIPTION: Three pairs of children's hand carved and painted Dutch wooden shoes.
DIMENSIONS: Longest 8"
304.DESCRIPTION: Time-Life, The American Indians Series, 13 of 22 volumes. Cycles of Life, Keepers of the Totem, People of the Desert, Realm of the Iroquois, The Buffalo Hunters, European Challenge, First Americans, Indians of California, Might Chieftains, Spirit World, Way of the Warrior, Tribes of the Southern Woodlands, War for the Plains. C. 1994.
305.DESCRIPTION: Time-Life, Library of Curious and Unusual Facts, c. 1992, 10 of 18 volumes. A World of Luck, Amazing Animals, Feats and Wisdom of the Ancients, Forces of Nature, Inventive Genius, Lost Treasure, Mysteries of the Human Body, Mystifying Mind, Shadows of Death, Vanishings.
306.DESCRIPTION: Time-Life, Myth and Mankind Series, c. 1999, 11 of 20 volumes. Greek & Roman: Titans & Olympians, South America: Lost Realms of Gold, Slavic: Forests of the Vampire, Celtic: Heroes of the Dawn, Middle Eastern: Epics of Early Civilization, Tibetan & Mongolian: The Diamond Path, Native American: Mother Earth, Father Sky, Viking & German: Sagas of the Norsemen, Greek & Roman: Triumph of the Hero, Aztec & Maya: Gods of Sun & Sacrafice, Egyptian: The Way to Eternity.
307.DESCRIPTION: Time-Life, World Library, c. 1961-66. Three volumes to include Mexico, Japan Tropical Africa.
308.DESCRIPTION: Four books that look very interesting. 1) Hardcover with dj, Hugo's Simplified System: Swedish Simplified. An easy and rapid self-instructor. Hugo's Language Institute publ, c. 1959. 2) The Hemingway Women by Bernice Kert, c. 1983, W.W. Nortton & Co. publ. 3) 1,000 Places to See in the USA and Canada Before you Die by Patricia Schultz, c. 2007, Worman publ. 4) One Hundred Great French Books: From the Middle Ages to the Present by Lance Donaldson-Evans, c. 2010, BlueBridge publ. unstated FIRST EDITION.
309.DESCRIPTION: Four books in new condition. 1) Eyewitness Companions: Riding - Techniques, Competing, Tack, Horse Care, Vacations by Moira C. Harris & Lis Clegg, DK publ. 2) Stated FIRST EDITION, hardcover with dj, House of Wits: an intimate portrait of the James Family by Paul Fisher, c. 2008, Henry Holt & Co. publ. 3) Stated FIRST EDITION, hardcover with dj, Schmucks! Our favorite fakes, frauds, lowlifes, liars, the armed and dangerous, and good guys gone bad by Jackie Mason and Raoul Lionel Felder, Collins publ. C. 2007 by Krapatakin. 4) Hardcover with dj, Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun by Wess Roberts, Ph.D, c. 1985-1987, Warner Books publ. FIRST Warner edition.
310.DESCRIPTION: Five misc. hardcover books in new condition. 1) Unstated FIRST EDITION, The Inner Life of Empires: an eighteen-century history by Emma Rothschild, c. 2011, Princeton University Press. 2) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Aztecs & Conquistadores: The Spanish invasion & the collapse of the Aztec Empire by John Pohl & Charles M. Robinson III. C. 2005 Osprey publ. 3) Unsolved Mysteries of the Past, Reader's Digest, c. 1991. 4) Architectural Treasure of Early America: Early American Community Structures, Lisa C. Mullins editor, a publication of the National Historical Society, 1987. 5) Biology: Seventh Edition by Neil A. Campbell and Jane B. Reece, Pearson/Benjamin Cummings publ., c. 2005, unstated FIRST EDITION. Includes new CD Rom.
311.DESCRIPTION: Time-Life, Library of Nations series, 4 volumes, c. 1985. The United States, Italy, The Soviet Union, Britain.
312.DESCRIPTION: Antique Underwood & Underwood stereoscope with 18 cards. Patented USA, June 11, 1901. Cards to include views from Switzerland, Burma, Texas debris after the flood, South Africa, glass making, The Casket - Morrison Cave, President Wilson, Tennessee, Ellis Island Immigrants, Gallatin Valley Montana, etc.
313.DESCRIPTION: Hardcover, Getting the Most Out of your Lathe, a Deltracraft publication. C. 1935, 1948, 1954 Rockwell Manufacturing Company. There is a little bit of writing on title page.
314.DESCRIPTION: Seven hardcover antique and furniture books. 1) Unstated FIRST EDITION, The Collector's Encyclopedia of Antiques, edited by Phoebe Phillips, Crown publ. C. 1973 Walter Parrish International Limited, c. 1973. 2) A Dicrectory of Antqiue Furniture by F. Lewis Hinckley, c. 1953, Bonanza Books publ. 3) The Furniture of Historic Deerfield by Dean A. Fales, Jr., c. 1981, second edition. 4) Unstated FIRST EDITION, French Provincial Furniture by Robin Ruddy with price guide, c. 1998. A Schiffer book for collectors. 5) World Furniture, edited by Noel Riley, Chartwell Books, Inc., 1989. C. 1890 Octopus Books Limited. 6) American Silver Flatware 1837-1910 by Noel D. Turner, A.S. Barnes and Co. publ., c. 1972 second printing. 7) Stated FIRST EDITION, Tiffany's 150 Years by John Loring, Doubleday & Co. 1987. C. 1987 Tiffany & Co. Signed by the author!
315.DESCRIPTION: Time-Life, Mysteries of the Unknown series, c. 1999, 11 volumes. Cosmic Connections, Dreams and Dreaming, Mind over Matter, Mysterious Creatures, Phantom Encounters, Powers of Healing, Psychic Voyages, Spirit Summonings, The Ufo Phenomenon, Time and Space, Transformations.
316.DESCRIPTION: Time-Life, The American Wilderness series, six volumes. The Northeast Coast, The Grand Canyon, The North Woods, The High Sierra, Wild Alaska, The Great Divide.
317.DESCRIPTION: C. 1970, Beethoven Bicentennial Collection boxed LP sets. There are five albums per volume. Included are volumes I through IV and volumes IX, XI, and XII. That's 40 albums all together! The 200th anniversary of Beethoven's death, this was a subscription set. You could buy as many as you wanted, and each month you would be notified of what the next shipment would be so you could accept or decline. Please see photos for titles.
318.DESCRIPTION: Time-Life, The Enchanted World series, 7 volumes with 3 duplicates. (2) Legends of Valor, (2) Giants and Ogres, Dragons, Fairies and Elves, (2) Ghosts, Spells and Bindings, Wizards and Witches.
319.DESCRIPTION: C. 1975, Time-Life, The World's Wild Places series, 5 volumes plus 1 duplicate. America's Northwest Coast, New England Wilds, (2) Africa's Rift Valley, The Great Barrier Reef, The American North Woods.
320.DESCRIPTION: Time-Life, Library of Nations series, 9 volumes. The United States, The Soviet Union, Arabian Peninsula, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Germany, China, France, c. 1984.
321.DESCRIPTION: Time-Life, The American Indians Series, 16 of 22 volumes. Cycles of Life, Keepers of the Totem, People of the Desert, People of the Ice and Snow, People of the Lakes, Realm of the Iroquois, The Buffalo Hunters, The European Challenge, The First Americans, The Indians of California, The Mighty Chieftains, The Spirit World, The Way of the Warrior, The Woman's Way, Tribes of the Southern Woodlands, War for the Plains.
322.DESCRIPTION: C. 1992, Time-Life, True Crime series, 8 of 9 volumes (missing Crimes of Passion). Serial Killers, Mafia, Mass Murderers, Assassination, Most Wanted, Compulsion to Kill, Unsolved Crimes, Death and Celebrity.
323.DESCRIPTION: C. 1977, Time-Life, Home Repair and Improvement series, 18 volumes plus the Home Tool kit paperback book and one duplicate. Adding On, Basic Wiring, Built-Ins, Cabins and Cottages, Doors and Windows, Energy Alternatives, Floors and Stairways, Kitchens and Bathrooms, New Living Spaces, Outdoor Recreation Areas, (2) Outdoor Structures, Paint and Wallpaper, Plumbing, Porches and Patios, Roof and Siding, The Old House, Weatherproofing, Working with Wood.
324.DESCRIPTION: C. 1967, Time-Life, Library of Art series, 22 volumes. Seven Centuries of Art, Modern American Painting, The World of Bruegel, Cezanne, Delacroix, Durer, Gainsborough, Goya, Leonardo, Marcel Duchamp, Matisse, Michelangelo, Picasso, Rembrandt, Rodin, Rubens, Titian, Turner, Van Gogh, Vermeer, Watteau, Whistler.
325.DESCRIPTION: C. 1982, Time-Life, The Epic of Flight, 4 volumes. The Carrier War, The Luftwaffe, The Jet Age, Designers and Test Pilots.
326.DESCRIPTION: C. 1978, Time-Life, World War II series, 3 volumes. Blitzkrieg, The Rising Sun, The Battle of Britain.
327.DESCRIPTION: C. 1999, Time-Life, Mysteries of the Unknown, 29 of 33 volumes. Alien Encounters, Ancient Wisom and Secret Sects, Cosmic Connections, Cosmic Duality, Dreams and Dreaming, Earth Energies, Eastern Mysteries, Hauntings, Magical Arts, Mind over Matter, Mysterious Creatures, Mysterious Lands and Peoples, Mystic Places, PHantom Encounters, Powers of Healing, Psychic Powers, Psychic Voyages, Search for Immortality, Search for the Soul, Secrets of Alchemists, Spirit Summonings, The Mystical Year, The Psychics, The UFO Phenomenon, Time and Space, Transformations, Utopian Visions, Visions and Prophecies, Witches and Witchcraft.
328.DESCRIPTION: C. 1960, Time-Life, Great Ages of Man series, 15 volumes plus 4 duplicates. African Kingdoms, Age of Enlightenment, Age of Faith, Age of Progress, (2) Ancient America, (2) Ancient China, (2) Ancient Egypt, Barbarian Europe, Byzantium, (2) Classical Greece, Early Islam, Early Japan, Historic India, Imperial Rome, Rise of Russia.
329.DESCRIPTION: C. 1973-78, Time-Life, Old West series, 22 volumes. The Cowboys, Indians, Soldiers, Trailblazers, Railroaders, Forty-Niners, Pioneers, Gunfighters, Expressmen, Townsmen, Great Chiefs, Riverman, Texans, Loggers, Chroniclers, Spanish West, Miners, Canadians, Frontiersmen, Ranchers, Mexican War, Women, Gamblers. Missing - Alaskans, Scouts, End and the Myth, Master Index.
330.DESCRIPTION: C. 1972, Time-Life, The American Wilderness series, 18 volumes. The Northeast Coast, The Okefenokee Swamp, The North Woods, New England Wilds, Hawaii, Central American Jungles, The High Sierra, The Northwest Coast, Cactus Country, The Great Divide, Caribeean Isles, The Bayous, Canyons and Mesas, Urban Wilds, Wild Alaska, The Everglades, Baja California, The Grand Canyon.
331.DESCRIPTION: C. 1991, Time-Life, Mysteries of the Unknown series, 18 volumes. Cosmic Connections, Dreams and Dreaming, Hauntings, Magical Arts, Mind over Matter, Mysterious Creatures, Mystic Places, Phantom Encounters, Powers of Healing, Psychic Powers, Psychic Voyages, Search for the Soul, Spirit Summonings, The UFO Phenomenon, Time and Space, Transformations, Visions and Prophecies, Witches and Witchcraft.
332.DESCRIPTION: C. 1992, Time-Life, Library of Curious and Unusual Facts, 17 of 18 volumes (missing All the Rage). A World of Luck, Above and Beyond, Amazing Animals, Crimes and Punishmens, Feats and Wisdom of the Ancients, Forces of Nature, Hoaxes and Deceptions, Inventive Genius, Lost Treasure, Manias and Delusions, Mysteries of the Human Body, Mystifying Mind, Odd and Eccentric People, Odd Jobs, Science Astray, Shadows of Death, Vanishings.
333.DESCRIPTION: C. 1964, Time-Life, History of the United States series, 10 of 12 volumes (missing Vol. 1 The New World, Vol. 7 The Age of Steel and Steam). Includes Vol. 2 - The Making of a Nation, Vol. 3 - Growing Years, Vol. 4 - Sweep Westward, Vol. 5 - Union Sundered, Vol. 6 - Union Restored, Vol. 8 - Reaching for Empire, Vol. 9 - Progressive Era, Vol. 10 - War, Boom & Bust, Vol. 11 - New Deal & Global War, Vol. 12 - Great Age of Change.
334.DESCRIPTION: Four misc. books. 1) Hardcover with dj, The Bonanza Trail: Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of the West by Muriel Sibell Wolle, Bonanza Books publ., c. MCMLIII (1953) Indian University Press. Unstated FIRST EDITION. 2) HC with dj, Below Stairs: The classic kitchen maid's memoir that inspired Upstairs, Downstairs and Downton Abbey by Margaret Powell, c. 1968. St. Martin's Press. 3) The Century's Poetry: 1837-1937, compiled by Denys Kilham Roberts, volume 1 - Hood to Hardy. Stated FIRST EDITION, Pelican books, 1938. 4) The Mythology Bible by Sarah Bartlett, the definitive g uide to legendary tales. Sterling publ. C. 2009 by Octopus publ group. Unstated FIRST EDITION.
335.DESCRIPTION: Merits Pioneer three wheel scooter with charger. Merits 1021036. Basket on front, variable speed, hitch & bar.
336.DESCRIPTION: AT&T Synj SB67138, Dect 6.0, 4-line corded/cordless small business system. Includes six cordless phones with charging bases. Comes with user guides. The seamless multiple handset and/or cordless deskset mobility, with built-in Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) 6.0, transmits your voice across multiple channels. This technology provides superior voice and sound quality, high protection against wiretapping and better range than 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz phone systems, while not interfering with wireless routers. Customize call handling during business hours and after. The auto attendant for each line can answers outside calls, provides callers with a company directory and route calls to the appropriate extension.
337.DESCRIPTION: Two straw cowboy hats. American Hat Co., size 6 7/8, tumble weave and a Dallas with wire reinforced brim so you can shape it yourself, made in Italy.
338.DESCRIPTION: Duncan, two hour time limit, mechanical parking meter that accepts nickels, dimes, quarters. No key, unlocked.
SN: 253
DIMENSIONS: 19" H 8" W 6.5" D
339.DESCRIPTION: Two Gone with the Wind VHS box sets and Irving Berlin's Holiday Inn VHS - featuring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire.
340.DESCRIPTION: Favorite Recipes of America five volume set hardcover in cardboard sleeve, c. 1968. Vol. 1 Desserts: Including Party Beverages, vol. 2 Meats: Including seafoood and poultry, vol. 3 Salads: Including Appetizers, vol. 4 Casseroles: Including Breads, vol. 5 Vegetables: Including Fruits. The sleeve has some water damage but the books are in pretty good condition. Plus a Montana O.E.S., Gay Nineties Cookbook, spiral paperback.
341.DESCRIPTION: Cook books and magazines, mostly vintage. Better Homes & Gardens binder, Ground Beef, Good Housekeeping book of cake decorating, Keep It Simple - Marian Burros, Fresh Fast and Fabulous - Sam's Club, etc.
342.DESCRIPTION: A box with vintage kitchenware. 4 qt. Fire King mixing bowl, blue plastic strainer, red enamelware steamer, clear glass canister with wood lid, 2 cup Glasbake measuring cup, yellow plastic measuring cups, L'ovenware amber glass casserole, 18" x 28" Pyrex baker, Anchor Hocking egg plate, Perfection white granite oval tray, blue graniteware cup, etc.
343.DESCRIPTION: Retro stool with padded upholstered top, under shelf, on casters.
344.DESCRIPTION: McDonald's clear glass collectible mugs. Four Flintstone and two Batman Forever, c. 1990s.
345.DESCRIPTION: Misc. vintage kitchenware. 9" x 5" clear glass Anchor Hocking loaf pan, 9" x 5" L'ovenware amber glass loaf pan, two small muffin pans, Pyrex clear glass pie plate, L'ovenware amber glass pie plate, two aluminum spring-form pans, two 8" found cake pans, 2 qt. Glasbake milk glass casserole, etc.
346.DESCRIPTION: Elements, Love Always angel, c. Pavillion Gift Co. "Love is patient, love is kind. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things."
MODEL: 82096
347.DESCRIPTION: 3' x 5' nylon US flag by Valley Forge. New condition, original box.
348.DESCRIPTION: Gilt framed and matted under glass, a poem for you loving mom. "Mother, in your eyes I see God's light, through your hands I feel his touch, by your deeds I know his care, from your heart I sense his love. I thank God always for you."
349.DESCRIPTION: Spiritual Harvest "Bless All Who Enter" cross.
DIMENSIONS: 13" L 10" W .5" D
350.DESCRIPTION: Graniteware broiler pan.
DIMENSIONS: 14.75" L 13.5" W
351.DESCRIPTION: Vertiflex metal filing cabinet with lifting lid over one drawer, on casters.
DIMENSIONS: 28" H 17" W 26" D
352.DESCRIPTION: Durabrand CT-995, AM/FM cassette recorder. This receives AM/FM broadcasts, records from radio or built in microphone, automatic level control recording, uses 4C batteries (not included). Radio is in working condition, we didn't test the cassette player.
DIMENSIONS: 6" H 11.5" W 4" D
353.DESCRIPTION: Alfromba brown tone area size rug, made in Turkey. 100% polypropylene yarn - easy care, excellent durability, thick and luxurious.
DIMENSIONS: 10' 1" L 7' 10" W
354.DESCRIPTION: Antique A.H. Andrews oak and cast iron, folding school room desk. Made in Chicago. It needs a little TLC.
DIMENSIONS: 30" H 22" W 23" D
355.DESCRIPTION: Vintage porcelain, Japanese Hummel-like bookworm boy and girl bookends. The girl is reading Little Red Riding Hood and the boy is looking at a duck picture book.
DIMENSIONS: 5.75" H 4" W 5" D
356.DESCRIPTION: ACF Japanese, hand painted blue and white porcelain gravy boat with unattached under-plate.
DIMENSIONS: Plate 8.5" L 5" W
357.DESCRIPTION: Transluscent marble or alabaster fruit. Includes bananas, grapes, pomegranite, pear, etc. A nice selection that would fit into a large bowl for the centerpiece of your holiday table.
358.DESCRIPTION: Transparent Italian stone pedetal bowl and cockatoo. The beautiful cockatoo has striking pastel colors running through his body. His eyes and perch were carved from the same piece as him. The bowl has been repaired.
DIMENSIONS: Cockatoo 11" H 3.5" W 7" D
359.DESCRIPTION: Vintage Nao Ladro porcelain girl yawning in her nightgown. Made in Italy.
360.DESCRIPTION: A. Santini, Italian boy and girl classic figures. They are reading books. They are both signed and have original paper tags.
361.DESCRIPTION: A. Santini, Italian shepherd classic figure. He is carrying a lost lamb. The figure is stamped A.S., Italy and has original paper tag on the bottom.
362.DESCRIPTION: Three colorful additions to your bathroom decor. Two polished seashells and a hand molded, Ansley bone china rose basket.
DIMENSIONS: basket 2.75" H 4" Dia.
363.DESCRIPTION: Hand carved and painted wood, Italian calandar and a boy playing a concertina. Plus a small brass photo case with a padded fabric cover that opens.
DIMENSIONS: case 4.25" H 3" W
364.DESCRIPTION: Indonesian wool rug with goat and girl motif, hand made Southwestern US purse, hand stitched cloth rug, and a handmade in Italy camel with three men tapestry.
365.DESCRIPTION: Hand woven double sided wool bag and purse with yarn handle (broken handle).
DIMENSIONS: Purse 12" H 14" W
366.DESCRIPTION: Vintage cream and gold silk embroidered bed cover, tassle ends. Made in Italy.
367.DESCRIPTION: Vintage, Italian black and gold silk or satin throw or decorative wall scarf.
DIMENSIONS: 70" x 84"
368.DESCRIPTION: Original amateur art watercolor on board, "Feluccas on the Nile". Signed lower right by artist Elizabeth.
369.DESCRIPTION: Franciscan Desert Rose pattern dinnerware set. A mix of vintage ca. 1941-58 and 1958-76 pieces. Includes 8 - 10.5" dinner plates, 9 - 8" luncheon plates, 7 - 6.25" bread & butter plates, 1 - 5.5" soup bowl, 6 - 5 7/8" cereal bowls, 6 - 5.25" berry bowls, 9 - 5.75" saucers, 11 - 4" cups. There are a few with cracks and chips. In over all good vintage condition.
370.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1958-76 Franciscan serving bowl, Desert Rose pattern.
DIMENSIONS: 2" H 8" Dia.
371.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1958-76 Franciscan serving bowl, Desert Rose pattern.
DIMENSIONS: 2.5" H 9" Dia.
372.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1941-58 Franciscan round platter, Desert Rose pattern.
373.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1941-58 Franciscan creamer and covered sugar, Desert Rose pattern. The lid doesn't quite fit the bowl right but it rests on it nicely.
DIMENSIONS: Creamer 4" H
374.DESCRIPTION: Franciscan Desert Rose pattern salt and pepper.
375.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1941-58 Franciscan Desert Rose covered teapot. There are two small chips on the handle.
DIMENSIONS: 6.5" H 10" W
376.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1985-2003 Franciscan Desert Rose butter dish with lid. The finial has some chips and there are two chips on the rim of the plate.
DIMENSIONS: 3" H 8" L 3.5" W
377.DESCRIPTION: Nine, hard to find, vintage Franciscan Desert Rose stemmed wine goblets.
DIMENSIONS: 7.5" H 3" Dia.
378.DESCRIPTION: Original set of eight red glass Red Comet fire extinguisher grenades in form fitted carrying case. The case still has the original sticker. All still contain the original carbon-tetrachloride liquid. Local pick up only!
DIMENSIONS: Case 8" H 16.75" L 8.75" W
379.DESCRIPTION: Brown leather carrying cases for the gun enthusiast. Four ammo belt pouches and a two-section scope case with strap.
380.DESCRIPTION: Another lot for the gun lover. Everything you need to clean your firearms. Kleen Bore cleaning kit in black plastic box, orange Hoppe's plastic case with another kit, brand new in package Outers Foul Out II - electro-chemical bore cleaner with owner's manual, a Gunslick red metal case with misc. brushes, Outers shotgun cleaning rod for 12 and 16 ga., Outers aluminum rifle cleaning rod in plastic case, Outers silicone gun & reel cloth in green metal case, several cotton patches in various sizes.
381.DESCRIPTION: You have the gun cleaning tools now you can have the how-to books to reload them. 1) Volumes 1 and 2 of Reloading Information from the American Rifleman, c. 1955. 2) Lyman Shotshell Handbook, c. 1969. 3) The Weatherby Guide: America's Finest Rifles and Scopes. 4) Lyman Shotshell Handbook, third edition, c. 1984. 5) Handloader's Digest, sixth edition, c. 1972. 6) Lyman Reloading Handbook, 48th edition, c. 2002. 7) The Handbook of Shotshell Reloading, c. 1984. 8) Reloading for Shotgunners, 3rd edition, c. 1993. 9) The NRA Gunsmithing Guide, c. 1971.
382.DESCRIPTION: Rare and complete, Wallace silverplate 15 piece punch bowl set in the beautiful, ornate Harvest pattern. The bowl and tray are big enough to host your whole family and even the neighbors! Includes 21" round platter, 8" H 15" Dia. pedestal bowl, 15" ladle, and 12 - 2.5" H 3" Dia. cups. Plus a brown Silver Cloth zipper bag for storage and original box!
383.DESCRIPTION: 1961, number 5, Barbie Doll with blonde ponytail and curly bangs that comes with her two original mailot bathing suits, striped one piece and bikini, original black wire stand. She also has blue irises, side glancing eyes, red painted closed mouth. She has the greasy, shiny face which was common this year of manufacture. Doll mark: Barbie (R in circle) Pats. Pend. C. MCMLVIII by Mattel Inc. She comes with stand.
384.DESCRIPTION: This pretty little girl is marked (Madam) Alexander on her neck. She has brown hair under her pink plaid bonnet and cute dress to match, moving eyes. She is showing some age and experience.
385.DESCRIPTION: Raggedy Ann and Andy with bright orange hair and handmade outfits.
386.DESCRIPTION: Irish girl in dress with stand and a cloth composition doll from the Norwegian region.
387.DESCRIPTION: A pair of hand painted, hard plastic Irish kids in native dress.
388.DESCRIPTION: Native dress dolls from Eastern Europe. The girl is in her Durandal dress. Hard plastic composition.
389.DESCRIPTION: Two little clowns with porcelain heads to make you smile.
390.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1957 Vogue Jill doll in her pink satin gown, black velveteen cape, and black high heels.
391.DESCRIPTION: Rare! 1950s Campbell Soup Kids promo dolls, made by the Ideal Toy Company. They have chef hats, aprons, socks and are made of rubber. They even squeak!
392.DESCRIPTION: A little girl who lost her shoe, but not her sun bonnet. Plus an Equestrian Thoughts girl in her riding outfit and a pretty Ginny doll in party dress. All Vogue, 1950s.
393.DESCRIPTION: This sweet Valentine doll is probably circa 1950-1960. Clad in a pink square dancers dress with white boa and shoes. Marked 7VW, made in USA.
394.DESCRIPTION: An elegant, cloth ballerina dancer with a detailed, hand painted face. She has long, blonde hair, bangle bracelets, a green lace dress. Plus a male Turkish doll, porcelain baby with jointed arms and legs held with string, Italian Anri Christmas angel, Swedish skier, Oriental wood geisha, wood spool angel, black Americana bell, etc.
DIMENSIONS: Ballerina 12"
395.DESCRIPTION: Vintage painted yellow doll armoire. Complete with hangers, clothes, hats, shoes, socks, bloomers, etc.
DIMENSIONS: 13" H 12.5" W 6" D
396.DESCRIPTION: Vintage linen napkins to include 9 Old Bleach pure linen napkins - made in Ireland, 4 embroidered, 4 white with floral pattern, etc.
397.DESCRIPTION: Vintage linen table scarves and doilies, crocheted, lace and embroidered.
398.DESCRIPTION: Hand embroidered square table cloth with six matching napkins, new condition.
399.DESCRIPTION: Cotton table cloth with knotted fringe design and eight napkins that look lovely with it.
400.DESCRIPTION: Vintage cotton table scarves, hankies and napkins, some embroidered.
401.DESCRIPTION: Flower deisgn, hand embroidered card table tablecloth with four matching napkins. New condition.
402.DESCRIPTION: Red floral deisgn, hand embroidered card table tablecloth with four matching napkins. New condition.
403.DESCRIPTION: Irish clover deisgn, hand embroidered card table tablecloth with four matching napkins. New condition.
404.DESCRIPTION: Vintage LB pink sheer card table tablecloth with four matching cotton napkins. Made in Japan.
DIMENSIONS: 10.25" Sq.
405.DESCRIPTION: Vintage LB green sheer card table tablecloth with four matching cotton napkins. Original tag on the napkins, made in Japan.
MODEL: 237-C
DIMENSIONS: 10.25" Sq.
406.DESCRIPTION: Green, black and cream card table tablecloth with embroidered floral design. It comes with four matching napkins.
407.DESCRIPTION: Vintage blue and white sheer card table tablecoth with four matching cotton napkins.
408.DESCRIPTION: Handmade cotton nightgown with pink ribbon embellishments. One size fits most.
409.DESCRIPTION: Crocheted lace tablecloths, table scarves, and doilies.
410.DESCRIPTION: Vintage cotton toddlers dress.
411.DESCRIPTION: Nikon N8008 ultra high speed performance SLR camera with extra lenses, Opitech strap, and instruction manuals. Lenses include a Zoom-Nikkor 28-50mm, f/3.5; Duo-Tamron f/135mm in leather case; Nikon AF Nikkor 35-70mm, f/35; Nikkor-S Auto 1:1.4 f/50mm; Vemar wide anle 1:2.8, f/35mm in case; Soligor wide-auto 1:2.8, f/28mm in leather case with strap. Plus some filters.
412.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1950s, Kodak Brownie Hawkeye flash model camera, 620 box roll film. It has a meniscus lens, rotary shutter. The Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model Camera is recognized as one of the most popular Brownie cameras made. It is easy to use and is still extremely popular with film photographers because it comes apart easily for lens and viewfinder cleaning, and most will accept 120 film without respooling it onto 620 spools making it even easier to shoot with. The big square negatives it produces are large enough for contact prints or can be enlarged for spectacular sharp prints. The bulb setting for time exposures rounds off this great camera.
413.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1955, Kodak Brownie Holiday Flash camera, solid body, 127 eye level roll film. It has a 62: Dakon plastic lens, rotary shutter. The non-flash Brownie Holiday camera is the retail version of the Brownie Bullet, which was a promotional camera. It comes with a Midget Kodalite flash holder.
414.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1939-49 Kodak Vigilant Six-20 camera, Kodak anastigmat 105mm f4.5 lens, 3.5' to infinity focal range, accepts series VI with the 1 1/4" (31.5mm) slip-on adapter, Kodamatic shutter, T B 1/10-200 shutter speeds. Angled mirror view finder plus pop up view finder with parallax dial. It comes with leather case with strap.
415.DESCRIPTION: Nikon Speedlight SB-16. The Nikon Speedlight SB-16 consists of two parts: the main flash unit and the flash unit coupler having the mounting foot. It has both flash units, SB-16A and SB-16B. The SB-16A's Flash Unit Coupler AS-8 has a special mounting foot for the accessory shoe of Nikon F3 series camera, while the SB-16B's Flash Unit Coupler AS-9 features a standard ISO-type mounting foot. They both can be can be mounted on any type of Nikon camera either directly or with the use of another Nikon Flash Unit Coupler. Plus we added a manual Nikon Teleconverter TC-200, 2X. It works on all auto and manual focus cameras with all auto and manual focus lenses. The combination acts like a manual focus lens, which means different things on different cameras.
416.DESCRIPTION: Pedco Ultra-pod mini tripod and a universal tripod that extends to 33".
417.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1967, Arvin 67R09, 6 transistor portable radio. It's a vertical set with upper right front dial, left side on/off/volume knob, lower checkered grill. It comes with an "ear bud" and in original case. The case is brittle and broken on the top.
418.DESCRIPTION: A unique Ansco Shur-Shot box camera. This takes 120 film, which is still available. A great piece for the camera collector of anyone looking for a fantastic vintage camera to restore!
419.DESCRIPTION: The Nikon F3 was Nikon's third professional single-lens reflex camera body, preceded by the F and F2. Introduced in 1980, it has manual and semi-automatic exposure control whereby the camera can select the correct shutter speed (aperture priority automation). It was the first of numerous Nikon F-series cameras to be styled by Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, and to include a red stripe on the handgrip - a feature that would later become (with variants of stripes and various other shapes) a signature feature of many Nikon cameras. Plus we have its dedicated companion motor drive, the MD-4. With a well-engineered camera body, a high quality optic, and couple with today's excellent film technology, it is difficult not to take good photographs!
420.DESCRIPTION: Nikon 80-200mm lens, f/4.5 N AI (FX, DX and 35mm coverage), metal 52mm filter threads, 26.145 oz./741.2g, 6'/1.8m close focus. Comes in original leather case.
421.DESCRIPTION: Two small cameras and accessories. Canon Power Shot A1200, Canon Power Shot S110 with instruction manual, battery charger and cord, two batteries, and a PNY 64MB compact flash memory card.
422.DESCRIPTION: A selection of vintage cameras in original cases, etc. Olympus Ultra Compact 38-110 Zoom, Kodak Exktramax f/1.9 25mm, Kodak Instamatic X-15 with four Sylvania magicube, Capital MX-II with instruction manual, Vivatar Auto 2X tele-converter - model 2X-3. Plus some misc. straps.
423.DESCRIPTION: Vintage Kodachrome 16mm color film (appears used), three new 110 cartridges, 2 used 8mm film reels, and four new 200 with 20 exposure.
424.DESCRIPTION: Vintage Tru-Vue 3 dimension viewer with 8 films. Comes in original box and 6 film sleeves, ca. 1953. Films include a three card album of The Easter Story, The Three Little Pigs, Cinderella, Baby Bunny's Birthday, Disneyland Park Adventureland, Rumpelstiltskin, Pinocchio.
425.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1950s, 3-Dimension Viewer, View Master, Model E in original box. Sawyer's Inc. Portland 7, Oregon. Plus 19 film reels. 8 Century 21 Exposition - Seattle World's Fair, set of 3 Littlest Angel, Florida, set of 3 France, set of 3 Italy, Wonders of the Deep.
426.DESCRIPTION: GAF Model H Blue Lighted Viewer. Takes 2 "C" batteries (not included, untested). It is designed to be used to view even if you don't have batteries, you just pop the eye cover off on the inside. Plus several film reels that are all Walt Disney. Set of 3 Babes in Toyland, set of 3 Peter Pan, set of 3 Disneyland Street, set of 3 Adventureland, set of 3 Fantasyland, set of 6 Fantasyland, set of 3 Frontierland, 3 set of Mouseketeers, 3 set of Alice in Wonderland.
427.DESCRIPTION: Complete View Master three film reel set with booklet and original sleeve. The reels include Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk.
428.DESCRIPTION: Complete View Master three film reel set with booklet and original sleeve. The reels include Three Little Bears, Little Black Sambo, and the Ugly Duckling. Copyright states 1948.
429.DESCRIPTION: Rare, 19th century brass garden sprayer from Vaughan's. A rare example of a heavy duty garden sprayer. Embossed, Vaughan's New York & Chicago, No. C, Seed Store.
DIMENSIONS: 20", 33" extended
430.DESCRIPTION: Three wool/cotton blankets with satin trim. Full size chocolate brown, cream, and red.
431.DESCRIPTION: Antique black metal steamer trunk with brass embellishments and lock (it has a key but we can't get it to fit - maybe you can), Hartmann Trunk Co, c. 1912-25. It is fabric lined with bottom shelf insert and sectioned removable storage with lid. There is a silky bed cover and accessories in the bottom that we left for you. We tried opening the trunk today and it will not open! We don't know what happened!
DIMENSIONS: 23" H 39" L 22" W
432.DESCRIPTION: Stanley's Adventures in the Wilds of Africa. A full account of the two famous expeditions of Henry M. Stanley, the fearless and peerless explorer of the dark continent. Richly illustrated, Hubbard Brothers publ., 1888, c. 1882. The front cover is pulling away from the spine but in good condition for its age.
433.DESCRIPTION: Rare! Francis Parkman, The Oregon Trail, collector's edition. Easton Press, c. 1987. Hardcover fine, accented in 22kt gold, printed on archival paper with gilded edges, smyth sewing & concealed muslin joints. Bound In full leather with hubbed spines.
434.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, brand new hardcover with dj, Charles M. Russell, World Painter: Letters 1887-1926, edited by Brian W. Dippie. Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, c. 1993, distributed by Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York. the most comprehensive collection of Russell's correspondence ever assembled. Letters to his wife Nancy, to patrons and fellow artists, and to the saloonkeepers and cowboys who remained his friends for life reveal a surprisingly modest man. Russell downplayed his own verbal skills, but his letters show that he was an artist with words as well as paint, able to evoke a bygone era or make a shrewd social observation in a few well-chosen sentences.
435.DESCRIPTION: Hand carved and painted wood spice or tea box, distressed gold and black. Center cupboard doors with two drawers on both sides, original brass pulls.
DIMENSIONS: 9" H 17.5" L 11.25" W
436.DESCRIPTION: Hand carved and painted man and woman farmers. She is carrying her favorite chicken and he appears to have lost his staff or cane.
437.DESCRIPTION: Seven silverplate spoons. Warwick plate teaspoon, Wm. Rogers Mfg - original Rogers grapefruit, Oneida dura plate teaspoon, Reed & Barton childs soup, Winfield teaspoon, and another Oneida.
438.DESCRIPTION: LJ Original, Japan ginger jar with lid and a solid woven decor basket.
DIMENSIONS: Jar 5.5" H 4.5" Dia.
439.DESCRIPTION: Acoma Southwest pottery bowl, signed by Pauline Abeita, NM. Traditional Acoma pottery is made using a slate-like clay found within the hills surrounding the Pueblo. When fired using traditional methods, this clay allows the potters to form very thin walls, a common and sought after characteristic of Acoma pottery. Time to start a collection!
DIMENSIONS: 5" H 3.5" Dia.
440.DESCRIPTION: Two beautiful, vintage Limoges France cobalt blue handled pitcher decorated with a gold Fragonard couple scene, gold details in the vase handle and on the edge. One of the handles has been repaired.
441.DESCRIPTION: West Winds: California's book of fiction. Written by Califronia authors and illustrated by California artists. Edited by Herman Whitake, Paul Elder and Co. publ, c. 1914. The book is in great condition for its age, the title page hasn't even been cut yet.
442.DESCRIPTION: The Great North: A collection from Harper's Magazine, Gallery Books. C. 1990 arrangement The Octopus Group Limited. Unstated FIRST EDITION hardcover with dj. Includes facsimiles of original articles from "Harper's" magazine which recreate the excitement of early Northern life. Illustrated with 300 line drawings, engravings, photographs, and etchings.
443.DESCRIPTION: Three vintage/antique hardcover books depicting some of our great US states. 1) Death Valley in '49: Important chapter of California Pioneer History by William Lewis Manly. The Pacific Tree and Vine Co. publ, 1894. 2) History of the State of Idaho by C.J. Brosnan, c. 1935 (some writing). 3) California Conquered: War and Peace on the Pacific 1846-1850 by Neal Harlow with dj. University of California Press, c. 1982. Unstated FIRST EDITION.
444.DESCRIPTION: California: For Health, Pleasure, and Residence: a book for travelers and settlers by Charles Nordhoff. Harper & Brothers publ, 1873. Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1872. This is one of only a few 1873 Harper published copies found for sale on the internet at the time of this research!
445.DESCRIPTION: C. 1973-80, Time-Life, The Old West series, 25 of 26 volumes, no master index. The Chroniclers, Rivermen, Gamblers, Railroaders, Expressmen, Townsmen, Loggers, Trailblazers, Cowboys, Indians, Canadians, Scouts, Mexican War, Women, Gun Fighters, Pioneers, Great Chiefs, Ranchers, Spanish West, Alaskans, Forty-Niners, Texans. Missing The End and the Myth.
446.DESCRIPTION: Fourteen Vette Vues Magazines, 1988-2001.
447.DESCRIPTION: Hardcover with dj (two tears on back), Frederic Remington, Selected Writings compiled by Frank Oppel, Castle publ, c. 1981, April 1982. Gathers illustrated stories and articles about the West, the life of the cowboy, and skirmishes between cavalry and the Indians, written by the successful painter.
448.DESCRIPTION: Four hardcover books with djs depicting specific, famous people. 1) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Options: the secret life of Steve Jobs, a parody by fake Steve Jobs. Da Capo Press. C. 2007 FSJ Media LLC. 2) Stated FIRST EDITION, Those Crazy Wonderful Years When We Ran Warner Bros. by Stuart Jerome, c. 1983, Lyle Stuart Inc. publ. 3) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Papa: A personal memoir by Gregory H. Hemingway, M.D., c. 1976, Houghton Mifflin Co. 4) It Seemed Important at the Time: A romance memoir by Gloria Vanderbilt, c. 2004, Simon & Schuster publ.
449.DESCRIPTION: Two hardcover Western states books. 1) Stated FIRST EDITION, Following the Frontier (dj) by Freeman Tilden, Alfred A. Knopf publ, c. 1964. Very good condition. 2) Comprehensive Index, 1951-1990, Montana: The magazine of Western History, Montana Historical Society Press, Helena, Montana, c. 1993. Unstated FIRST EDITION. Old library book but in good condition.
450.DESCRIPTION: Two hardcover coffee table books with djs. 1) Atlas of the West: Portrait of a changing region, William E. Riebsame, general editor. A Project of Center of the American West. C. 1997 by the Regents of the University of Colorado, unstated FIRST EDITION. New condition. 2) Pictorial History of the American People by Preston W. Slosson. Rand Mcnally & Co., A Bison Book, c. 1982.
451.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, brand new hardcover with dj (small tear on bottom front corner), Charles M. Russell, World Painter: Letters 1887-1926, edited by Brian W. Dippie. Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, c. 1993, distributed by Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York. the most comprehensive collection of Russell's correspondence ever assembled. Letters to his wife Nancy, to patrons and fellow artists, and to the saloonkeepers and cowboys who remained his friends for life reveal a surprisingly modest man. Russell downplayed his own verbal skills, but his letters show that he was an artist with words as well as paint, able to evoke a bygone era or make a shrewd social observation in a few well-chosen sentences.
452.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, Eloise at Christmastime by Kay Thompson, c. 1958, drawings by Hilary Knife, Random House publ., New York. Stated FIRST PRINTING. Has previous owners name on Front Free Endpaper. Eloise at Christmastime has a very simple and fairly short storyline focusing on Eloise and Nanny's preparations for celebrating Christmas at home on top of the Plaza. Despite Eloise's unconventional lifestyle, her energetic preparations and mad dashes around the Plaza in her pre-Christmas excitement are pretty universal to all kids who can't wait for Christmas to hurry up and arrive. One nice touch is that, far from being a greedy little girl, she seems to get just as much joy out of giving presents to all of her family and friends as she does about receiving them, even though her ideas about what constitutes a good gift can be kind of weird sometimes (again, typical of childhood thinking).
453.DESCRIPTION: SIGNED and dated, stated FIRST EDITION, hardcover with dj, No More Buffalo by Bob Scriver, c. 1982, The Lowell Press publ. Through the bronze sculptures and insightful text of Bob Scriver,the recipient of the 1990 Montana Governor's Award for Distinguished Achievement in the Arts, NO MORE BUFFALO traces the history of the Blackfeet nomadic pre-horse days, through the coming of the horse, to the flowering of their materially and spiritually rich culture in the 18th and 19th centuries. The 53 powerful sculptures, stunningly reproduced in color, honor the Blackfeet Indians that Scriver grew up with, and portray his very special understanding of the traditions of the Blackfeet culture. Very good condition.
454.DESCRIPTION: The Sons of Charlie Russell: Celebrating Fifty Years of the Cowboy Artists of America by B. Bryon Price. Cowboy Artists of America Joe Beeler Foundation publ, c. 2015. New hardcover with dj. The CAA was formed in 1965 at the Oak Creek Tavern in Sedona, Arizona, by Joe Beeler, Charlie Dye, John Hampton, and George Phippen. The twenty active members and nine emeritus members continue to feel the influence of Charlie Russell and Frederic Remington, as well as other early artists of the American West. The organization has weathered the oil boom and bust, the rise and fall of the stock market, and the tech bubble. Through it all, its members have been championed by individual, corporate, and museum collectors who have embraced their art and the stories it tells. The history of these artists as described in this book comes alive with essays, photographs and beautiful images of their work as it portrays the life of real Indians and cowboys.
455.DESCRIPTION: Let's travel with these two hardcover books. 1) Turner and Venice (dj) by Ian Warrell, Tate publ, c. 2003. New condition. One of the world's most beautiful cities is pictured here through the eyes of one of the world's best-loved artists. J.M.W. Turner's translucent, atmospheric paintings and watercolors of Venice have long been celebrated as among the most extraordinary creations of this popular artist's later career. 2) Nature and Human Societies, Northern Europe: An environmental history, ABC-CLIO publ, c. 2005 by authors. Library book in good condition.
456.DESCRIPTION: 1) A History of Steamboating on the Upper Missouri River by William E. Lass, University of Nebraska Press pub., c. 1962. Hardcover with dj - a few tears on front. 2) Biography of a River: The people & legends of the Hudson Valley by John Mylod. Hawthorn Books Inc. publ, c. 1969 by Auric Arts Film Productions Inc. First printing, hardcover with dj.
457.DESCRIPTION: Weird Hauntings: True tales of ghostly places by Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman, c. 2006, Sterling publ.
458.DESCRIPTION: Four interesting reads, three are hardcover with dj's. 1) The American Challenge by J.J. Servan-Schreiber, Avon publ. 2) The Myth of Alzheimer's: What you aren't being told about today's most dreaded diagnosis. SIGNED by both authors Peter J. Whitehouse, MD, PhD and Daniel George, MSc. St. Martin's Press. 3) Natural Prozac: Learning to release your body's own anti-depressants by Dr. Joel C. Robertson with Tom Monte, Harper San Francisco publ, c. 1997. New condition. 4) Debunked! ESP, Telekinesis, and other Pseudoscience by Georges Charpak and Henri Broch. The John Hopkins University Press, c. 2004.
459.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST EDITION, Custer Country by Ralph E. Scudder, c. 1963, Binfords & Mort publ. Features reproductions of the original aerial photographs of the country and battlefield where General Custer waged his last battle against the Sioux Indians. Hardcover with clear plastic dj.
460.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, Wild Bill and Deadwood by Mildred Fielder, Bonanza Books. C. MXMLXV (1965) by Superior publ Co. This biography of Wild Bill Hickok is filled with period photos of the town along with excellent information on the famous gunslinger.
461.DESCRIPTION: Rare! The Huffman Pictures, published for and distributed by Coffrin's Old West Gallery. Photos from the late 19th century of Indian portraits, buffalo, bull train, Calamity Jane, roundups, ranches, many more. Originally black & white photos, hand-colored by photographer, reproduced here. History at its best. Good condition.
462.DESCRIPTION: Two Western Artist booklets. 1) Bronzes of CM Russell on exhibit, Trigg-Russell Memorial Gallery, Great Falls, Montana, 1957. 2) Expressions in Bronze: Sculpture by Robert Scriver, an exhibition at the CM Russell Museum, Great Falls, Montana, Feb. 11, 1993 - May 9, 1993.
463.DESCRIPTION: Rare! SIGNED limited edition 643/750, The Camerons - Evelyn and Ewen: Birding in Central Montana 1912-13 by Henry L. Armstrong, c. 2002. All photos taken by Evelyn Cameron, courtesy of Montana Historical Society unless otherwise noted. Evelyn Cameron diary excerpts transcribed by the editor from originals in NC226 held by the Montana Historical Society.
464.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, brand new hardcover with dj, Charles M. Russell, World Painter: Letters 1887-1926, edited by Brian W. Dippie. Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, c. 1993, distributed by Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York. the most comprehensive collection of Russell's correspondence ever assembled. Letters to his wife Nancy, to patrons and fellow artists, and to the saloonkeepers and cowboys who remained his friends for life reveal a surprisingly modest man. Russell downplayed his own verbal skills, but his letters show that he was an artist with words as well as paint, able to evoke a bygone era or make a shrewd social observation in a few well-chosen sentences.
465.DESCRIPTION: Hardcover with dj, Complete Book of Collectible Cars 1930-1980, new edition by Richard M. Langworth, Graham Robon, and the auto editors of Consumer Guide. Over 700 blue-chip automotive investments, domestic and foreign! Beekman House publ, c. 1985 by Publications International Ltd. Unstated FIRST EDITION.
466.DESCRIPTION: Two hardcovers featuring Western Artists. 1) Stated FIRST EDITION, library copy, Artists of America 1983, eighteenth exhibition Oct. 21 - Nov. 20, 1983. Northland Press publ, c. 1983 by the Cowboy Artists of America. 2) Stated FIRST EDITION, Ten Years with the Cowboy Artists of America: A complete history and exhibition record by James K. Howard, c. 1976, Northland Press.
467.DESCRIPTION: New condition, hardcover. Atlas of Indian Nations by Anton Treuer, National Geographic, c. 2013, with map. Atlas of Indian Nations is a comprehensive resource for those interested in Native American history and culture. Told through maps, photos, art, and archival cartography, this is the story of American Indians that only National Geographic can tell. Organized by region, this encyclopedic reference details Indian tribes in these areas: beliefs, sustenance, shelter, alliances and animosities, key historical events, and more. See the linguistic groupings and understand the constantly shifting, overlapping boundaries of the tribes. Follow the movement, growth, decline, and continuity of Indian nations and their lifestyles.
468.DESCRIPTION: C. 1982, Time-Life, The Epic of Flight, 18 volumes. The Airline Builders, Soldiers of Fortune, The Aeronauts, American in the Air War, The Raf at War, Architects of Air Power, Barnstormers & Speed Kings, The Giant Airships, Women Aloft, The Bush Pilots, Flying the Mail, The Helicopters, Fighting Jets, The Carrier War, First Aviators, Road to Kitty Hawk, Pathfinders, Explorers.
469.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST EDITION, No More Buffalo, hardcover with dj (few tears), by Bob Scriver, c. 1982, The Lowell Press. Some writing in ink on front end page. Plus a stated FIRST EDITION, library copy of Artists of America 1983, eighteenth exhibition by Frank Polk CA. Phoenix Art Museum October 21 - November 20, 1983. Northland Press, C. 1983 by the CAA.
470.DESCRIPTION: Judith Leyster, A Dutch Master and Her World by Pieter Biesboer (Editor), Mr. James A. Welu (Editor). Worcester Art Museum, c. 1993 Yale University. A professional woman artist struggling in a male-dominated trade, Dutch genre painter Judith Leyster (1609-1660) joined the artists' guild, ran her own workshop and competed with Franz Hals (c.1581-1666) and with her husband-to-be, painter Jan Molenaer (c.1610-1668). Her pictures of merrymakers, musicians and fun-loving children, reproduced here in 148 black-and-white and 45 color plates, recall Hals's dashing brushwork and insouciant spirit. Leyster also painted self-confident portraits, still lifes and allegories but her distinctive personal style crystallized in small, intimate candle-lit scenes.
471.DESCRIPTION: Soft cover, Rembrandt: The Late Works, Jonathan Bikker and Gregor J.M. Weber. Published by National Gallery Co., London. Unstated FIRST EDITION, c. 2014. This handsome volume includes superb reproductions of some of Rembrandt's most recognizable paintings, alongside etchings and drawings in various media that demonstrate his mastery of the graphic medium. Through a series of thematic essays, the authors draw on new research to examine Rembrandt's iconographic, stylistic, and technical innovations and underscore how his work in one medium influenced his work in others. This captivating book is the first to focus exclusively on the paintings, drawings, and prints that Rembrandt produced during the final, most creative phase of his career.
472.DESCRIPTION: Two big hardcover books with dj's. 1) Mitchell Beazley Wine Library, The Complete Bordeaux: The wines, the chateaux, the people. Stephen Brook publ., 2009 reprint. 2) Larousse: Traditional French Cooking by Curnonsky. Doubleday publ, stated FIRST EDITION, Oct. 1989.
473.DESCRIPTION: Two books depicting art/artists. 1) Hardcover with dj, Women Artist of Russia's New Age 1900-1935 by M.N. Yablonskaya, with 284 illustrations, 83 in colour. Rizzoli publ, c. 1990, Thames and Hudson Ltd, Unstated FIRST EDITION. 2) The Sumi-E Book by Yolanda Mayhall, c. 1989, Watson-Guptill publ. Learn to master the four basic brushstrokes of Japanese ink painting and create beautiful brush paintings of your own.
474.DESCRIPTION: A misc. selection of seven books, six are hardcover with dj's. 1) The Shoalwater's Finest Dinners: Cooking for Wine by Ann & Tony Kischner. Harris & Friedrich publ., c. 1991. 2) The Age of Elegance: The paintings of John Singer Sargent. Reprinted 201, c. Phaidon Press Limited. 3) New copy, The New Erotic Photography by Dian Hanson & Eric Kroll, Taschen publ, c. 2013. 4) The Edge of the World: How the North Sea made us who we are by Michael Pye, c. 2014. Viking an imprint of Penguin Books, unstated FIRST EDITION. 5) La Via Y Obras De Guadi by Eleanor Van Zandt (Spanish Edition), Kliczkowski publ, June 1997, c. 1995 Parragon Book Service. 6) Home Comforts: The art and science of keeping house by Cheryl Mendelson, c. 1999, Scribner publ. 7) Stated FIRST EDITION, Classic Hikes of the World by Peter Potterfield, c. 2005, WW Norton & Co. publ. 23 breathtaking treks with detailed routes and maps for expeditions on six continents.
475.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST EDITION, No More Buffalo, hardcover with dj, by Bob Scriver, c. 1982, The Lowell Press. Through the bronze sculptures and insightful text of Bob Scriver,the recipient of the 1990 Montana Governor's Award for Distinguished Achievement in the Arts, NO MORE BUFFALO traces the history of the Blackfeet nomadic pre-horse days, through the coming of the horse, to the flowering of their materially and spiritually rich culture in the 18th and 19th centuries.
476.DESCRIPTION: White with blue embellishments ceramic pitcher and bowl. The 4" H 16" Dia. bowl is embossed, "Bill & Joanne 1976, Pual & Mary J". The 11" pitcher is hand signed by Joanne Stuart, '06. They are a beautiful, matching set.
477.DESCRIPTION: Very heavy, industrial brass and metal pasta roller. Local pick up only!
DIMENSIONS: 42" L 4.75" Dia.
478.DESCRIPTION: Polaroid 600 Camera - SLR 680. In 1982, ten years after the unveiling of the SX-70, Polaroid created the SLR 680, an SLR instant camera that pushed the capabilities of the SX-70 to the next level, using Polaroid's new 600 film, with a built-in Sonar Autofocus and flashbar. It's been the camera of choice for instant photography experts and seasoned professionals ever since, and with good reason - put simply, it's the greatest instant camera ever made. Period.
479.DESCRIPTION: You don't and won't see this very often! Jack Dempsey posing with CM Russell in this signed black and white photo. Dempsey even signed and inscribed the original photo. This happens to be a copy with the image of a ringside ticket for the World Heavyweight Championship Fight against Tom Gibbons, July 4th, 1923 in Shelby, MT! Just look at the price of the ticket! $50 back then is equal to $729.36 today! The whole thing proved a disaster, but the fight itself was one of the most memorable events in the history of boxing. It's quite the interesting story but rather lengthly. Go to the following link if you want to read about this riveting event! https://www.greatfallstribune.com/story/life/my-montana/2016/06/29/dempsey-versus-gibbons-july-4/86534622/
480.DESCRIPTION: A stunning art print by local (Hilger, MT) artist Jody Menge (1960-2007). Signed lower right, c. 2004. A curious buffalo is checking out what the two black ravens are up to. No good I imagine. Framed and double matted under glass. Jody died tragically of injuries sustained in a horseback riding accident, doing what she loved to do, and being out in the great Montana outdoors. She was taking pictures and sketching for a painting she had been commissioned to do.
DIMENSIONS: Overall 15.75" H 13.25" W
481.DESCRIPTION: Authentic red obsidian skinning knife with grooved thumb hole. "Red" obsidian is known to come from the Yellowstone National Park area. Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed as an extrusive igneous rock. It is commonly found within the margins of rhyolitic lava flows known as obsidian flows, where the chemical composition (high silica content) induces a high degree of viscosity and polymerization of the lava.
DIMENSIONS: 3.25" L 1.25" W
482.DESCRIPTION: A selection of misc. jewelry. Five Nony beaded button covers, US military lapel pin, handmade green gemstone (jade, malachite, aventurine, chrysoprase) and hand painted wood brooch, silver plated pin with turquoise, antler button pin, Victorian-style clip-on earrings, carved agate cameo pendant, horseshoe pendant, etc.
483.DESCRIPTION: In this group of costume jewelry we found a 1953-D silver Roosevelt dime! Some of the jewelry includes a Timex stretch band watch, gold tone bracelet, faux pearls, turquoise, hearts, etc. There are some really nice pieces in here. Please see pictures!
484.DESCRIPTION: Yowsa! Authentic, documented sword, dating to Teddy Roosevelt, carried by a Rough Rider Calvary Doctor in the late 1800s. Solid blunt edge steel with brass handle and original, matching scabbard. Please see pictures for the hand written account of authenticity. The Rough Riders was a nickname given to the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry, one of three such regiments raised in 1898 for the Spanish-American War and the only one to see action. The United States Army was small and understaffed in comparison to its status during the American Civil War roughly thirty years prior. As a measure towards rectifying this situation President William McKinley called upon 125,000 volunteers to assist in the war efforts. The regiment was also called "Wood's Weary Walkers" in honor of its first commander, Colonel Leonard Wood. This nickname served to acknowledge that despite being a cavalry unit they ended up fighting on foot as infantry. Wood's second in command was former Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Theodore Roosevelt, a man who had pushed for American involvement in the Cuban War of Independence. When Colonel Wood became commander of the 2nd Cavalry Brigade, the Rough Riders then became "Roosevelt's Rough Riders." That term was familiar in 1898, from Buffalo Bill who called his famous western show "Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders of the World." The Rough Riders were mostly made of college athletes, cowboys, ranchers, miners, and other outdoorsmen. With these men being from southwestern ranch country, they were quite skilled in horsemanship.
DIMENSIONS: Sword 35", Scabbard 30"

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