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4.DESCRIPTION: Large hardcover coffee table book in very good condition (small tear top front of dj). Native Americans: The art and travels of Charles Bird King, George Catlin and Karl Bodmer by Robert J. Moore. C. 1997 by White Star S.r.l., published in 2002 by Chartwell Books, Inc. The work of King, Catlin and Bodmer looms large in the fields of history, ethnology and anthropology. No serious study of the American Indian people can be undertaken without reference to their work. This book presents in one volume a major selection of over 300 original drawings, painting and lithographs, collected as eyewitness records of the historic meeting of the artists and the Indians, face to face.
5.DESCRIPTION: Three paperbacks about solar energy architecture. 1) A Golden Thread: 2500 years of solar architecture and technology by Ken Butti and John Perlin, c. 1980, Cheshire Books publ. 2) Harvest the Sun: Solar construction in the snow belt by Nick Nicholson, c. 1978. Publ. by Ayer's Cliff Centre for Solar Research. 3) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Sun Reflections: Images for the new solar age by John N. Cole, Rodale Press publ., c. 1981.
6.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST EDITION, The Blackfeet: Artists of the Northern Plains. Scriver collection of Blackfeet Indian artifacts and related objects, 1894-1990 by Bob Scriver, c. 1990. Published by the Lowell Press, Inc. Hardcover with dj and plastic cover (back part of the dj is missing). This book has become the classic reference for students of Blackfeet culture. It highlights the excellence of design and ornamentation that touched all phases of their lives. The artifacts are some of the finest examples of design, coloration and craftsmanship known today. The 1,500 pieces collected by the Scrivers and portrayed in this comprehensive volume represent all facets of Blackfeet life, including a sensitive and moving presentation of the aura and meaning of the ceremonial side of an earlier era.
7.DESCRIPTION: Who doesn't love horses? Two books about the fabulous equine. Both of these books are in new condition. 1) SIGNED, INSCRIBED, and stated FIRST EDITION, Hardcover with dj. Wild About Horses: Our timeless passion for the horse by Lawrence Scanlan, c. 1998, HarperCollins publ. Written in lyrical prose with wit, humor, and an eye for drama, meticulously researched and complemented by fifty compelling black-and-white photographs, Wild About Horses addresses our need to know everything we can about the horse. 2) The Encyclopedia of Horses & Ponies by Tamsin Pickeral. C. 1999 Parragon, 2003 Barnes & Noble Books publ. The coverage of horse breeds gives detailed descriptions of the Shetland pony to the less common Dole Gudbrandsdal. 1,000 photographs combine with the text, enabling all breeds to be quickly and easily identified. The encyclopedia is full of information and essential facts about the horse: did you know that the oldest ever recorded horse was Old Billy who lived to be 62 years old; or that the cowboy hat was invented by John B. Stetson in the Pennsylvania in the 1860s?
8.DESCRIPTION: Limited Special Collector's Edition, bound in buckskin and canvas, Maynard Dixon: Artist of the West by Wesley M. Burnside. Brigham Young University Press, c. 1974, 250 limited special edition. The canvas has some stains and the bucksin has bubbles - probably due to moisture. The pages are in very good condition.
9.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST PRINTING, unstated FIRST EDITION, 2001, Spirit of the Plains People, Howard Terpning by Don Hedgpeth. Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, the Greenwich Workshop Press. New condition, hardcover coffee table book. Paintings not only tell a story, they pull the viewer into the emotional life of the individuals portrayed. There are moments of peace, humor, pride, hard-won wisdom, young defiance and fear. The viewer feels the cold, the hunger and the desperate poverty of hunters when the great buffalo herds are extinct.
10.DESCRIPTION: Hardcover coffee table book with dj, new condition. Made in California: Art, Image, and Identity, 1900-2000 by Stephanie Barron, Sheri Bernstein, Ilene Susan Fort. Los Angeles County Museum of Art, University of California Press publ, c. 2000. The volume is divided into five twenty-year sections, each including a narrative essay discussing the history of that era and highlighting topics particularly relevant to its visual culture. Two overarching themes emerge that have been crucial for how we imagine and understand California: first, the landscape, including both the natural and built environment, and second, the multifaceted relationships California has had with Latin America and Asia.
11.DESCRIPTION: Hardcover with clipped dj, stated FIRST EDITION, Charlie Russell: The life and legend of America's cowboy artist by John Taliaferro, c. 1996. Published by Little, Brown and Company. There is some writing in ink (someone's name and a small scribble) on front end paper. Taliaferro reveals the man behind the myth in his multifaceted complexity: extraordinarily gifted, self-effacing, charming, mischievous, and playful, a friend to rough frontier denizens and Hollywood stars alike. The author also explores Russell's controversial partnership with his fiery young wife, Nancy, whose ambition and business savvy helped establish Russell as one of America's most popular artists.
12.DESCRIPTION: Three books referring to Georgia O'Keeffe and her art. Two hardcovers, one paperback - all in new condition. One of America's most innovative and popular artists, Georgia O'Keeffe is rightfully celebrated as a pioneer who worked in her own style and on her own terms. Perhaps O'Keeffe's most significant contribution to art history was her unique approach to abstraction. 1) Georgia O'Keeffe 1887-1986: Flowers in the Desert by Britta Benke, c. 1994 by National Gallery of Art, c. 2000 by Benedikt Tashen Verlag GmblH publ. 2) Stated FIRST EDITION, Georgia O'Keeffe: Circling Around Abstraction, c. 2007 by Norton Museum of Art. 3) Stated FIRST EDITION, Georgia O'Keeffe: Nature and Abstraction by Richard D. Marshall, c. 2007.
13.DESCRIPTION: Four paperbacks about everyone's favorite, chocolate! New condition. 1) The Little Book of Chocolate by Katherine Knodorwsky and Herve Robert, c. 2001. 2) The Emporers of Chocolate: Inside the secret world of Hershey and Mars by Joel Glenn Brenner, c. 1992. 3) Chocolate Therapy: Dare to discover your inner center! by Murray Langham, c. 1998, stated FIRST PRINTING 1999. 4) Chocolate Temptations by Linda Collister, c. 2003.
14.DESCRIPTION: RARE, SIGNED limited, FIRST edition 136 of 350 copies, leather bound coffee table book in great condition. Charles M. Russell: Paintings, drawings, and sculpture in the Amon Carter Museum by Frederic G. Renner, c. 1974. Published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. in association with the Amon Carter Museum of Western Art. Within the pages you'll find photos of Russell's work housed at the Amon Carter Museum grouped according to the periods that marked his development as an artist. It is fortunate for us all that they have acquired a significant representative body of Russell's work across the entire timeline that he worked as an artist, both in painting and sculpture.
15.DESCRIPTION: All about our Indigneous tribes, all paperback. 1) The American Indian: by Karl Bodmer, c. 2005 by Taschen publ. a rare and privileged look at Native American life and customs before the invention of photography. Extensive travels, from 1832 to 1834, conducted by Maximilian Prince of Wied and Swiss painter Karl Bodmer through the inner Parts of North America resulted in the publication, in 1839, of the first book to present paintings and descriptions of Native American life in skilled, painstaking detail. The sumptuous pictures reprinted here, depicting battle scenes, landscapes, portraits, and still lifes, are taken from an extremely rare, hand-colored copy of the original publication. 2) Artistic Abstraction, a shimmer of colored light, Julius Seyler 1873-1955 exhibition. CM Russell Museum Complex Nov. 9 - Dec. 26, 1987. 3) The Blackfeet Sundace Series, paintings by Gary Schildt. A traveling exhibition Dec. 6, 1997 - Jan. 3, 1999.
16.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, Escape to Reality: The Western World of Maynard Dixon by Linda Jones Gibbs with an essay by Deborah Brown Rasiel. C. 2000 by Brigham Young University publ. New condition hardcover with dj. This book, lavishly illustrated with expansive color plates, centers on four texts examining very different topics. Gibbs begins with an account of the Dixon collection at BYU, then moves to a pair of essays exploring the reality, ideology, and abstraction at work in his images of Native Americans and the western landscape. In the final essay, photo historian Deborah Brown Rasiel grapples with the complex artistic influences at play between Dixon and his second wife, photographer Dorothea Lange. The resulting volume serves wonderfully as a visual, historical, and analytical history of an all-too-frequently overlooked artist.
17.DESCRIPTION: Three new condition National Park/Lodges books, two paperback and one hardcover. 1) Great Lodges of the Canadian Rockies by Christine Barnes, c. 1999, second printing. Publ. by W.W. West Inc. The Companion Book to the PBS Television Series. 2) Moon Handbooks: Glacier National Park by Becky Lomax, c. 2009, second edition March 2009. 3) The Complete Guide to the National Park Lodges by David L. Scott & Kay. W. Scott, fourth edition, c. 2004, The Globe Pequot Press.
18.DESCRIPTION: Two hardcover coffee table books featuring the art of Georgia O'Keeffe, new condition with dj's. 1) Unstated FIRST EDITION, The Library of American Art, Georgia O'Keeffe by Charles C. Eldredge, c. 1991. Harry Abrams, Inc. publ. The book is illustrated throughout with around 55 colour plates and over 5o black and white illustrations, including some pictures published here for the first time. 2) O'Keeffe's O'Keeffes: The Artist's Collection by Barbara Buhler Lynes with Russell Bowman with 106 illustrations, 97 in color. C. 2001 by the Milwaukee Art Museum and Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. This book explores for the first time the significance of O'Keeffe's collection of her own work. Approximately 75 seminal works, dating from about 1910 through the 1960s and reproduced in full color, document the range and quality of the art that O'Keeffe either chose to retain in her estate or consciously distributed to institutions in her lifetime and as bequests. It reveals her thinking in relation to her oeuvre, providing a unique perspective from which to understand O'Keeffe as artist and collector.
19.DESCRIPTION: New condition, unstated FIRST EDITION, The Blackfoot Papers by Adolf Hungry-Wolf, c. 2006 - 4 volume hardcover set in slipcase. Published by Good Medicine Cultural Foundation. "When I started this project in 1962," recalls Adolf Hungrywolf, "it was planned as a memorial to a culture that everyone thought was dying out. Revival of Blackfoot culture since then has turned this work into a handbook for those struggling to keep alive Blackfoot heritage and culture for the future. "This set is a 1500+ page, lavishly illustrated boxed set of reference books that details the history and culture of the Blackfoot Nation in Montana. The books were years in the making and have many historical photographs, some of which cover Blackfoot history before the establishment of the Blackfoot Reservation around Browning, Montana. This set is perfect for those interested in either the Blackfoot Nation or Plains Indians.
20.DESCRIPTION: Three hardcover books in new condition. 1) Stated FIRST EDITION Nov. 2004, The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown, special illustrated edition, Doubleday publ. 2) Stated FIRST EDITION, Priceless: How I went undercover to rescue the world's stolen treasures by John Shiffman - founder, FBI Art Crime Team. C. 2010 by Robert K. Wittman, Crown Publ. 3) Unstated NEW EDITION, Where Good Ideas Come From: The natural history of innovation by Steven Johnson, c. 2010. Riverhead Books publ. 2010.
21.DESCRIPTION: Four paperbacks that will inform you of days gone by and of today. 1) Images of America, Vanishing Seattle by Clark Humphrey, c. 2006, Arcadia publ. 2) Best Places, Seattle: The locals' guide to the best restaurants, lodgings, sights, shopping, and more! Edited by Shannon O'Leary, Sasquatch Books, c. 2004, 10th edition. 3) The Last Great World's Fair: San Francisco's Panama-Pacific International Exposition 1915, edited by Robert Lieber and Sarah Lau. Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy publ., c. 2004. 4) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Las Vegas: Then & Now by Su Kim Chung, Thunder Bay Press publ., c. 2007 Salamander Books.
22.DESCRIPTION: Three paperbacks depicting artist Harry Jackson, all unstated FIRST EDITIONS. 1) Harry Jackson: Monograph - Catalogue by Frank Getlin, Kennedy Galleries, Inc. 1969. 2) Harry Jackson" A Retrospective Exhibition, text by Gene Thornton, Buffalo Bill Historical Center, c. 1981 (name signed in ink on front end paper). 3) Harry Jackson: Thirty Works, Harry Jackson Studios publ., c. 1990.
23.DESCRIPTION: Remington & Russell: The Sid Richardson Collection, revised edition by Brian W. Dippie, c. 1994. Remington and Russell has become an essential introduction to the work of these artists, and this revision substantially enhances the book's strengths. Every painting in the Sid Richardson Collection has been rephotographed for this edition, including one Russell and five Remington paintings not included previously. Numerous black-and-white illustrations have also been added to give insight into the evolution of the paintings. Paperback in great condition.
24.DESCRIPTION: Four books referring to Hearst Castle. 1) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Hearst Castle: The Biography of a Country House by Victoria Kastner, c. 2000. Harry N. Abrams, Inc. publ. A rich photographic tour of William Randolph Hearst's legendary California estate at San Simeon. Chronicles the history of Hearst Castle, the work of his Hearst's architect, Julia Morgan, the art and architectural treasures of the estate, and anecdotes about life in the glamorous country house during its heyday. 2) Hearst Castle: An interpretive history of W.R. Hearst's San Simeon Estate by Nancy E. Loe, c. 1994 by Aramark Leisure Services, Inc., fourth printing 2001. 3) William Randolph Hearst: An illustrated biography by Nancy E. Loe. Aramark Leisure Services, c. 1998. 4) The Golden Days of San Simeon: A portrait of Hearst's magnificent castle and the Hollywood stars who glittered there by Ken Murray, c. 1995. FIRST paperback edition.
25.DESCRIPTION: Blackfeet Indians, pictures by Winold Reiss, story by Frank B. Linderman. C. 1935 Great Northern Railway. This 1995 edition is published by Gramercy Books, distributed by Random House Value publ. Unstated FIRST 1995 edition. Hardcover with dj, new condition.
26.DESCRIPTION: Five softcover California geology books. 1) Geology of Death Valley National Park: Landforms, crustal extension, gelogic history, road guides by Marli B. Miller and Lauren A. Wright, second edition. C. 2002 Kendall/Hunt Publ. Co. 2) Early Los Angeles by Harry Knill & the best authors, c. 1994 by Bellerophon Books. In full color! Our country's second largest city has a delightful history; scoundrels abound there through several changes of flag. Los Angeles was also the scene of many of the California battles. 3) Joshua Tree National Park, Geology by D.D. Trent, Joshua Tree National Park Association, c. 2002. 4) Joshua Tree: Desert Reflections by Stephen Trimble, revised edition. 5) Death Valley: The story behind the scenery by William D. Clark with David Muench, 4th printing, 1978.
27.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST EDITION, The Art of Tom Lovell: An invitation to history, text by Don Hedgpeth and Walt Reed, William Morrow and Company, Inc. C. 1993 by The Greenwich Workshop, Inc. Published by William Morrow and Co. Inc. New condition hardcover with dj (slightly rubbed from storage). 160 pages, 95 full-color images. Shown are the artists best canvases, among them his famed depictions of Lee's surrender and the Fifty-fourth Massachusetts' assault (in film, the climax of Glory). His spark of inspiration is usually to visualize an incident he has read of in the journals of the first white explorers and trappers, such as those of Lewis and Clark. Whether it's Clark firing his rifle or Indians encountering a cannon lost by Fremont, Native Americans are generally presented as wary but curious about the newcomers; Lovell puts the warfare outside of the frame.
28.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, Thomas Moran: The Field Sketches, 1856-1923 by Anne Morand. C. 1996 by the University of Oklahoma Press, publ. New condition hardcover with dj. This illustrated catalog of Thomas Moran's field sketches includes an interpretive essay tracing the artist's seventy-year career in the field; a chronological, stylistic, and geographical survey of his fieldwork; and an illustrated checklist of the 1,080 sketches in public collections. Moran is best known for his work in the American West during the post-Civil War expansion, particularly in what would become Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, and Yosemite national parks.
29.DESCRIPTION: Five softcovers depicting the Missions of California. 1) California Missions: Missions of the Inland Valleys by Pauline Brower, c. 1996. 2) All 27 California Missions in full color, El Camion Real. 3) A Sunset Pictorial, The California Missions: A complete pictorial history and visitor's guide, c. 1979. 4) The Decoration of the California Missions by Norman Neuerburg, c. 1996. 5) California Missions: The earliest series of views made in 1856, c. 2000.
30.DESCRIPTION: RARE, SIGNED and inscribed 3-26-82 on title page, stated FIRST EDITION! A biography, The Years of George Montgomery by himself and Jeffrey Millet. Published by Sagebrush Inc. C. 1981 by George Montgomery. Half brown imitation leather and cream cloth with gilt lettering to spine and GM initials to lower front. George Montgomery was a modern renaissance man of the West; his talents ranged from acting, writing, directing and producing to art collecting, painting, sculpting,and woodworking. This book provides an extensive viewing of his life and many accomplishments. Numerous color and black & white photo-illustrations.
31.DESCRIPTION: Eight California paperbacks. 1) Serra's San Diego by Iris H.W. Engstrand. 2) A Salon at Larkmead: A charmed life in the Napa Valley by Drew Sparks & Sally Kellman, c. 2000, STATED FIRST PRINTING, unstated FIRST EDITION. 3) A Day at the Seaside by Ariel Rubissow Okamoto: San Francisco's Sutro Heights, Cliff House, and Sutro Baths, c. 1998. 4) San Luis Obispo: Discoveries by Paul Tritenbach. 5) Sonoma Valley Legacy: Histories and sites of 70 historic adobes in and around the Sonoma Valley by James B. Alexander, c. 1986. 6) California Missions, fourth printing, Jan. 2001, c. 1997 by Robert D. Shangle. 7) California Missions: The earliest series of views made in 1856, c. 2000. 8) The San Fernando Valley: America's Suburb by Kevin Roderick, c. 2001.
32.DESCRIPTION: SIGNED and inscribed softcover, unstated FIRST EDITION, The Scriver Blackfoot Collection: Repatriation of Canada's Heritage, edited by Philip H.R. Stepney and David J. Goa. Published on the occasion of The Scriver Blackfoot Collection, an exhibition at the Provincial Museum of Alberta, June 1990. Gorgeous glossy book with numerous coloured photos of artifacts in addition to the many historic black and white photos throughout.
33.DESCRIPTION: New condition hardcover with dj, Philip R. Goodwin: America's Sporting & Wildlife Artist by Larry Len Peterson, c. 2001. Stated FIRST LIMITED EDITION of 2900 copies. This handsome volume contains more than 550 of Goodwin's images, hundreds in full color and many of them held in private collections and rarely available for public viewing. Personal photographs of Goodwin and his friends, along with letters, some from Charles Russell, complement the engaging text. This book won the prestigious Wrangler Award in 2002 from the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City.
34.DESCRIPTION: 1) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Hotel Del Coronado: An American Treasure with A Storybook Past, c. Hotel Del Coronado, c. 2001. Photo journal style with explanatory text. 2) Stated FIRST EDITION, Images of America Series, Rendezvous Country by Donald G. Pike, American West Publ. Co., c. 1975. Full of beautiful photos of the land and animals. See the land the trappers saw when they came to make their living off the land.
35.DESCRIPTION: New copy in plastic unstated FIRST EDITION, Escape to Reality: The Western World of Maynard Dixon by Linda Jones Gibbs with an essay by Deborah Brown Rasiel. C. 2000 by Brigham Young University publ. Please see photos in lot 6. I didn't want to remove the original protective plastic. This book, lavishly illustrated with expansive color plates, centers on four texts examining very different topics. Gibbs begins with an account of the Dixon collection at BYU, then moves to a pair of essays exploring the reality, ideology, and abstraction at work in his images of Native Americans and the western landscape. In the final essay, photo historian Deborah Brown Rasiel grapples with the complex artistic influences at play between Dixon and his second wife, photographer Dorothea Lange. The resulting volume serves wonderfully as a visual, historical, and analytical history of an all-too-frequently overlooked artist.
36.DESCRIPTION: 1) American Arist: Portrait Sketch, September 1964, volume 28, number 7, issue 277. The magazine features Norman Rockwell portraits, Bob Scriver, Sigmund Abele's Etchings, etc. 2) Winold Reiss, Portraits of the Races, "Art Has No Prejudice". Text by Paul Raczka, catalogue by C.M. Russell Museum, c. 1986. Exhibition Sept. 16 - Oct. 31, 1986. 3) To Color America, Portraits by Winold Reiss by Jeffrey C. Stewart. Published by the Smithsonian Institution Press, 1989, c. 1989. An exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery Oct. 27, 1989 - Apr. 1, 1990.
37.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST EDITION, West of Camelot: The Historical Paintings of Kenneth Riley by Susan Hallsten McGarry. Published by Eiteljorg Museum of American Indian and Western Art, Settlers West Galleries, c. 1993. New condition, hardcover coffee table book with dj. Riley honed his technical skills as an illustrator during the post-World War II era. Working for publications such as The Saturday Evening Post, McCalls, Redbook, and Reader's Digest, he excelled in creating dramatic historical scenes that absorbed the reader in dynamic design and stunning color.
38.DESCRIPTION: Three hardcovers in good condition that refer to economics. 1) Animal Spirits: How human psychology drives the economy, and why it matters for global capitalism by George A. Akerlof and Robert J. Shiller. Princeton University Press publ, c. 2009. 2) Super Freakonomics: Global cooling, patriotic prostitutes, and why suicide bomers should buy life insurance by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner, c. 2009. 3) This Time is Different: Eight centuries of financial folly by Carmen M. Reinhard & Kenneth S. Rogoff. Princeton University Press publ, c. 2009.
39.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, first printing, The Covered Bridges of California by S. Griswold Morley, c. 1938. University of California Press publ, 1938. Excellent condition hardcover with dj and clear plastic cover. Grey cloth over boards with silver lettering on the spine. Grey inside covers front and back. Illustrated throughout with Black-And-White Photographs. No tears, bent pages. There is some writing in ink on the title page. This elegant Depression era volume explains that due to the lack of steel and abundance of timber, it was quite logical. The author describes and presents b & w images of thirty-five examples. Most are located in redwood country and the High Sierra, but one, now destroyed, was in downtown Los Angeles.
40.DESCRIPTION: Three small art books, new condition. 1) Art & Architecture, Paris by Martina Padberg, c. 2007 by Tandem Verlag GmbH. 2) Uffizi: Art, History, Collections by Gloria Fossi, c. 2006. 3) Art: A wolrd history by Elke Linda Buchholz, Gerhard Buhler, Karoline Hille, Susanne Kaeppele, Irina Stotland, c. 2007.
41.DESCRIPTION: Sun Valley is famous for its historic ski resort, but there is much more to the area that makes it such a rich and inspiring environment. The town of Ketchum and the nearby Sawtooth, Pioneer, and Boulder mountain ranges provide locals and visitors alike with a seemingly endless playground. Here are some books and magazines showcasing the area. The hardcover is in new condition, titled Sun Valley Images, photography by David R. Stoecklein, c. 2002, second edition - June 2007. Please see photo's for other titles.
42.DESCRIPTION: Both of these history of the West books are in new condition. 1) Lewis & Clark: Voyage of Discovery by Stephen Ambrose, National Geographic Society, 1998. Embossed leather hardcover. Published to commemorate the 200th anniversary of America's most famous expedition as well as to coincide with the release of the Lewis and Clark IMAX film, a magnificent volume brings to life the Lewis and Clark Trail through moving narrative, elegant commentary, personal selections from the explorers' journals, and lavish photographs that capture the natural beauty of the American West. 2) Lewis & Clark: An American Journey by Daniel B. Thorp, Michael Friedman publ, c. 1998. Dramatic paintings, maps drawn by members of the expedition, journal sketches and entries, and photographs tell one of America's most enduring and fascinating tales.
43.DESCRIPTION: Bronzes of the American West by Patricia Janis Broder with introduction by Dr. Harold McCracken. Harry N. Abrams, publ. Unstated copyright, 1975. Books is in good condition, Gallery of Art stamp and dj has a few tears. A big, satisfying, chunky book: hardcover, cloth over boards, 431 pp, 5.5 pounds, b&w illustrations and color plates throughout. Includes End Notes, Bibliography, 4 indices, including biographical information on the artists.
44.DESCRIPTION: Four misc. paperbacks, good condition. 1) Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy by Richard A. Neubauer, MD and Morton Walker, DPM, c. 1998. 2) The Man Who Made Vermeers: Unvarnishing the legend of master forger Han Van Meegeren by Jonathan Lopez, c. 2008. 3) The Conservative Soul: Fundamentalism, freedom, and the future of right by Andrew Sullivan, c. 2006. 4) 20 Ads that Shook the World by James B. Twitchell, c. 2000.
45.DESCRIPTION: New unstated FIRST EDITION, hardcover with dj, Charles M. Russell, Word Painter: Letters 1887-1926, edited by Brian W. Dippie, Amon Carter Museum, c. 1993, distributed by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. The most comprehensive collection of Russell's correspondence ever assembled. Letters to his wife Nancy, to patrons and fellow artists, and to the saloonkeepers and cowboys who remained his friends for life reveal a surprisingly modest man. Russell downplayed his own verbal skills, but his letters show that he was an artist with words as well as paint, able to evoke a bygone era or make a shrewd social observation in a few well-chosen sentences. Each letter is reproduced in facsimile, allowing readers to see, in the artist's own handwriting and with his inimitable spellings and punctuation, how Russell cleverly interwove colorful sketches and eloquent words to form a memorable whole.
46.DESCRIPTION: Two interesting paperbacks about geology and a 2011 summer catalogue of find properties in Jackson Hole from Sotheby's International Reality. 1) Unstated FIRST EDITION, WolrdLife Library, Glaciers by John Gordon, c. 2001, Voyageur Press publ. Accompanied by stunning color photography, John Gordon's text explores the many characteristics of glaciers including how they form and flow, how they have shaped the land, how they record climate changes, and how they are responding to global warming. 2) WorldLife Library, Mountains: Geology, Natural History, & Ecosystems by Martin F. Price, c. 2002, Voyageur Press publ.
47.DESCRIPTION: 1) Unstated FIRST EDITION, The Best of American Beer & Food: Pairing & Cooking with Craft Beer by Lucy Saunders, c. 2007, Brewers publ. Saunders covers both pairing food and beer and cooking with beer. She begins by exploring the art of pairing flavorful beers with specific foods, considering today's wide range of beer styles and the foods and flavors that they compliment from salad through dessert. She then turns to recipes that incorporate beer, using the diverse tastes available from today's ales and lagers as flavor components. 2) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Making Sense of Taste: Food and Philosophy by Carolyn Korsmeyer, Cornell University, c. 1999.
48.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, Western Images, Western Landscapes: Travels Along U.S. 89 by Thomas R. and Geraldine R. Vale, c. 1989. New hardcover copy with dj and clear plastic cover. An exploration of the geographical region around the U.S. Route 89 from the Mexican border at Nogales, Arizona to the Canadian border at Piegan, Montana comprising some the most beautiful landscapes of the American West.
49.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, Cowboy: The Legend and the Legacy by B.A. Payton, Gary Fiegehen, Jim Skipp, c. 2000. Greystone Books publ. New condition hardcover with dj. Take a rollicking ride through cowboy subculture, from reality to the romantic image. There is no more enduring icon of the American West than the cowboy, rugged, individualistic, and hero of countless movies and TV shows. Here is his true story, along with a look at how popular culture both created and reflected his "Wild West" lifestyle.
50.DESCRIPTION: Three art books, one is hardcover. 1) American Arist: Portrait Sketch, September 1964, volume 28, number 7, issue 277. The magazine features Norman Rockwell portraits, Bob Scriver, Sigmund Abele's Etchings, etc. 2) Rembrandt 1606-1669: The Mystery of the Revealed From by Michael Bockemuhl. Taschen GmbH publ., c. 2007. 3) Unstated FIRST EDITION hardcover, Waterton: Brush & Pen. Paintings by Brent R. Laycock, prose by Fred Stenson, c. 2006. First published in the US in 2006 by Fitzhenry & Whiteside. Ninety-one of splendid and evocative paintings are reproduced here in full color: from the quiet coulees and prairie panoramas of the foothills to the forest havens, alpine meadows, soaring peaks, and wind-whipped water of Waterton Lakes National Park. His introductory essay and comments on each painting give further insight into the creative process and the artist's deep attachment to his subject.
51.DESCRIPTION: George Catlin and the Old Frontier: A biography and picture gallery of the Dean of Indian Painters by Harold McCracken, c. MCMLIX (1959). Bonanza Books publ., New York. the first comprehensive picture gallery and biography of George Catlin, the dean of American Indian painters. It contains 36 paintings in brilliant full color and 131 black-and-white reproductions of pictures by the American artist whose talent and achievement place him among the most extraordinary men of the nineteenth century. Great condition hardcover with dj and clear plastic cover.
52.DESCRIPTION: Two hardcover books concerning wine, along with four paperbacks/magazines - all in new condition. 1) Stated FIRST EDITION, Reflections of a Wine Merchant by Neal I. Rosenthal, c. 2008. 2) Stated FIRST EDITION, Grandi Vini: An opinionated tour of Italy's 89 finest wines by Joseph Bastianich, c. 2010. 3) Stated FIRST IMPRESSION, Napa Valley & Sonoma: Heart of the California Wine Country by Virginie Boone, c. 2003. Plus a 2003 presentation book from Cannon Wines Limited, Saint George Winery & Vineyards and two Napa Valley Museum magazines - 2002 and 2003.
53.DESCRIPTION: Little Bighorn Remembered: The Untold Indian Story of Custer's Last Stand by Herman J. Viola. C. 1999 by Rivilo Books, Crown publ. New condition hardcover with dj. What really happened on that fateful day? Now, thanks to the work of Herman J. Viola, Curator Emeritus of the Smithsonian Institution, we are much closer to answering that question. Dr. Viola, a leader in the preservation of Native American culture and history, has collected here dozens of dramatic, never-before-published accounts by Indians who participated in the battle-accounts that have been handed down to the present day, often secretly and accompanied by oaths of silence, from one generation to the next. These remarkable eyewitness recollections provide a direct link to that day's events; together they constitute an unprecedented oral history of the battle from the Native American point of view and the most comprehensive eyewitness description of Little Bighorn we have ever had.
54.DESCRIPTION: 1) Stated FIRST EDITION, Gilbert and Sullivan: The Official D'Oyly Carte Picture History by Robin Wilson and Frederic Lloyd, c. 1984, Alfred A. Knopf publ. 1984. New condition hardcover with dj. Celebrates each of the twelve major operas as they have been produced over the years, complete with photographs, drawings, paintings, posters, and review clippings. 2) Classical Music: The great composers and their masterworks by John Stanley, c. 2005 revised edition. Mitchell Beazley publ.
55.DESCRIPTION: Two good reads, hardcover with dj's, new condition. 1) Stated FIRST EDITION, The Match King: Ivar Kreuger, the financial genius behind a century of Wall Street scandals by Frank Partnoy, PublicAffairs publ. At the height of the roaring '20s, Kreuger made a fortune raising money in America and loaning it to Europe in exchange for matchstick monopolies. His enterprise was a rare success story throughout the Great Depression. Yet after his suicide in 1932, it became clear that Kreuger was not all he seemed: evidence surfaced of fudged accounting figures, off-balance-sheet accounting, even forgery. Frank Partnoy recasts the life story of a remarkable yet forgotten genius in ways that force us to re-think our ideas about the wisdom of crowds, the invisible hand, and the free and unfettered market. 2) Super Freakonomics: Global cooling, patriotic prostitutes, and why suicide bomers should buy life insurance by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner, c. 2009.
56.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST EDITION, E.S. Paxson: Frontier Artist by William Edgar Paxson, Jr, c. 1984, Pruett Publ. Co. New condition hardcover with dj. The first comprehensive biography of Edgar Samuel Paxson, who was not only an artist of the west, but also a frontiersman, scout, soldier, stagecoach guard, and telegraph line rider. It describes the creation of his documentary masterpiece, "Custer's Last Stand," as well as his many associations and friendships, with such men as Charles Russell, Buffalo Bill Cody, and Captain Jack Crawford. Based on his personal journals, letters, and scrapbooks. Plus a brochure from the Artistic Abstractions, A shimmer of colored light, Julius Seyler 1873-1955.
57.DESCRIPTION: Seattle is one of the leading cities in the US. From software development to how we buy hiking boots, from our musical tastes to our passion for coffee, the Emerald City has strongly influenced how we live. 1) Our Seattle, text by Barbara Sleeper, photography by Mike Sedam, c. 1998, Voyageur Press publ. 2) Seattle: Past to Present by Roger Sale. An interpretation of the history of the foremost city in the Pacific Northwest. University of Washington Press, c. 1976, paperback edition with corrections, 1978.
58.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, Paper Talk: Illustrated Letters of Charles M. Russell, introduction and commentary by Frederic G. Renner. C. 1962 by the Trustees of the Amon Carter Museum of Western Art, publ. New condition paperback with clear plastic, protective cover. A selection of 79 letters and countless photographs, programs and cards revealing the personality of the strangely profound man, Charlie Russell.
59.DESCRIPTION: Planning a trip to Central America? These two books could help with your vacation. 1) Lonely Planet, Costa Rica by Rob Rachowiecki, 5th edition, c. 2002. 2) Spanish-English compact dictionary, c. 1989. Plus a few postcards and other memorabilia from the region.
60.DESCRIPTION: New copy in plastic, unstated FIRST EDITION, Escape to Reality: The Western World of Maynard Dixon by Linda Jones Gibbs with an essay by Deborah Brown Rasiel. C. 2000 by Brigham Young University publ. Please see photos in lot 6. I didn't want to remove the original protective plastic. This book, lavishly illustrated with expansive color plates, centers on four texts examining very different topics. Gibbs begins with an account of the Dixon collection at BYU, then moves to a pair of essays exploring the reality, ideology, and abstraction at work in his images of Native Americans and the western landscape. In the final essay, photo historian Deborah Brown Rasiel grapples with the complex artistic influences at play between Dixon and his second wife, photographer Dorothea Lange. The resulting volume serves wonderfully as a visual, historical, and analytical history of an all-too-frequently overlooked artist.
61.DESCRIPTION: 1) Unstated FIRST EDITION, A Guide to the World's Greatest Buildings: Masterpieces of Architecture & Engineering, consultant editor Trevor Howells. C. 2000, Weldon Owen Inc. publ. Highlights places of worship, centers of power, and monuments and memorials considered to be among the 100 architectural masterpieces, describing their design, history, function, materials, and dimensions. 2) High on a Windy Hill: The story of the Prince of Wales Hotel by Ray Djuff, c. 1999, 2nd printing 2003, Rocky Mountain Books publ. Opened in 1927 for the Minnesota-based Great Northern Railway, the Prince of Wales Hotel provided an oasis during Prohibition for thirsty Americans. Since these boozy beginnings, the hotel, which overlooks the beautiful Waterton Lake, has survived floods, fire, high winds and even closure.
62.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST EDITION, second printing, The Blackfeet: Artists of the Northern Plains by Bob Scriver, c. 1990. The Scriver collection of Blackfeet Indian, artifacts and related objects, 1894-1990. Published by the Lowell Press, Inc., Kansas City. Very good condition hardcover with dj. This book has become the classic reference for students of Blackfeet culture. It highlights the excellence of design and ornamentation that touched all phases of their lives. The Scriver Collection of Blackfeet Artifacts, presented here, is truly a source of information and inspiration to all who view it. The 1,500 pieces collected by the Scrivers and portrayed in this comprehensive volume represent all facets of Blackfeet life, including a sensitive and moving presentation of the aura and meaning of the ceremonial side of an earlier era.
63.DESCRIPTION: RARE! Leatherbound, Artists of the Old West by John C. Ewers, a Chanticleer Press edition. LIMITED to 3573 of 5000 copies, published by Doubleday & Co., enlarged edition, 1973.
64.DESCRIPTION: Winold Reiss, Portraits of the Races, "Art Has No Prejudice". Text by Paul Raczka, catalogue by C.M. Russell Museum, c. 1986. Exhibition Sept. 16 - Oct. 31, 1986. Plus Great Indians of California by Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, Colonel of Calvalry, Commandant-General of California 1807-1890, Padre Francisco Palou 1722-1790, H.H. Bancroft 1832-1918. Edited by Harry Knill, c. 1999.
65.DESCRIPTION: 1) A History of Art, general editor Sir Lawrence Gowing. C. 1995, revised edition, Andromeda Oxford Limited. Published in 2002 by Borders Press. 2) History of Art by H.W. Janson, fifth edition revised and expanded by Anthony F. Janson, vol. II, c. 1995 by Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
66.DESCRIPTION: Rare! Painting and Sculpture: French-English-German-Dutch and Flemish-Italian-Spanish-American Fourteenth to the Twentieth Century. Exhibition of paintings and sculpture with 95 plates. The Art Institute of Chicago, 1934.
67.DESCRIPTION: Do you remember the 60s and 70s? Experience the ultimate flashback with this celebration of an era. Here are three books that will help you with that, all in new condition, two are hardcover coffee table books with dj's. 1) The Hippie Dictionary: A cultural encyclopedia (and phraseicon) of the 1960s and 1970s, revised and expanded. Written and compiled by John Bassett McCleary, c. 2004. 2) Hippie by Barry Miles. Published 2004 by Sterling Publ. Co, c. 2003 Essential Works Limited. 3) The Sixties by Robert Altman, c. 2007. Mick Jagger. Ken Kesey. Timothy Leary. Allen Ginsberg. Jim Morrison. Neil Young. Abbie Hoffman. Jerry Garcia. Janis Joplin. Grace Slick. Pete Townshend. Ram Dass. Dennis Hopper. Peter Fonda. Jane Fonda. Jerry Rubin. Hippies on Mt. Tam. The March on Washington. Anti-war demonstrations. People's Park. Berkeley. Haight-Ashbury.
68.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST EDITION, The Sixties, Richard Avedon and Doon Arbus, c. 1999 Random House, Inc. The connection between all the rhetoric and all the poetry, between the words of a Black Panther and those of a rock star or a pacifist, between the scars of a pop artist and those of a napalm victim, have haunted and informed the structuring of this book, with its own peculiar version of a beginning, a middle, and an end. Snippets of conversations provide an intimate and unforgettable document of the tension, vulnerability, anger, recklessness, hope, and empowerment many people experienced during that era. Brief biographies of the portrait sitters, as well as a chronology that spans the first signs of the war in Vietnam in 1960 to its final conclusion in 1973, provide excellent context for the images.
69.DESCRIPTION: Awesome and in new condition! Please see photos to see some of the neat publishing effects! The Bob Dylan Scrapbook 1956-1966 with text by Robert Santelli. Simon & Schuster publ., c. 2005 by Grey Water Park Productions. A slipcased scrapbook of rare photographs, removable documents, and memorabilia offers insight into one of the musician's most eventful and formative periods, tracing his arrival in New York and emergence as one of the most distinctive voices of his time, providing on the accompanying CD excerpts from early interviews and his 1965 performance at the Newport Folk Festival.
70.DESCRIPTION: Six culinary paperbacks in new condition. 1) Bistro Cooking by Patricia Wells, c. 1989, first printing. 2) The Great Big Burger Book by Jane Murphy and Liz Yeh Singh, c. 2003. 3) Dorling Kindersley, French Cheeses, c. 2000. 4) The Soul of a Chef: The Journey Toward Perfection by Michael Ruhlman, c. 2001. 5) The Healing Powers of Coffee: A complete guide to nature's surprising superfood by Cal Orey, c. 2012. 6) The True History of Chocolate with 97 illustrations, 13 in color by Sophie D. and Michael D. Coe, c. 2007.
71.DESCRIPTION: 1) Unstated FIRST EDITION, new condition, Corvette: America's Sports Car by the editors of Consumer Guide Automotive. Publications International, Ltd. Publ. Corvette was distinctive the moment it first appeared back in 1953. Performance boosts came quickly, and the sports car America loves best was off and rolling. First-generation 'Vettes, the fabulous Sting Ray, the "Shark," the all-new C4, the ZR1, ZO6, Z51 - these and many others are featured in this book. Plus: rare styling studies, clays, concept cars, competition Corvettes, and more. 2) Classics on the Street: An automotive odyssey, France 1953 by Robert Straub, c. 1998. Unstated FIRST EDITION.
72.DESCRIPTION: Three hardcovers in new condition. 1) Unstated FIRST EDTITION, This is Herman Cain! My Journey to the White House by Herman Cain, c. 2011. 2) Stated FIRST EDITION, Restless Genius: Barney Kilgore, the Wall Street Journal, and the invention of modern journalism, c. 2009. 3) Stated FIRST EDITION, A Perfect Red: Empire, espionage, and the quest for the color of desire by Amy Butler Greenfield, c. 2005.
73.DESCRIPTION: 1) Complete National Parks of the United States, featuring 400 plus parks, monuments, battlefields, historic sites, scenic trails, recreation areas, and Seashores by Mel White. C. 2009 by the National Geographic Society. 2) The Complete Guide to the National Park Lodges by David L. and Kay W. Scott, c. 2009.
74.DESCRIPTION: Three Pegasus Library hardcover art books, Prestel Publishing. 1) Gustav Klimt: Painter of Women by Susanna Partsch, 1994. An illustrated volume presenting Gustav Klimt's most important paintings. In particular the author examines the role of fashion designer Emilie Floege and her impact on Klimt's imagery. 2) Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera by Isabel Alcantara and Sandra Egnolff. 120 pages with 61 full-colour and 22 b & w illustrations, c. 1999. 3) Egon Schiele: Eros Passion by Klaus Albrecht Schroder, c. 1995.
75.DESCRIPTION: Borzoi Books, Indian Art of Mexico and Central America by Miguel Covarrubias, color plates and line drawings by the author. Alfred A. Knopf publ. 1966 second printing, c. 1957. Cream textured cloth stamped gold with black spine stamped gold & silver. There is writing on front edge page and the dj is clipped. This is a beautiful book with stunning colour lithographs, line engravings and halftone engravings. The paper quality is superb and the colours in the lithos are deep and true.
76.DESCRIPTION: Two hardcover coffee table books featuring two great bands. 1) Unstated FIRST EDITION, According to the Rolling Stones by the band members, edited by Dora Loewenstein and Philip Dodd. C. 2003 by Promopub b.v. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, and Ronnie Wood have come together for this remarkable project. They've also opened up their personal and band archives to include many rare and intimate images that are interwoven with the text. The book gets right to the heart of what makes the Stones the Stones, as musicians, songwriters, performers, and colleagues. 2) Anyway Anyhow Anywhere: the complete chronicle of The Who 1958-1978 by Andy Neill & Matt Kent. This is the most comprehensive book ever written (diary fashion) on one of the world's greatest, and most explosive, rock bands. Exhaustive appendices detail concert tours, radio and television gigs, recording sessions, record releases (including UK and US variations), and solo activities.
77.DESCRIPTION: A trip to Italy! 1) Wonders of Italy by Annie Sacerdoti, c. 1999 White Star S.r.l., Metro Books publ. Combines the natural splendors of the "Bel Paese" - beautiful country - with manmade treasures of art, architecture, and design in all-encompassing tour of Italy's boot-shaped peninsula and associated islands. 2) Italian Easy: Recipes from the London River Cafe by Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers, c. 2004, Clarkson Potter publ. This is not Italian food that's impossible to pronounce or prepare. At once straightforward and sexy, this is Italian Easy-the cookbook that makes it possible for busy people to eat well every night of the week.
78.DESCRIPTION: Two paperback coffee table art books. 1) Art Deco Style by Bevis Hillier and Stephen Escritt, Phaidon Press Inc., c. 2003 reprinted in paperback. Presents a historical survey of the art deco movement in architecture, interior design, and graphics, taking into account the changing perspectives of recent years. 2) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Art Deco 1910-1939, edited by Charlotte & Tim Benton and Ghislaine Wood, V & A Publications 2003. C. 2003, The Board of Trustees of the Victoria and Albert Museum. This lavishly illustrated book brings together nearly 40 essays from leading experts in the field to discuss the phenomenon that was Art Deco.
79.DESCRIPTION: Five hardcovers in new condition, dj's. 1) Unstated FIRST EDITION, stated first printing, The Great Stagnation: How America ate all the low-hanging fruit of modern history, got sick, and will (eventually) feel better by Tyler Cowen, c. 2011. Published by Penguin Group, June 2011. 2) Stated FIRST EDITION, The Age of the Unthinkable: Why the new world disorder constantly surprises us and what we can do about it by Joshua Cooper Ramo, c. 2009. Little, Brown & Co. March 2009. 3) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire: Business Sense & Sensibility by Mirelle Guiliano, c. 2009. 4) Reckless Endangerment: How outsized ambition, greed, and corruption led to economic armageddon by Gretchen Morgenson and Joshua Rosner, c. 2011. 5) Super Freakonomics: Global cooling, patriotic prostitutes, and why suicide bomers should buy life insurance by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner, c. 2009.
80.DESCRIPTION: RARE! Unstated FIRST EDITION, The Art of Dr. Seuss: The Secret Art Collection with an introduction by Maurice Sendake. Random House publ., 2003. A restrospective on the artistic talent of Theodor Seuss Geisel. New condition hardcover with black cloth boards. his rare volume includes both the 1986 catalog of an exhibition of Dr. Seuss' art at the San Diego Museum of Art and The Secret Art Collection, which includes the (sometimes rather) adult artwork of Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss' real name). The exhibition catalog provides a fascinating biography of Geisel's work from his advertising days to his children's books. the book Marvin K. Mooney Will you Please Go Now! is about Richard Nixon. The essay puts Giesel's work into a larger cultural and political context and is a lot of fun to read. The Secret Art is a lot of fun to look at. Anyone who read Dr. Seuss as a child and still remembers him with fondness should treat themselves to this book.
81.DESCRIPTION: Blackfoot Indian Portraits: A portfolio of 6 self-matted color prints by Winold Reiss. Dover Publications Inc., c. 1992. High-quality full-color prints for framing or mounting, 12" H 9" W. Prints include: Only child, a Piegan girl; Little Plume, a Piegan brave; Not Real Bear Woman, a Blackfoot; Homegun, a Piegan medicine man; Turtle and his son Setting Mountains; Many Horses, Little Rosebush and Baby.
82.DESCRIPTION: Two brand new hardcover coffee table books from National Geographic. 1) Expeditions Atlas, c. 2000. True stories of the adventures who helped define out world, foreword by Peter H. Raven. Chronicles the achievements of twentieth century adventurers whose explorations have helped to define our world, including Roald Amundsen, Jacques Cousteau, Edmund Hillary, Charles Lindbergh, Hiram Bingham, and John Glenn. 2) Milestones of Science by Curt Suplee, c. 2000. A science editor for the Washington Post chronicles three thousand years of scientific inquiry, covering such eras as the Classical Era, the Middle Ages, The Revolution, the Age of Reason, and the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
83.DESCRIPTION: Two new condition, hardcover coffee table books by Ralph Kylloe. 1) The Rustic Cabin: Design and Architecture, c. 2003. Publ. by Gibbs Smith. The book features log homes that are newly built, but steeped in regional history, as well as the log-building history of the Scandinavian settlers and mountain men of centuries past. 2) Cabins & Camps, c. 2002, Gibbs Smith publ. an intimate view of mountain homes and log cabins from New York's Adirondacks to the coast of California. Never before photographed, these rustic retreats aim for the perfect balance between luxurious American home and comfortable isolated getaway.
84.DESCRIPTION: Three culinary/health books in new condition. 1) The United States of Argula: How we became a gourmet nation by David Kamp, c. 2006, Broadway Books publ. A wickedly entertaining, hunger-inducing, behind-the-scenes story of the American food revolution that has made celebrity chefs, baby greens, fancy fridges, and destination restaurants familiar aspects of our everyday lives. 2) The Mayo Clinic, Williams-Sonoma Cookbook: Simple solutions for eating well by John Phillip Carroll, c. 1998. 3) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Death by Chocolate: The last word on a consuming passion, Marcel Desaulniers of the Trellis Restaurant, c. 1992 by Kenan Books Inc.
85.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST EDITION, coffee table book with dj. Complete Book of Covers from "The New Yorker," 1925-1989 with a forword by John Updike, c. 1989, Alfred A. Knopf publ. 1989. This is more than just an art book. It's also a social and graphic history of the last 64 years. It is a book that shows how we have changed-and it will fascinate and delight artists and designers. 3,292 illustrations in full color.
86.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, The Art of Howard Terpning, text by Elmer Kelton, introduction by Darrell R. Kipp. C. 1992 by the Greenwich Workshop Inc., Bantom Books publ. Elmer Kelton of San Angelo, Texas is a native Texan and author of over 50 Western novels. He has won many awards for his work and has been recognized as the Greatest Western Writer of all time by the Western Writers of America, Inc. He is the author of Forge's Texas Ranger series. Cloth board hardcover with dj (tear on top of front spine), great condition.
87.DESCRIPTION: Two architecture hardcover coffee table books. 1) Art Deco, San Francisco: The architecture of Timothy Pflueger by Therese Poletti, c. 2008, Princeton Archiectural Press publ. The Castro Theatre, the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Headquarters, 450 Sutter Medico-Dental Building-these-masterpieces of San Francisco's Art Deco heritage are the work of this one man. 2) Art Nouveau, Utopia: Reconciling the Irreconcilable by Klaus-Jurgen Sembach, 2007 Taschen GmbH publ.
88.DESCRIPTION: Two Dutch history books, written in English. 1) A Description of New Netherland by Adriaen Van Der Donck, c. 2008, University of Nebraska Press. the first complete and accurate English-language translation of an essential first-hand account of the lives and world of Dutch colonists and northeastern Native communities in the seventeenth century. 2) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Beverwijck: A Dutch village on the American Frontier, 1652-1664 by Janny Venema, c. 2003.
89.DESCRIPTION: Montana: Portrait of a State by Salvatore Vasapolli, c. MMVIII (2008), second printing 2011. Over 100 brilliantly colorful photographs by Vasapolli portray the spectacular scenery and places throughout Montana. Though Montana has the third lowest population density in the United States, millions of visitors come each year to see Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, Little Bighorn, as well as fly-fish and hunt on the prairies and in the mountains. This is the perfect take home souvenir. The rustic charm of Montana's cities and towns are also captured here.
90.DESCRIPTION: Five country living architecture/decor books. 1) Stated FIRST EDITION, French Country Kitchens: Authentic French kitchen design from simple to spectacular by Linda Dannenberg, 2008. 2) English Country Style by Mary Gilliatt, c. 1986, reprinted 1987. 2) The English Country House: A tapestry of Ages by Fred J. Maroon, c. 1987. 3) Better Homes and Gardens, Living the Country Life, c. 1985. 4) Stated FIRST EDITION, Family Houses in the Country by Alexandra D'Arnoux and Gilles de Chabaneix, c. 2000.
91.DESCRIPTION: Large hardcover coffee table book with dj. The Renaissance 1401-1610: The splendor of European art by Stefano Zuffi, c. 2002 Mondadori Electa S.p. A. The Renaissance was the period of greatest splendor in European art, and every page in this dazzling and immensely useful book captures that beauty. It's large-sized, exquisitely produced, all in color, and filled with 600 unforgettable works from Donatello, da Vinci, Bosch, Michelangelo, Durer, Raffaello, Bruegel, El Greco, Botticelli, and other masters.
92.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST EDITION paperback, The Way to the West, essays on the Central Plains by Elliott West. A volume in the Calvin P. Horn lectures in Western History and Culture. C. 1995 by the University of New Mexico Press publ. This poignant history of the great migrations of the Cheyenne Indians and Anglo pioneers onto the arid Central Plains tells a complex story of the relationship between people and the environment.
93.DESCRIPTION: Two VHS tapes that feature Petter Sellers, comedy. The Smallest Show on Earth, 1957 b & w, 81 minutes run time and The Mouse that Roared in color, 83 minutes. This one is still sealed in original plastic!
94.DESCRIPTION: Three small cookbooks from Super Cookery, Parragon publ, c. 2003. Chocolate & Baking - Contents: Cakes & Gateaus Small Cakes & Cookies Puddings & Desserts Breads & Savories Candies & Drinks; Pasta & Italian; Quick & Easy.
95.DESCRIPTION: Trails Plowed Under: Stories of the Old West by Charles M. Russell, c. 1927 Doubleday & Co. Stated FIRST Bison Books printing: 1996. Prodigally illustrated, is a collection of yarns and ancedotes saturated with humor and humanity. Russell writes easily, and in the vernacular. He tells of Indians and Indian fighters, buffalo hunts, bad men, wolves, wild horses, tough hotels, drinking customs, and hard-riding cowboys.
96.DESCRIPTION: The Spirits of America: A social history of alcohol by Eric Burns, Temple University Press, c. 2004. Demonstrates how it shaped American politics and culture from colonial times, discussing such topics as the transformation of attitudes regarding alcohol, its medical uses, its related movements and laws, and its impact on economics and geography. Plus "Cocktails", 12 notecards with envelopes. The back of each card features a recipe for mixing the perfect cocktail.
97.DESCRIPTION: Five travel/geology books, new condition. 1) The Canadian Rockies: A history in photographs by Graeme Pole, c. 1991. 2) Alberta: A history in photographs by Faye Reineberg Holt, c. 1996. 3) Images of America, Yountville by Pat Alexander and the Napa Valley Museum, c. 2009. 4) Images of America, Upland by Donald Laine Clucas, c. 2009. 5) National Geographic, Guide to Small Town Escapes, c. 2000.
98.DESCRIPTION: Three new condition hardcovers with dj's. 1) Take the Risk: Learning to identify, choose, and live with acceptable risk by Ben Carson MD, c. 2008. 2) Stated FIRST U.S. EDITION, The Nasty Bits: Collected varietal cuts, usable trim, scraps, and bones by Anthony Bourdain, c. 2006. 3) Stated FIRST EDITION, Inheritance by Lan Samantha Chang, c. 2004. A timeless story of familial devotion undermined by deceit and passion, and rebuilt by memory.
99.DESCRIPTION: Planning a trip to Italy? These 8 books just might interest you. 1) Easy Italian Phrase Book: 770 basic phrases, c. 1994. 2) Larousse Pocket Dictionary, new edition with 80,000 translations. 3) DK Italian Phrase Book, c. 2000. 4) Italian Bilingual Dictionary: A beginner's guide in words and pictures, c. 1998. 5) Mondadori's Pocket Dictionary, 2 volumes in 1, c. 1959. 6) The Italian Way: Aspects of behavior, attitudes, and customs of the Italians by Mario Costantino and Lawrence Gambella, c. 1996. 7) Eyewitness Travel Guides, Italy, c. 1996, stated FIRST AMERICAN EDITION. 8) Ciao, America! An Italian Discovers the U.S. by Beppe Severgnini, c. 2003.
100.DESCRIPTION: 1) The Ahwahnee: Yosemite's Grand Hotel by Keith S. Walklet, DNC Parks & Resorts at Yosemite, c. 2004. 2) Unstated FIRST EDITION, The Mansions of Long Island's Gold Coast by Monica Randall, c. 1987. Revised, enlarged edition FIRST published in the US in 1987 by Rizzoli International Publ. 3) WorldHotels, unique hotels for unique people, portfolio 2011-12.
101.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST paperback EDITION, The Far West and the Great Plains in Transition 1859-1900 by Rodman W. Paul, forword by Martin Ridge. C. 1988 by N.T. Paul, University of Oklahoma Press. Written by a history professor who unfortunately died before the book was published. In his final work, Rodman W. Paul explores settlement of the American West in the latter half of the eighteenth century. Lured by stories of open spaces, fertile farming, and grazing lands and by the attraction of gold and silver, people from many nations traveled westward by the thousands. Early migrants rode in stagecoaches and Conestoga wagons; their successors, on the transcontinental railroads, which linked western cities with their eastern counterparts. This comprehensive history describes not only population movement and mining development but also banking, farming, ranching, and other economic ventures.
102.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, Tuscany: Inside the Light by Joel Meyerowitz and Maggie Barrett, C. 2003. Published by Sterling Publ. Co, new condition hardcover coffee table book. A loving and personal portrait of Tuscany through the seasons. Meyerowitz provides the breathtaking images; Maggie Barrett offers poetic, evocative commentary on this alluring rural world. They take you inside everyday Tuscan life and landscape, capturing the beauty of the towns and countryside, as well as the warmth of the people who live there and their profound connection to the land.
103.DESCRIPTION: 1) Winemaking in California by Ruth Teiser and Catherine Harroun, c. 1983, McGraw-Hill Book Co. Traces the history of California's major vineyards, offers profiles of important winemakers, and discusses technological developments in the art of wine making. 2) Unstated FIRST EDITION, The Comprehensive Guide, Wines of California by Mike Desimone & Jeff Jenssen, c. 2014, Sterling Epicure publ. 3) Stated FIRST IMPRESSION, Napa Valley & Sonoma: Heart of the California Wine Country by Virginie Boone, c. 2003. Plus a 2003 presentation book from Cannon Wines Limited, Saint George Winery & Vineyards and two Napa Valley Museum magazines - 2002 and 2003.
104.DESCRIPTION: Three small, odd history books. 1) Stupid History: Tales of stupidity, strangeness, and mythconceptions throughout the ages by Leland Gregory, c. 2007. 2) Stupid American History: Tales of stupidity, strangeness, and mythconceptions by Leland Gregory, c. 2009. 3) America's Dumbest Criminals, based on true stories from law enforcement officials across the country by Daniel R. Butler, Leland Gregory, and Alan Ray, c. 1995.
105.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST EDITION, Chuck & Blanche Johnson's, Savor Montana Cookbook: Montana's finest restaurants & lodges - their recipes & their histories, c. 2003. Wilderness Adventures Press, Inc. Belgrade, Montana. One could literally follow the map in the front of the book and eat their way across Montana, dining on exquisite culinary delights en route. In instances where the restuarant is part of a resort or guest ranch, we have included detailed descriptions of the amenities the resort or ranch offers. Many wild game recipes are included in this book.
106.DESCRIPTION: 1) Stated FIRST EDITION, Getting Wet: Adventures in the Japanese Bath by Eric Talmadge, c. 2006. 2) The Japanese Spa: A guide to Japan's finest Ryokan and Onsen by Akihiko Seki and Elizabeth Heilman Brooke, c. 2005. 3) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Bathing Spaces: Designs for pampering body and soul by Ali Hanan, c. 2000. 4) Escape In Style: To the world's most enchanting homes and villas by Robert Schoolsky, c. 1988.
107.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, John Fery, Artist of Glacier National Park & The American West by Larry Len Peterson, c. 2015. The Coeur d' Alene Art Auction, Hayden, Idaho, publ. New condition coffee table book with dj. For everyone who appreciates Western landscape, loves Glacier Park, and wants to know more about a painter who impressed his vision on generations of travelers called west by the mountains. This biography makes use of 284 illustrations that document a remarkable life while also presenting the people and times in which Fery lived.
108.DESCRIPTION: Two coffee table books that refer to France. 1) Savoir-faire: Great Traditions in French Elegance by Pierre Rival and Francois Baudot. Flammarion publ, c. 1995. Cloth in mylar protected dust-jacket. 225 pages, plus overview, glossary, and bibliography; profusely illustrated in color. France is the world's largest exporter of luxury goods and this book places these products and their manufacture into historical and cultural context, examining the history, techniques, and trends in the luxury crafts. 2) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Man Ray: Paris Photographs 1920-34, c. 2000.
109.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, National Geographic, We Americans: Celebrating a Nation, its People, and its Past. Edited by Thomas B. Allen and Charles O. Hyman, c. 1999. A beautiful hardbound copy with dj, almost 400 pags of text and photos.
110.DESCRIPTION: Four paperback travel/geology books, new condition. 1) 1500 California Place Names: Their Origin and Meaning by William Bright, c. 1998. 2) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Adventures of the First Settlers on the Oregon or Columbia River 1810-1813 by Alexander Ross, c. 2000. 3) Best Places Northwest: The local's guide to the best restaurants, lodgings, sights, shopping, and more! Edited by Sally Farhat, c. 2007, 16th edition. 4) Miles from Nowhere: Tales from America's contemporary frontier by Dayton Duncan, c. 1993, FIRST Bison Books printing, 2000.
111.DESCRIPTION: Into the Wilderness: An artist's journey, paintings and photography by Stephen Lyman. Text by Mark Mardon, introduction by Bev Doolittle, The Greenwich Workshop publ, c. 1995.
112.DESCRIPTION: Brand new hardcover copy with dj, Unstated FIRST EDITION. The Triumph of Watercolour: The early years of the Royal Watercolour Society, 1805-55 by Tim Wilcox. Philip Wilson publ, Dulwich Picture Gallery, c. 2005. This book celebrates the Society's bicentenary by bringing together the work of its founders, Joshua Cristall, John Varley, W.S. Gilpin, W.H. Pyne and W.F. Wells. It also surveys the period from 1800 to 1851 in detail and illustrates the work of the major painters of the time-Thomas Girtin, J.M. Turner, Francis Towne, Peter de Wint, A.V. Copley Fielding, John Linnell, John Sell Cotman and many others.
113.DESCRIPTION: National Geographic, Atlas of Natural America, c. 2000. The dj is slightly torn on the top corners. Some of the most awe-inspiring scenery on the planet and underscores the importance of safeguarding our continent's myriad landforms, endangered creatures, and plant life. Explaining the natural forces shaping topography, soil, climate, flora, and fauna across the centuries, writers Thomas Schmidt, Mel White, Mark Miller, and others discuss key contributions made by such legends as John Muir and Aldo Leopold. The atlas also serves as an indispensable travel guide, offering information on visitor services and activities to help make many a North American journey a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
114.DESCRIPTION: Three hardcover architecture/decor books in new condition. 1) 150 Best Kitchen Ideas by Aitana Lleonart and Montse Borras (still sealed in original plastic). 2) The Front Porch by Ann Rooney Heuer, c. 1998 by Michael Friedman Publ. Group. Stated FIRST Barnes & Noble edition 2002. 3) Stated FIRST American Edition, Dream House by Mary Gilliatt, c. 1987, Little Brown & Co. publ.
115.DESCRIPTION: Two paperbacks about Africa, they look very interesting. 1) When a Crocodile Eats the Sun: A Memoir of Africa by Peter Godwin, c. 2008, Little Brown & Co. publ. 2) Stated FIRST paperback edition, Lost Lion of Empire: The life of 'Cape-to-Cairo' Grogan by Edward Paice, c. 2002, HarperCollins publ.
116.DESCRIPTION: 1) Unstated FIRST EDITION, new copy, The First Chapbook for Foodies: Recipes and repasts literature and lore by Jeff Silverman, Woodford Press publ, c. 2000. 2) The Man Who Ate Everything and other gastronomic feats, disputes, and pleasurable pursuits by Jeffrey Stein Garten, c. 1997. 3) Curing with Cayenne and its herbal partners by Sam Biser, c. 1995-2000 by Save Your Life Videos, Inc, publ. June 2000.
117.DESCRIPTION: 1) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Historical Maps of North America by Michael Swift, PRC Publ. Ltd, c. 2001. Travel back to a time when North America was largely unexplored and mapmakers could not rely on computers or aerial photographs. Featuring more than one hundred beautifully crafted antique maps and charts, previously available only to researchers, this engrossing volume celebrates the art of cartography and the evolution of North America. 2) National Geographic Society, America's Hidden Corners: Places off the beaten path, c. 1983.
118.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST EDITION, Absolut Sequel: The Absolut advertising story continues by Richard W. Lewis, includes CD-Rom. Published by Periplus Editions, c. 2005 RL Ideas, Ltd. This companion volume provides a definitive illustrated history of the last ten years of one of the most successful ad campaigns in history. The clever ads found in Absolut Sequel are organized into themes including Cities, Artists, Writers, Album Covers, Collectors, Movies, and the Internet.
119.DESCRIPTION: A mix of five books referring to Europe. 1) Langenscheidt's Pocket Menu Reader - France by Marilyn Piauton, c. 2000. 2) Random House, French-English Dictionary, c. 1997. 3) Stated FIRST EDITION, Of Paradise and Power: America and Europe in the New World Order by Robert Kagan, c. 2003, Alfred A. Knopf publ. 4) While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within by Bruce Bawer, c. 2006. 5) Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis by Bat Ye'or, c. 2005-06, seventh printing.
120.DESCRIPTION: Five misc. paperbacks and a hardcover - all new condtion. 1) 14,000 Things to be Happy About by Barbara Ann Kipfer, c. 1990. 2) Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The zero tolerance approach to punctuation by Lynne Truss, c. 2003. 3) The 36 Biggest Mistakes Salesmen Make and How to Correct Them by George N. Kahn, c. 1963 by Prentice-Hall Inc., 1st printing March 1988. 4) Hunger: A novella and stories by Lan Samantha Chang, c. 1998, publ. 2000. 5) Farther Than Any Man: The rise and fall of Captain James Cook by Martin Dugard, c. 2001. 6) Caliente! The best erotic writing in Latin American fiction, edited by J.H. Blair, c. 2002.
121.DESCRIPTION: Two large books featuring the Civil War from Time-Life Books, Echoes of Glory series. 1) Paperback, Illustrated Atlas of The Civil War by the editors of Time-Life Books, stated FIRST printing 1998, c. MCMXCI (1991). An excellent resource for visualizing the movement of the armies during the Civil War. As an added bonus, the maps include sufficient reference points to locate specific points on the battlefields today. A very worthwhile resource! 2) Hardcover, Civil War: Battle Atlas, c. 1996, c. MCMXCI (1991), second printing.
122.DESCRIPTION: Marc Chagall: Life and Work by Franz Meyer, Harry N. Abrams, Inc. publ. There is no copyright but I believe it to be January 1964, unstated FIRST EDITION, 775 pages (9 pounds - for those that are wanting it shipped). This book contains a very representative sample of Chagall's spanning his long and productive life. The illustrations accurately depict this wonderful painter's vivid palate and subject matter that can be whimsical, deeply romantic and profoundly spiritual.
123.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST EDITION, Witness to America, Stephen Ambrose and Douglas Brinkley editors. An illustrated documentary history of the United States from the revolution to today. HarperCollins publ, c. 1999 by Lou Reda Productions, Inc, 605 pages, plus CD-Rom. Witness to America reads as if it were today's news about unforgettable chapters of our history, told by those who lived it and those who observed it.
124.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, Three Hundred Years of American Painting by Alexander Eliot, c. 1957 by Time Incorporated. Hardcover with dj (torn in places) in gold cardboard sleeve. "American art matters," declared Eliot in his pitch to write the definitive history of American painting. His compelling anecdotes about the artists, as well as over 1,000 superb color plates, proves that it does.
125.DESCRIPTION: Time-Life, Our American Century series, 20 volumes (3 are duplicates). Includes: Events that Shaped the Century, Dawn of the Century 1900-10, End of Innocence 1910-20, The Jazz Age - the 20s, Hard Times- the 30s, Decade of Triumph - the 40s, The American Dream - the 50s, Rock & Roll Generation - Teen Life in the 50s, (2) Turbulent Years - the 60s, Time of Transition - the 70s, Pride and Prosperity - the 80s, 100 Years of Hollywood, Century of Flight, A Century of Sports, (2) Immigrants 0 the New Americans, People Who Shaped the Century, (2) Prelude to the Century - 1870-1900. Missing: The Digital Decade - the 90s the Age of Freedom.
126.DESCRIPTION: New copy, stated FIRST American edition, hardcover coffee table book. Lucian Freud 1996-2005, c. 2005. A Borzoi book, published by Alfred A. Knopf. Bound in black cloth with silver lettering, dj, 100+ full color illustrations.
127.DESCRIPTION: Three flower/tree books, two are hardcover. 1) Very large coffee table book (clipped dj), The Book of Flowers: Four centuries of flower illustration by Alice M. Coats, c. 1973 by Phaidon Press Limited, McGraw-Hill Book Co publ. 2) Growing Orchids: The complete practical guide to orchids and their cultivation by Brian and Wilma Rittershausen. Published by Hermes House, c. Anness Publ. Ltd. 2000, 2002. 3) DK, Eyewitness Companions, Trees: Identification, forests, historic species, wood types. FIRST American edition, 2005.
128.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, Graphic Design in Germany 1890-1945 by Jeremy Aynsley, c. 2000 by Thames & Hudson Ltd, University of California Press publ. Aynsley has written the first account in English of the emergence of German graphic design between 1890 and 1945. Based on many years of research and original material, this handsome book is lavishly illustrated with examples from across a stylistically varied field.
129.DESCRIPTION: Montana's Historical Highway Markers, edited by Jon Axline, revised and expanded. Montana Historical Society Press, Helena, Montana, c. 1989, 2008, fourth edition. Newly illustrated with historic photographs, and significantly expanded, shares the text to these markers with easy-to-follow maps to guide you to the signs' locations. Over 100 historical photos and new entries on Lewis & Clark and geological features supplement this new edition. Buffalo jumps, gold strikes, mining disasters, and famous battles all get their due in these roadside signs, as do dinosaurs, epidemics, irrigation projects, railroads, wagon roads, and wilderness areas. In short, the story of Montana's people is offered up in lively prose for the enjoyment of every Montanan and tourist alike.
130.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, 20th Century Factory Glass by Lesley Jackson, c. 2000, Octopus Publ. Group 2000. The only comprehensive reference book regarding internationally produced glassware for the home. Featuring every great designer, from Louis Comfort Tiffany to Alvar Aalto, as well as companies from Baccarat to Steuben, this volume provides clues to identifying marks, codes, and labels.
131.DESCRIPTION: German Expressionist Prints and Drawings, The Robert Gore Rifkind Center for German Expressionist Studies. Volume 1, Prestel publ, Los Angeles County Museum of Art., c. 1989. The richly illustrated essays in vol. 1 place the collection in the context of the history and development of the German Expressionist movement, survey research in the field, and include R. G. Rifkind's interview with Oskar Kokoschka (1886-1980).
132.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, Great Paintings of the Western World by Alison Gallup, Gerhard Gruitrooy and Elizabeth M. Weisberg. C. 1997 Hugh Lauter Levin Associates, Inc, Beaux Arts Editions. A guided tour that transports you from the prehistoric era to contemporary times. The book opens with the Paleolithic cave paintings of Spain and France, rough images of animals, humans, and intriguing symbols that mark the birth of Western art and moves to the majestic paintings on the temples, tombs, and sarcophagi of ancient Egypt.
133.DESCRIPTION: Four books to help better your health, three are hardcover. 1) Revolutionizing Your Health: Getting beyond the programming of big medicine. A blue print for radiant health and wellness by Marvin Kunikiyo, D.C., c. 2010. 2) Unstated FIRST EDITION, The World's Treasury of Health Secrets from the editors of Bottom Line Publications, c. 2004 Boardroom Inc. 3) The Barnes & Noble Essentials of Cooking by Caroline Conran, c. 1980, 1997. 4) Stated FIRST EDITION, Mayo Clinic: 5 Steps to Controlling High Blood Pressure - your personal guide to preventing and managing hypertension, c. 2008.
134.DESCRIPTION: Large hardcover coffee table book in new condition. Van Gogh: The Complete Paintings by Ingo F. Walther and Ramer Metzger. Part 1 - Etten, April 1881-Paris, February 1888. C. 2006 Taschen GmbH publ. This comprehensive study of Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) represents a rarity in art history: a detailed monograph on his life and art combined with a complete catalogue of his 871 paintings.
135.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, Hand to Earth: Andy Goldsworthy Sculpture 1976-1990, edited by Terry Friedman and Andy Goldsworthy, c. 1990. Harry N. Abrams, Inc. publ, 2004 paperback edition. A retrospective exploration of the work of Andy Goldsworthy created between 1976 and 1990 that showcases nearly two hundred illustrations and includes examples of his early ephemeral works made of leaves, stalks, sand, and snow.
136.DESCRIPTION: 1) The Field Guide to Geology by David Lambert and the Diagram Group, c. 1988 by Diagram Visual Information Ltd. 2) Mary Colter: Architect of the Southwest by Arnold Berke, c. 2002, Princeton Architectural Press 2002. 3) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Paradise on Earth, The Natural World Heritage List - A journey through the world's most outstanding natural places. JIDD publ 1995.
137.DESCRIPTION: Three coffee table art books in new condition. 1) Unstated FIRST EDITION, John James Audubon by Margot Keam Cleary, 83 full-color and 10 b & w illustrations. C. 2004 World Publ. Group, JG Press. This book traces the path of the famous artist's remarkable career, and presents his most memorable paintings from "The Birds of America". 2) Art, The Critics Choise: 150 masterpieces of Western Art selected and defined by the experts, c. 1999 The Ivy Press. 3) Stated FIRST American Edition, Annotated Art by Robert Cumming, c. 1995 DK publ.
138.DESCRIPTION: 1) Alistair Cooke's America, c. 2002, stated FIRST Carroll & Graf edition 2002. 2) Freedom: A History of US by Joy Hakim. Companion to the PBS series. New hardcover in original plastic. This lively history by the author of the acclaimed ten-volume series A History of US explores the birth and growth of freedom in America over the centuries and the tensions, conflicts, and triumphs it has sparked. Filled with beautiful photos and artwork that complement story-filled text, the simply written volume makes history a compelling, thematic narrative rather than just a dull recitation of facts.
139.DESCRIPTION: Eight hardcover, coffee table art books in newer condition. All from JG Press, copyrighted by World Publications Group. 1) N.C. Wyeth by Kate F. Jennings, c. 2004. 2) Matthew Brady by Barry Pritzker, c. 1992 - reprinted 2004. 3) John Singer Sargent by Kate F. Jennings, c. 1991 - reprinted 2004. 4) Shaker Style by John S. Bowman, c. 2004. 5) Georgia O'Keeffe by Nancy Frazier, c. 1990 - reprinted 2004. 6) John James Audubon by Margot Keam Cleary, c. 2004. 7) American Watercolors by Kate F. Jennings, c. 2004. 8) Art Deco by Eva Weber, c. 1989 - reprinted 2004.
140.DESCRIPTION: Seven hardcover, coffee table art books in good condition. All from JG Press, copyrighted 2004 by World Publications Group. 1) (2 copies) Sante Fe Art by Simone Ellis (some stains on front of dj). 2) John James Audubon by Margot Keam Cleary. 3) American Watercolors by Kate F. Jennings. 4) Art Deco by Eva Weber, c. 1989 - reprinted 2004. 5) Frederic Remington by Sophia Craze. 6) American Art Deco by Eva Weber.
141.DESCRIPTION: Seven hardcover, coffee table art books in good condition. All from PRC Press. 1) Dai by Paul Moorhouse, c. 1990 - reprinted 2004. 2) Michelangelo by Jesse McDonald, c. 1990 - reprinted 2004. 3) Leonardo by Maria Costantino, c. 1990 - reprinted 2004. 4) Van Gogh by Frank Milner, c. 1991 - reprinted 2002. 5) Picasso Posters by Maria Costantino, c. 1991 - reprinted 2002. 6) Chagall by Shearer West, c. 1994 - reprint 2004. 7) Klimt by Maria Costantino, c. 1990 - reprint 2004.
142.DESCRIPTION: New copy in original plastic, The Adventures of Tintin, season one, 2-DVD set. Includes the exciting adventures that inspired the major motion picture. There are 13 original epiosdes on 2 adventure-packed DVDs! This show is true to the form of the comic books by Herge. The artwork is identical to the original series and the storyline stays true as well. These are the fantastic adventures of Tintin, reporter extraordinaire. The stories are very dated and period appropriate. He and his dog, Snowy, are joined by a host of familiar characters as they undo the plots of criminals and masterminds across the globe.
143.DESCRIPTION: Two paperbacks in new condition. 1) When the Rivers Run Dry: Water - the defining crisis of the twenty-first century by Fred Pearce, c. 2006, Beacon Press publ. 2) Cadillac Desert: The American West and its Disappearing Water by Marc Reisner, revised and updated, c. 1986, 1993, Penguin Books publ.
144.DESCRIPTION: 1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die, general editor Stephen Farthing, a Quintet Book, c. 2006. New condition hardcover with dj. From Ancient Egyptian frescoes to the Renaissance masters, from French Impressionists to American Abstract Expressionists, this highly browsable guide embraces all cultures and every style of painting from 4,000 BC to the present.
145.DESCRIPTION: New condition hardcover art book with dj. From Van Eyck to Bruegel: Early Netherlandish painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, c. 1998, 2nd printing 1999. The period covered, sometimes referred to as the northern Renaissance, encompasses a century and a quarter of unparalleled artistic innovation and achievement realized in the geographic area of modern Belgium and the Netherlands.
146.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST EDITION, Photographic Memory by William Claxton, c. 2002, PowerHouse Books publ. New condition coffee table book with dj. Features more than 100 wonderful and revealing portraits, only a handful of which have ever been seen before. Anecdotal stories by Claxton accompanying the images reveal the intimate and first-name basis with which he photographed the well-known icons of celebrity, wit, and style from the past five decades.
147.DESCRIPTION: Four books about Netherland history, all written in English. 1) The Oxford History of Early Modern Europe, The Dutch Republic: Its rise, greatness, and fall 1477-1806 by Jonathan I. Israel, c. 1995 (some writing on front end paper). 2) The World's Best Histories, Holland: The history of Netherlands by Thomas Colley Grattan. 3) Rise of the Dutch Republic, the Complete (1566-74) by John Lothrop Motley, vol. 2. 4) Tredition Classics, Life and Death of John of Barnevelt, advocate of Holland: with a view of the primary casues and movements of the Thirty Years' War, 1618 by John Lothrop Motley.
148.DESCRIPTION: Four hardcovers in new condition. 1) One Click: Jeff Bezos and the rise of Amazon.com by Richard L. Brandt, c. 2011. FIRST published 2011 by Portfolio/Penguin. 2) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Blink: The power of thinking without thinking by Malcolm Gladwell, c. 2005, Little Brown & Co. publ. 3) Billion-Dollar Lessons: What you can learn from the most inexcusable business failtures of the last 25 years by Paul B. Carroll and Chunka Mui, c. 2008. FIRST publ. 2008, Portfolio/Penguin Group. 4) SIGNED, stated FIRST EDITION, Fleeced by Dick Morris (signed) & Eileen McGann, c. 2008, HarperCollins publ.
149.DESCRIPTION: 1) Service Included: Four-Star Secrets of an Eavesdropping Waiter by Phoebe Damrosch, c. 2007, FIRST Harper paperback 2008. 2) The Invention of the Restaurant: Paris and Modern Gastronomic Culture by Rebecca L. Spang, c. 2000. 3) Supervision in the Hospitality Industry: Applied Human Resources by Jack E. Miller, John R. Walker, Karen Eich Drummond, 5th edition, c. 2007.
150.DESCRIPTION: 1) The Napa Valley Book: Everything you need to know about California's premium wine country by Mick Winter, c. 2003-07, stated FIRST PRINT EDITION. 2) Icewine: The Complete Story by John Schreiner, c. 2001. 3) Pacific Northwest Wining & Dining: The people, places, food, and drink of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia by Braiden Rex-Johnson, c. 2007. 4) The Concise World Atlas of Wine by Mitchell Beazley, c. 2009.
151.DESCRIPTION: Six history books, four are hardcover, all new condition. 1) Stated FIRST EDITION, The Praise of Folly and other writings by Desiderius Erasmus, c. 1989. 2) A History of Low Countries by Paul Arblaster, c. 2006. 3) Stated FIRST EDITION, Einstein's Mistakes: The human failings of a genius by Hans C. Ohanian, c. 2008. 4) The Perfect Scent: A year inside the perfume indsutry in Paris and New York by Chandler Burr, c. 2007, stated FIRST EDITION 2008. 5) Stated FIRST EDITION, Waking Giant: America in the Age of Jackson by David S. Reynolds, c. 2008. 6) Stated FIRST EDITION, The Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers by Thomas Fleming, c. 2009.
152.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, Charles M. Russell, Legacy by Larry Len Peterson, c. 1999. Printed and published Works of Montana's Cowboy Artist, Twodot Books, Helena, MT. Hardcover pictorial boards with sheer dj. "This impressive volume contains 1,038 incredible images, more than 550 shown in full color. The informative text of Legacy is sprinkled with personal images of Russell and his family and friends, along with photos of several of Russell's watercolors, oils, and sculptures. Many of the artist's printed and published collectibles and memorabilia featured in this book are held in private collections and are rarely available for viewing." There are a few smudges on the dj and two small tears from storage.
153.DESCRIPTION: SIGNED, unstated FIRST EDITION paperback in very good condition. The Last Mountain: The Life of Robert Wood by Violet Sigoloff Flume, c. 1983, Braden Press Inc. publ. A fascinating biography of the famous British American artist, Robert Wood (1889-1979). A landscape artist of relevant stature, Robert Wood has painted in the best traditions of John Constable and George Inness and many others as famous. Sumptuous in color, correct in drawing, his landscapes are unique. His passion for storms, his reflections on the brilliantly colored pastoral scenes, his awe for the majestic mountains and valleys of the American West with its shorelines and vistas that run into the Pacific are all included in his works.
154.DESCRIPTION: The Painters' West: A selection from the Rockwell Collection of Western Art, c. 1976 by The Rockwell-Corning Museum, Aug. 1, 1976. Includes art by George Catlin, W.H.D. Koerner, Henry Farny, Frederic Remington, Thomas Hill, Charles M. Russell, Joseph H. Sharp, and many other fantastic and well known Western Artists.
155.DESCRIPTION: A super large hardcover coffee table art book still in factory plastic. Gustav Klimt: The Complete Paintings,Tobias G. Natter, editor, Taschen publ, c. 2012 (I believe). Fall under the spell of Gustav Klimt. The complete catalogue of his paintings, including new photographs of the Stoclet Frieze, this book follows the Viennese master through his prominent role in the Secessionist movement, his candid rendering of the female body, and the lustrous "golden phase" behind such shimmering works as The Kiss and Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I. A grand production in every way: the most comprehensive book on Klimt's art, the most up-to-date information, the most profuse detail illustrations and the most carefully designed book on its topic. Its grand size matches the ambition of its publisher.
156.DESCRIPTION: Another new in factory plastic, large coffee table art book with cardboard sleeve. The Decisive Moment, photographs by Henri Cartier Bresson, Steidel publ. The book has influenced generations of photographers, while its English title defined the notion of the famous peak in which all elements in the photographic frame accumulate to form the perfect image-not the moment of the height of the action, necessarily, but the formal, visual peak. This new publication-the first and only reprint since the original 1952 edition-is a meticulous facsimile of the original book that launched the artist to international fame, with an additional booklet on the history of The Decisive Moment by Centre Pompidou curator Clement Cheroux.
157.DESCRIPTION: New, unstated FIRST EDITION, hardcover with dj, Charles M. Russell, Word Painter: Letters 1887-1926, edited by Brian W. Dippie, Amon Carter Museum, c. 1993, distributed by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. The most comprehensive collection of Russell's correspondence ever assembled. Letters to his wife Nancy, to patrons and fellow artists, and to the saloonkeepers and cowboys who remained his friends for life reveal a surprisingly modest man. Russell downplayed his own verbal skills, but his letters show that he was an artist with words as well as paint, able to evoke a bygone era or make a shrewd social observation in a few well-chosen sentences. Each letter is reproduced in facsimile, allowing readers to see, in the artist's own handwriting and with his inimitable spellings and punctuation, how Russell cleverly interwove colorful sketches and eloquent words to form a memorable whole.
158.DESCRIPTION: New in fitted box, this pair of crystal Lift Your Spirits brandy pipes would be a great gift for the brandy or cognac lover in your life!
159.DESCRIPTION: Bronze Inside and Out: A biographical memoir of Bob Scriver by his wife Mary Strachan Scriver, c. 2007, Calgary Press publ. New condition, paperback. Bob Scriver is best known for his work in bronze and for his pivotal role in the rise of "cowboy art." Living and working on the Montana Blackfeet Reservation, Scriver created a bronze foundry, a museum, and a studio - an atelier based on classical methods, but with local Blackfeet artisans. His importance in the still-developing genre of "western art" cannot be overstated.
160.DESCRIPTION: Three misc. reads in new condition. 1) Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese, c. 2009. 2) The Two Hearts of Kwasi Boachi by Arthur Japin, c. 2000 by Ina Rilke. 3) "21", Every day was New Year's Eve - Memoirs of a saloon keeper by H. Peter Kriendler, c. 1999.
161.DESCRIPTION: New copy hardcover, Tiwanaku: Ancestors of the Inca by Margaret Young-Sanchez, c. 2004 by the Denver Art Museum, University of Nebraska Press publ. Despite its fame and its economic, political, and artistic importance to such later peoples as the Incas, the Tiwanaku civilization has never been the subject of a comprehensive international art exhibition and accompanying catalogue-until now. Tiwanaku introduces the striking artwork and fascinating rituals of this highland culture through approximately one hundred works of art and cultural treasures.This lavishly illustrated, full-colour catalogue features insightful scholarly essays introducing the general reader to the culture and historical context of the Tiwanaku.
162.DESCRIPTION: Illustrated History of North American Railroads by Arthur Tayler, Quintet Publ. c. 1996, reprinted 1997, 1999. A panoramic history of North America's railroads, this book examines their evolution from the 1830s to present day & what the 21st century has in store. In his study, Taylor explains the 5 key periods including steam, diesel & electrification eras.
163.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST EDITION, History of the American West by Robin May, Exerter Books 1984, The Hamlyn Publishing Group, c. 1984. Tells the story of the old West and its explorers, mountain men, settlers, battles, gold rushes, miners, cowboys, cattle drives, outlaws, vigilantes, and pony express.
164.DESCRIPTION: The Sagebrush Ocean: A natural history of the Great Basin, text and photographs by Stephen Trimble, University of Nevada Press 1989. Hardcover ex-library with dj and clear plastic cover. Noted writer and photographer Stephen Trimble mixes eloquent accounts of personal experiences with clear explication of natural history. His photographs capture some of the most spectacular but least-known scenery in the western states. The Great Basin Desert sweeps from the Sierra to the Rockies, from the Snake River Plain to the Mojave Desert.
165.DESCRIPTION: The Denver Art Museum, c. 1996 - The First Hundred Years by Neil Harris. This book tells the story of the people and events that shaped the growth of the Denver Art Museum and gave it the unique character it has today. Zealous enthusiasms and dislikes, alliances and antagonisms, resolute campaigns and the vagaries of fortune, all figure in the story.
166.DESCRIPTION: Three coffee table books that are still in factory, clear plastic that refer to the art of Andy Goldsworthy. 1) Time, Sept. 1, 2008, Abrams Publ. This spectacular collection of color photographs celebrates the many ways in which Goldsworthy's art evokes the passage of time. 2) Wood, Sept. 1, 1996, Abrams Publ. Goldsworthy evokes ideas of growth, perpetual change, and transformation through works made of leaves, branches, ice, snow, boulders, and sand. Much of his art is ephemeral: what has been drawn from nature will eventually merge with it again. 3) The Andy Goldsworthy Project by Donovan/Fiske, National Gallery of Art, Washington, Thames & Hudson Publ. 2010. This volume traces the development of Goldsworthy's project at the National Gallery from conception to completion and situates the artist's sculpture and practice within an age-long tradition of structures. It features the only fully illustrated catalogue documenting Goldsworthy's permanent installations-more than 120 works dating from 1984 to 2008 and spanning three continents.
167.DESCRIPTION: Two more art books featuring Andy Goldsworthy's work, new in factory plastic. Both were published by Abrams. 1) Passage, Nov. 1, 2004. A visual exploration of journeys that people, rivers, landscapes, and other natural objects take through space and time includes depictions inspired by the interrelated works of a Scottish sculptor, an elm forest's reflection of history, and the "Garden of Stones" holocaust memorial at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York. 2) Enclosure, Dec. 1, 2007. Reflecting Goldsworthys lifelong interest in the land, its history and its inhabitants, Enclosure is an exciting addition to the artists highly successful series of books.
168.DESCRIPTION: Bronzes of the 19th Century: Dictionary of Sculptors by Pierre Kjellberg, Schiffer Publ, c. 1994. This extraordinary volume contains a complete encyclopedia of almost 750 French artists, with biographies, listings of works (along with size and foundry when known), museum pieces in France and elsewhere, and recent sales. It also includes an overview of 19th century bronze sculpture, the foundries that cast the bronzes, and methods used to cast works. 1000 photographs capture the beauty of the pieces and help identify these and similar works. Large hardcover, 685 pages. The dj has a small tear on top of the binding but book is in great conditioin.
169.DESCRIPTION: Because you just never know. Burton, Digital Breathalizer, alcohol breath tester, new in plastic. Auccrately estimates your blood alcohol content in seconds.
170.DESCRIPTION: Missoula Valley History, compiled by Jo Rainbolt, c. 1991 Curtis Media Corp. Black board with pictorial front, gold writing, really good condition but black marker crossing out names on the "family tree" inside cover and first end paper. Over 700 stories are in this book, as told by old times, school children and ordinary folks, with 1000 extraordinary photographs from family albums, trunks and shoe boxes. A great deal of sharing took place.
171.DESCRIPTION: Julius Seyler and the Blackfeet: An Impressionist at Glacier National Park by William E. Farr, University of Oklahoma Press, (The Charles M. Russell Center Series on Art and Photography of the American West). New condition hardcover in factory plastic, Oct. 5, 2009. This book is highly recommended for anyone interested in the history of the American West and its visual culture in general and in the fascinating consequences of transatlantic, wester, and Native American cultrual contact in particular.
172.DESCRIPTION: A selection of 10 classical music CD's, 7 are still in original plastic. They include: Classical Hits: The best music from today's classical superstars, The Story of Haydn in words and music, Georgian Chant - Gregorianischer Choral, Christopher Parkening: The great recordings by America's Preeminent Guitar Virtuoso (2 CD set), Kabalevsky - Cello Concertos nos. 1 and 2. Erol Satie Piano Works: Gymnopedies & Gnossiennes, David Benoit American Landscape, Van Gogh Face to Face: A portrait in music, Paco de Luca - Cositas Buenas, Jubilation - Christopher Parkening and Jubilant Sykes.
173.DESCRIPTION: 23 new CD's, new in plastic, featuring jazz, blues, R & B. Artists include Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Mississippi John Hurt, Odetta, R.L. Burnside, Oscar Peterson. Included in the lot is an Essential R & B 90s Anthems 3-CD set and 9 CD's are from Folio, Jazz Collection.
174.DESCRIPTION: Six classic country/blues CD's and one bluegrass, 5 CD's still in original plastic. Includes The Best of Patsy Montana, Eric Clapton & the Yardbirds, The Very Best of Canned Heat, Gene Autry - back in the saddle again, Hank Williams - Move it on Over, Hank Williams - Health & Happiness Shows, The Time-Life Treasury of Bluegrass - America's Music.
175.DESCRIPTION: Three new CD's in original plastic. 1) The History of American Folk: Songs of hope and struggle with 75 original recordings on 3 CD's. 2) 5 CD - Complete Sergio Leone Movies with 104 tracks. 3) Proud Heritage: A celebration of traditional American Indian music.
176.DESCRIPTION: 18 Falcon Crest DVD's, discs 61 through 78. Set in the vineyards of California, this prime-time soap opera featured the conflict within the powerful Gioberti family, owners of the vast Falcon Crest Winery. Episodes ran from 1981-1990.
177.DESCRIPTION: FIRST EDITION, Big Sky Country, a View of Paradise: The best of Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Idaho. Photographs by Michael Melford, Rizzoli International Publ, c. 1996. The rugged mountains and pristine valleys of the Northern Rockies are captured in Melford's photographs - landscapes of power and beauty that evoke a sense of wonder at the infinite variety of nature that can never be fully explored or understood. Included are famous natural landmarks - Craters of the Moon in Idaho, St. Mary's Lake in Glacier National Park, Devil's Tower in Wyoming, and, of course, Old Faithful - as well as the simple structures of the plains - churches, barns, and school houses - that speak to life in the Far West.
178.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, first printing, Vincent van Gogh 1853-1890: A study of the artist and his work in relation to his times by Walter Pach. Artbook Museum, New York, 1936, first printing January, 1936. C. 1936 by Artbook Museum Inc. A remarkable 56 page book with color and b & w plates.
179.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, George Caleb Bingham by Michael Edward Shapiro, c. 1993, Harry N. Abrams Inc publ. in assocation with The National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Ex-library but a great condition hardcover with dj. Bingham was one of Missouri's and one of American's greatest artists. Raised in central Missouri, he lived as an itinerant painter in St. Louis and, as a mature artist, in Independence and Kansas City. Working before America's vastness was made manageable by a web of roads and railways, Bingham found his subjects in the trappers and boatmen who populated his state's great rivers, the Missouri and the Mississippi. He also depicted social and political life of what was then still the frontier, preserving with timeless, classic dignity the features and spirit of the American democracy.
180.DESCRIPTION: The American Fur Trade of the Far West, volumes 1 & 2 by Hiram Martin Chittenden, c. 1986. Stated FIRST Bison Book printing 1986. A History of Pioneer Trading Posts & Early Fur Companies of the Missouri Valley & Rocky Mountains & of the Overland Commerce with Santa Fe. Ex-library paperbacks.
181.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITON, Cars of the Fascinating '40s: A decade of challenges and changes. Publications International, c. 2002. Full of amazing photographs and information of what life was like in the 1940's. This book is so much more than a car book. I feel this book and other book of this series is a must have for any classic car enthusiast.
182.DESCRIPTION: RARE! 34th Annual CM Russell Auction of Original Western Art, March 13-16, 2002 at the Heritage Inn, Great Falls, Montana. For the benefit of the C.M. Russell Museum, c. 2002 by the Great Falls Advertising Federation. Brown leather bound hardcover with gold writing, excellent condition. Artist's include Larry Zabel, John Fery, Bob Scriver, Joseph Bohler, Joe Halko, R.E. Decamp, Will James, C.M. Russell, and many other fantastic Western artists.
183.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST USA EDITION, FIRST PRINTING, The Amundsen Photographs, edited and introduced by Roland Huntford, c. 1987. Set in the context of Roald Amundsen's life and explorations with captions drawn from previously unpublished notes, this photographic collection offers an unprecedented illustrated tour of Amundsen's unrivaled achievements in Arctic exploration.
184.DESCRIPTION: SIGNED, RARE, unstated FIRST EDITION! Giuliano Bugialli's Parma: A capital of Italian Gastronomy, photographs by Andy Ryan, Academia Barilla Editions publ, c. 2005. Beautiful copy of this scarce Italian ccokbook and food book. Stunning photography and written by the foremost Italian cooking teacher and demonstrator. Signed by Bugialli on half title page.
185.DESCRIPTION: January 1983 Ladie's Home Journal featuring Tom (Terrific) Selleck.
186.DESCRIPTION: Heritage of the Brush: The Roy and Marilyn Papp collection of Chinese Painting, Phoenix Art Museum, March 1, 1989, unstated FIRST EDITION.
187.DESCRIPTION: Two paperbacks about the National Park areas. 1) Unstated FIRST EDITION, A Hunter for High Country: One woman's journey to the wild in Yellowstone Country by Susan Marsh, c. 2004. Oregon State University Press publ. Marsh shares with us not only a vivid portrait of what being a professional woman in a land management agency was like during this time period, but also of the Forest Service itself. Encounters with wolves and grizzly bears, outlaws and renegade lawmen, and moments of beauty inspired by wonder in wild country become the scenes through which Marsh's palpable appreciation for nature are fully rendered on the page. 2) Guide to Glacier National Park by George C. Ruhle, c. 1949, 54, 57, 63. Publ. by John W. Forney, Northstar Center, revised edition, 1963.
188.DESCRIPTION: Safari Dreaming: An African experience in the South Luangwa Valley, Zambia, photography by Paul Joynson-Hicks, c. 2002. Stated FIRST published by Blue Mango publ. 2002. This safari art book was commissioned by Robin Pope Safaris. Using a wide variety of colour and an exceptional black and white toned art prints, this beautiful book looks at the entire safari experience as seen in the Luangwa Valley.
189.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST American EditionThe Boer War by Thomas Pakenham, c. 1979, Random House publ. The war declared by the Boers on 11 October 1899 gave the British, as Kipling said, 'no end of a lesson'. It proved to be the longest, the costliest, the bloodiest and the most humiliating campaign that Britain fought between 1815 and 1914. Thomas Pakenham has written the first full-scale history of the war since 1910. His narrative is based on first-hand and largely unpublished sources ranging from the private papers of the leading protagonists to the recollections of survivors from both sides. Out of this historical gold-mine, the author has constructed a narrative as vivid and fast-moving as a novel, and a history that in scholarship, breadth and impact will endure for many years.
190.DESCRIPTION: The Art of Juan Manuel Blanes, Fundacion Bunge Y Born publ. c. 1994, in association with the Americas Society. Ex - Denver Art Museum Library copy, very good condition. This is the first monograph in English of the artist Juan Manuel Blanes born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1830. Blanes portrayed the events and personages that shaped his country and its neighbors, Argentina and Chile, during the crucial years of independence and national consolidation. He also created many images celebrating the life of the gauchos, the cowboys of the Uruguayan plains and Argentinian pampas as expressions of national identity and regional character. Illustrated with 152 illustrations of which 147 in color, this 212 pages-book contains essays by notable scholars on Latin American art such as Alicia Haber, Edward Sullivan, and Katherine Manthorne.
191.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, ex-library hardcover coffee table geology book. Megaliths: The ancient stone monuments of England and Wales, photographs by David Corio, text by Lai Ngan Corio, Jonathan Cape publ. c. 2003. David Corio has systematically photographed the megalithic sites of England and Wales with the eye of a great landscape photographer as well as with the passion of an explorer in the ruins of an ancient culture. These photographs go to the heart of prehistoric England and reveal a profound sense of 'place'. The sites are revealed with all the beauty that invited Romantic speculation from the seventeenth century onwards as well as the encroaching modern world of distant urban skylines and protective barriers.
192.DESCRIPTION: Art of the American Automobile: The greatest stylists and their work by Nick Georgano with photographs by Nicky Wright. Smithmark publ. c. 1995, reprinted 1996. Chronicles the history of automobiles while presenting the stories behind such manufacturers as Hudson, Packard, Duesenberg, Pontiac, Lincoln, Ford, and Chrysler, and includes design sketches for models that were never produced.
193.DESCRIPTION: Softcover coffee table book, Native Visions: Evolution in Northwest Coast Art from the Eighteenth through the Twentieth Century by Steven C. Brown, photographs by Paul Macapia. The Seattle Art Museum in association with the University of Washington Press, c. 1998. Masks, bowls, bentwood boxes, and weavings from Native artists of the Northwest Coast grace museums around the world. Northwest Coast art has always been a changing and evolving tradition, as is evidenced by the varieties of style visible in artifacts collected from the area over the last two centuries. This richly informative book includes photographs of more than 160 objects from Seattle-area private collections and the Seattle Art Museum, grouped chronologically to illustrate evolutionary changes within the Northwest Coast art tradition.
194.DESCRIPTION: Three history of the West books. 1) Stated FIRST EDITION, Traveling West: 19th Century Women on the Overland Routes by Martha Mitten Allen, c. 1987. Texas Western Press, The University of Texas. 2) Tales of the Frontier from Lewis and Clark to the Last Roundup, selected and retold by Everett Dick, c. 1963. FIRST Bison Book printing 1970. 3) Ex-library copy, High Country News: Reopening the Western Frontier, edited by Ed Marston, Island Press publ, High Country Foundation, c. 1989.
195.DESCRIPTION: Bronze Inside and Out: A biographical memoir of Bob Scriver by his wife Mary Strachan Scriver, c. 2008, Calgary Press publ. New condition, paperback. Bob Scriver is best known for his work in bronze and for his pivotal role in the rise of "cowboy art." Living and working on the Montana Blackfeet Reservation, Scriver created a bronze foundry, a museum, and a studio - an atelier based on classical methods, but with local Blackfeet artisans. His importance in the still-developing genre of "western art" cannot be overstated.
196.DESCRIPTION: John Singer Sargent (1856-1925), three volume set, all books still in factory plastic! Richard Ormond and Elaine Kolmurray, Yale University Press publ. The Early Portraits, Portraits of the 1890s, The Later Portraits. Each comprising over two hundred portraits and portrait sketches in oil and watercolor. Complete trilogy!
197.DESCRIPTION: Two history books, good condition. 1) Stated FIRST EDITION hardcover, Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power by Jon Meacham, c. 2012, Random House publ. Named one of the best books of the year, it gives us Jefferson the politician and president, a great and complex human being forever engaged in the wars of his era. Philosophers think; politicians maneuver. Jefferson's genius was that he was both and could do both, often simultaneously. 2) The Life of Father De Smet, S.J: Apostle of the Rocky Mountains 1801-1873 by Fr. E. Laveille, S.J. C. 1915 by P.J. Kenedy & Sons, TAN Books 2010.
198.DESCRIPTION: Pieter Laurens Mol: Grand Promptness, Marente Bloemheuvel editor, Artimo Foundation Breda publ, c. 1996. This lush catalogue offers the first overview of Dutch artist Pieter Laurens Mol's career. A substantial monograph that surveys his work from the 1970s to the 1990s.
199.DESCRIPTION: Two paperbacks referring to Montana, new condition. 1) Montana's Historical Highway Markers, compiled by Glenda Clay Bradshaw, 2nd edition. Montana Historical Society Press, c. 1989, 1994. 2) 13th Annual Symposium, Custer Battlefield, Historical & Museum Assn., Inc. held at Hardin, Montana on June 25, 1999, c. 2000. This event, a regular feature of the annual metting near the battlefield, brings together a wide array of scholars who attempt to explain various aspects of the ongoing controversy dealing with the Battle of the Little Big Horn, the Sioux War or 1876, and the personalities who fout on both sides of the conflict.
200.DESCRIPTION: Eight C.M. Russell Auction of Original Western Art catalogues: 1980, 1981, 1984, 1988, 1990, 1991, 2001, 2002. The mission of the C.M. Russell Museum is to collect, preserve, research, interpret, and educate on the art and life of Charles M. Russell; the art and lives of his contemporaries; and the art of preceding and ensuing generations that depicts and focuses on the culture, life, and country of Russell's West.
201.DESCRIPTION: Jacob Van Ruisdael: Master of Landscape by Seymour Slive, July 10, 2005. In this beautifully illustrated book, Slive demonstrates Ruisdael's unrivaled range and quality through a vivid evocation of his career not only as a painter, but also as a draftsman and etcher. Slive discusses the artist's clientele, early collectors and critics, as well as his influence on another preeminent landscapist, John Constable. Hardcover sealed in factory plastic.
202.DESCRIPTION: Three books about the art of Gustav Klimt. 1) FIRST EDITION, Klimt by Frank Whitford with 159 illustrations, 29 in color. Thames & Hudson, c. 1990. 2) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Gustav Klimt: Art Nouveau Visionary by Eva di Stefano, Sterling Publ. Co., c. 2008. 3) Klimt by Maria Costantino, PRC publ, c. 1990, reprinted 2002.
203.DESCRIPTION: These books are crucial for a healthy lifestyle. 1) The Man Who Changed The Way We Eat: Craig Claiborne and the American Food Renaissance by Thomas McNamee, c. 2012. 2) Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver, c. 2007. 3) 125 Best Gluten-Free Recipes by Donna Washbur and Heather Butt, c. 2003 (some water damage to pages). 4) Anatomy of an Illness as perceived by the patient by Norman Cousins, c. 1979.
204.DESCRIPTION: Three art coffee table books, new condition. 1) Frank W. Benson: American Impressionist by Faith Andrews Bedford, c. 1994 (some staining on dj cover). 2) Natural Beauty: Farber Nudes, preface by Arnold Newman, Merrel Publ. 2001. 3) Michelangelo by Jesse McDonald, PRC Publ., c. 1990, reprinted 2004.
205.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, Parma "A Capital of Italian Gastronomy" By Giuliano Bugialli, c. 2005. Parma-designated the culinary capital of the European Union is renowned for its unique ingredients, parmagiano reggiano and proscuitto di Parma. Giuliano Bugialli presents the food of this legendary city, dishes that have a classic simplicity and full, rich flavors. More than 120 recipes are included-antipasti, a wide array of pasta dishes, main courses based especially on veal and pork of the region, and, of course, the succulent desserts for which the city is famous.
206.DESCRIPTION: The Life & Times, Curtis International/Portraits of Greatness 14 book set, c. 1965-67. Includes: Columbus, Beethoven, Napoleon, Leonardo, Michelangelo, St. Francis, Elizabeth, Chopin, Washington, Goya, Louis XIV, Peter the Great, Dante Goethe.
207.DESCRIPTION: Ten issues of Persimmon Hill - a publication of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center, award winning journals of the West. Regular Departments include Great Hotels of the West, Western Entrepreneurs, and Western Personalities. Issues include: May 1977 - vol. 7, no. 2; July 1977 - vol. 7, no. 3 (features Buffalo Bill & John Wayne cattleman); Oct. 1982 - vol. 12, no. 2 (Chaparosa Ranch); June 1983 - vol. 13, no. 1 (Laura Ingalls Wilder); Dec. 1983 - vol. 13, no. 3 (Pitchfork Land and Cattle Co.); March 1984 - vol. 13, no. 4 (Clarence Ellsworth); July 1984 - vol. 14, no. 1 (NAWA); Oct. 1984 - vol. 14, no. 2 (Barbed Wire-the wire that changed the West); Dec. 1984 - vol. 14, no. 3 (Cattle Queens of the West); Apr. 1985 - vol. 14, no. 4 (Grant-Kohrs).
208.DESCRIPTION: Close Observation: Selected oil sketches by Frederic E. Church (1826-1900), by Theodore E. Stebbins, Jr. From the collections of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Design, c. 1978. Analyzes Church's stylistic progression, his use of sketches in the creation of finished studio paintings and his changing style. Begins with an illustrated narrative. The illustrated catalogue presents the 112 pieces from the exhibition.
209.DESCRIPTION: The complete Time-Life Series: American Indians. Brand new, some in original cardboard covers. Great condition (some with slight scuffs on spine - please see title descriptions). Titles include: Algonquians of the East Coast, Buffalo Hunters, NIB - Chroniclers of Indian Life, Cycles of Life, European Challenge, First Americans, NIB-Hunters of the Northern Forest, Indians of California, Indians of the Western Range, Keepers of the Totem, (scuff) Mighty Chieftains, People of the Desert, People of the Ice and Snow, NIB - People of the Lakes, (scuff) Realm of the Iroquois, NIB - Reservations, Spirit World, NIB - Tribes of the Southern Plains, (scuff) Tribes of the Southern Woodlands, (scuff) War for the Plains, Way of the Warrior, Winds of Renewal, Woman's Way.
210.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, Charles M. Russell, Legacy by Larry Len Peterson, c. 1999. Printed and published Works of Montana's Cowboy Artist, Twodot Books, Helena, MT. Hardcover pictorial boards with sheer dj. "This impressive volume contains 1,038 incredible images, more than 550 shown in full color. The informative text of Legacy is sprinkled with personal images of Russell and his family and friends, along with photos of several of Russell's watercolors, oils, and sculptures. Many of the artist's printed and published collectibles and memorabilia featured in this book are held in private collections and are rarely available for viewing." There are a few smudges on the dj and two small tears from storage.
211.DESCRIPTION: Mathew Brady by Barry Pritzker, JG Press, World Publications Group, c. 1992, reprinted 2004. This exquisite volume presents the extraordinary works of one of the greatest chronicles of the Civil War. Of both historic and artistic value, these photographs show the devastation of the war, major battles, poignant images of injured soldiers as well as portraits of great leaders. Nice coffee table book.
212.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, brand new hardcover. Montana People and Their Stories, SIGNED by author Andrea Merrill-Maker. A publication of The Grace Dangberg Foundation, c. 2004. The Foundation was established in 1982 by the late Grace Dangberg, a distinguished Nevada historian and granddaughter of Carson Valley pioneers. It was created to improve the study of history by young people through the publication of imprived and interesting textbooks. The author, a native Montanan, wrote this book for the people of Montana.
213.DESCRIPTION: The next five lots are all Montana: the Magazine of Western History, broken down into decades. All are in good to new condition. The first lot has three from 1960: Summer vol. x, no. 3; Autumn vol. x, no. 4; Winter vol. x, no. 1.
214.DESCRIPTION: 13 - 1970s Montana: the Magazine of Western History. Autumn 1971; Autumn 1972; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter 1976; Summer, Autumn, Winter 1978; Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter 1979.
215.DESCRIPTION: 29 - 1980s Montana: the Magazine of Western History. Spring, autumn, winter 1980; spring, summer, autumn 1981; spring, summer, autumn, winter 1983; spring, summer, autumn, winter 1985; spring, summer, autumn, winter 1986; spring, summer, autumn, winter 1987; spring, autumn, winter 1988; spring, summer, autumn, winter 1989.
216.DESCRIPTION: 10 - 1990s Montana: the Magazine of Western History. Spring, summer, autumn, winter 1990; spring, summer, autumn, winter 1991; winter 1992; autumn 1993.
217.DESCRIPTION: 6 - 2000s Montana: the Magazine of Western History. Autumn, winter 2001; spring, winter 2002; spring, summer 2003.
218.DESCRIPTION: These 8 Montana: the Magazines of Western History vary from 1950s-1970s. Autumn 1957; autumn 1963; summer & autumn 1968; spring, summer, autumn & winter 1977. All are in very good condition.
219.DESCRIPTION: Three carved wood trivets/trays. 11 3/4" dia. tray with rim; 2" H, 11" Sq. Dansk International Designs Ltd IHQ, Thailand cheese cutting board; 17 3/4" L 9 1/4" W Dansk International Designs Ltd IHA Malaysia grooved oval serving board.
220.DESCRIPTION: Three hardcover and one paperback book about music. 1) History of Western Music by Christopher Headington, c. 1974, 1976. 2) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Why Jazz? A concise guide by Kevin Whitehead, Oxford University Press, c. 2011. 3) Analecta Lisztiana III, Liszt and the Birth of Modern Europe. Music as mirror of religious, political, cultural, and aesthetic transformations. Edited by Michael Saffle and Rossana Dalmonte, series no. 9. Pendragon Press publ., c. 2003. 4) Mozart - his life and times by Peggy Woodford, c. 1977, 1978, expanded edition.
221.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, Vincent van Gogh 1853-1890: A study of the artist and his work in relation to his times by Walter Pach. Artbook Museum, New York, 1936, sixth printing May, 1936. C. 1936 by Artbook Museum Inc. A remarkable 56 page book with color and b & w plates.
222.DESCRIPTION: 1) Unstated FIRST EDITION, To End All Wars: A story of loyalty and rebellion, 1914-1918 by Adam Hochschild, c. 2011, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2011. 2) Unstated FIRST EDITION, The Art of Betrayal: The secret history of M16 (life and death in the British Secret Service) by Gordon Corera, c. 2012, Pegasus Books publ. 3) Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brian, the Aubrey/Maturin series, c. 1970.
223.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, My Life and 40 Years in Montana by Ann Obie, c. 1980 (possibly signed - with other writing on front end page). Ann was over 80 years of age when she started writing this book. This is her story, as she wrote it, and it is a heartwarming story of a family's determination to tame the land during the last great wave of homesteaders in the West.
224.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, Dinosaurs under the Big Sky by Jack Horner, c. 2001. Mountain Press Publishing Co., Missoula, MT 2001. Describes the different species of dinosuars known to have lived in Montana and explains the scientific importance of their bones and skeletons. Photographs and hundreds of pen-and-ink drawings depict the dinosaur fossils that collectors are most likely to find under Montana's big sky.
225.DESCRIPTION: Three paperbacks depicting Viking history. 1) The Vikings: A brief history of the last pagans or the first modern Europeans? By Jonathan Clements, Muramasa Industries c. 2005, Running Press publ. 2008. 2) The Penguin, Historical Atlas of the Vikings by John Haywood, c. 1995. 3) Women in the Viking Age by Judith Jesch, c. 1991, The Boydell Press reprint 2001.
226.DESCRIPTION: Six paperbacks for your travels. 1) Stated FIRST EDITION, Best of Oregon and Washington's Mansions, Museums, and More, c. 2009. 2) Stated FIRST EDITION, 2nd printing, Best of California's Missions, Mansions and Museums, c. 2007. 3) Vacations that can Change your Life by Ellen Lederman, c. 1998. 4) Colorado 1870-2000 Revisited: The history behind the images by Thomas J. Noel and John Fielder, c. 2001. 5) High on a Windy Hill: The story of the Prince of Wales Hotel by Ray Djuff, c. 1999. 6) Woodall's '97 Western Campground Directory, c. 1997.
227.DESCRIPTION: The next several lots of magazines are in good to new condition (we didn't open all of them for interior condition). Four vintage copies of Montana: the Magazine of Western History and two indexes. Index for the volume year 1970; Summer 1970; Index for volume year 1971; Summer & Winter 1971; Summer 1972.
228.DESCRIPTION: 10 - Montana: The Magazine of Western History. Winter 2000; spring and summer 2002; spring, summer, autumn, winter 2003; two copies of spring and one winter 2004.
229.DESCRIPTION: 16 - Montana: The Magazine of Western History. Spring, (2) autumn, winter 2005; spring, summer, autumn 2006; spring, winter 2007; summer, winter 2008; (3) autumn, (2) winter 2009.
230.DESCRIPTION: 12 - Montana: The Magazine of Western History. Summer, spring, (2) autumn, winter 2010; spring, summer (2) autumn 2011; spring, (2) autumn 2012.
231.DESCRIPTION: The American West Review, volume 1, issues 1-4 - March, June, September, December. Published in 1967 by American West publishing company. These issues were mailed to subscribers to the American West Magazine in 1967. The bottom front cover is a bit tattered but everything else is in good condition for their age.
232.DESCRIPTION: Folder bound, 1962-1963 Montana: The Magazine of Western History complete quarterly issues - spring, summer, autumn, and winter for both years.
233.DESCRIPTION: Folder bound, 1966-1967 Montana: The Magazine of Western History complete quarterly issues - spring, summer, autumn, winter for both years.
234.DESCRIPTION: 1960-1963 Montana: The Magazine of Western History complete quarterly issues with 1961, 62, 63 indexes. Each year contains each quarterly issue - spring, summer, autumn, winter.
235.DESCRIPTION: 1966-1969 Montana: The Magazine of Western History complete quarterly issues, all with index. Each year contains each quarterly issue - spring, summer, autumn, winter.
236.DESCRIPTION: 1960-1962 Montana: The Magazine of Western History complete quarterly issues with 1961 & 1962 indexes. Each year contains each quarterly issue - spring, summer, autumn, winter.
237.DESCRIPTION: 1964, 1967, 1969 Montana: The Magazine of Western History quarterly issues, all with indexes. Each year (except 1964) is complete with each quarterly issues - spring, summer, autumn, winter. 1964 is missing spring and summer but does contain the centennial mining edition (could possibly be the summer issue).
238.DESCRIPTION: 1960 and 1961 Montana: The Magazine of Western History complete quarterly issues. Each year contains spring, summer, autumn, and winter.
239.DESCRIPTION: 1961 Montana: The Magazine of Western History complete quarterly issues. Spring, summer, autumn, winter.
240.DESCRIPTION: 14 - 1960-1964 Montana: The Magazine of Western History, quarterlies, some duplicates. Includes: Spring and (2) winter 1960; winter 1961; (2) spring, autumn, (2) winter 1962; (2) spring 1963; (2) Centennial Mining edition and a winter 1964.
241.DESCRIPTION: 9 - 1965-66 Montana: The Magazine of Western History, some duplicate and some with tattered covers. Spring, autumn, (3) winter 1965; (2) summer, autumn, winter 1966.
242.DESCRIPTION: 19 - 1967-69 Montana: The Magazine of Western History, some duplicate. Spring, (4) autumn, winter 1967; 1968 index; (2) spring, (6) summer, (2) autumn 1968; summer (tattered cover), (2) autumn 1969.
243.DESCRIPTION: Six self-help books in new condition. 1) How to Write a Sentence and How to Read One by Stanley Fish, c. 2011. 2) Learning to Use Extrasensory Perception by Charles T. Tart, c. 1975, 2001. 3) The Copywriter's Handbook - a step-by-step guide to writing copy that sells by Robert W. Bly, 3rd edition, c. 1985, 2005. 4) SIGNED and inscribed, Selling to Vito: The very important top officer by Anthony Parinello, 2nd edition, c. 1994, 1999. 5) The Innovator's DNA: Mastering the five skills of disruptive innovators by Jeff Dyer, Hall Gregersen and Glayton M. Christensen, c. 2011. 6) The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo, c. 2011.
244.DESCRIPTION: Six healthy living books, new condition. 1) Consider the Eel: A natural and gastronomic history by Richard Schweid, c. 2002. 2) Detox with Oral Chelation: Protecting yourself from lead, mercury, & other environmental toxins by David Jay Brown & Garry Gordon, MD, c. 2009. 3) FIRST EDITION, Supernormal: Science, yoga, and the evidence for extraordinary psychic abilities by Dean Radin, PhD, c. 2013. 4) Cornbread Nation 3: Foods of mountain south, edited by Ronni Lundy, c. 2005. 5) Everything I Want to do is Illegal: War stories from the local food front by Joel Salatin, c. 2007. 6) Poisoned: The true story of the deadly E. Coli outbreak that changed the way Americans Eat by Jeff Benedict, c. 2011.
245.DESCRIPTION: Two hardcover coffee table books with dj's. 1) Harper Collins, Atlas of World History, edited by Geoffrey Baraclough. Published 2003 by Borders Press in association with HarperCollins. C. Time Books, 2003. 2) Hammond World Atlas, Hammond World Atlas Corp, mapmakers for the 21st century, c. 2003, third edition.
246.DESCRIPTION: Two large hardcover coffee table books. 1) New copy, The Wall Chart of World History from earliest times to the present, a facsimile edition. C. Third Millennium Press Limited, 1997. Six millennia of world history at a glance, in more than 400 illustrations. Through thousands of dates, facts and quotes, all in chronological sequence, a 30-foot, visual panorama of history literally unfolds, revealing untold treasures inside. Great empires, dynasties, rulers from King Solomon to the present day, exciting inventions, and dramatic discoveries: this magnificent, fully updated chart covers 40 centuries before Christ and 20 centuries after his birth. Based on the famous and now very rare Victoria wall chart, first published in 1890. 2) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Maps of North America by Ashley and Miles Baynton-Williams. Quercus, 'Untitled map of the United States' 1783, c. 2008. The vignettes depict George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.
247.DESCRIPTION: Two coffee table art books: one hardcover, one paperback. 1) Hendrick Avercamp: Master of the Ice Scene by Pieter Roelofs, c. 2009. Avercamp (1585-1634) was the first artist to specialize in painting winter landscapes that feature people enjoying themselves on the ice. Scenes of skating, sleigh rides, and outdoor games on frozen canals and waterways bring to life the energetic pastimes and day-to-day bustle of the Golden Age. 2) 110 Years of American Art: 1830-1940. October 15 - December 31, 2001, Spanierman Gallery, LLC, c. 2001.
248.DESCRIPTION: Bronze Inside and Out: A biographical memoir of Bob Scriver by his wife Mary Strachan Scriver, c. 2007, Calgary Press publ. New condition, paperback. Bob Scriver is best known for his work in bronze and for his pivotal role in the rise of "cowboy art." Living and working on the Montana Blackfeet Reservation, Scriver created a bronze foundry, a museum, and a studio - an atelier based on classical methods, but with local Blackfeet artisans. His importance in the still-developing genre of "western art" cannot be overstated.
249.DESCRIPTION: Two Dutch art books and one referring to Dutch history, written in English. 1) The Dutch, I Presume: Icons of the Netherlands by Martijn de Rooi. Contains a bit of history, geography, art, culture, food, cheese and even beer. Well written, concise and a mine of information. 2) Turmoil and Tranquillity: The sea through the eyes of Dutch and Flemish Masters 1550-1700, edited by Jenny Gaschke, National Martitime Museum, c. 2008. 3) Dutch Art: An Encyclopedia, edited by Sheila D. Muller, c. 1997.
250.DESCRIPTION: Two small, photography hardcovers. 1) Portraits by Steve McCurry, Phaidon publ. McCurry never set out to take portraits. In 1985, he photographed an Afghan girl (cover) for the National Geographic. The intensity of the subject's eyes and her compelling gaze made this one of the most widely and consistently celebrated portraits in the history of contemporary photography. This accompanies the other remarkable faces he has encountered whilst travelling throughout the world, collected together in an engaging and strangely moving series of unique street portraits: unposed, unstylized images of people that reveal the true universality of the depths of human emotion. 2) National Geographic, The Photographs by Leah Bendavid-Val, c. 2008. The book showcases the skill and imagination of such notable Geographic photographers as David Doubilet, William Albert Allard, Sam Abell, Jim Stanfield, Jodi Cobb, Jim Brandenburg, David Alan Harvey, and many more.
251.DESCRIPTION: 1957 Mexican Silver Dollar, first year issue. Obverse: Bust of Jose Morelos, reverse: The National Coat of Arms of Mexico, an eagle clutching a snake in its beak while perched atop a cactus. Date and denomination below.
252.DESCRIPTION: Eight, uncirculated 2009 Lincoln Cents. Four from each Mint, Denver and Philadelphia recognizing the 100th anniversary of the first issuance of the Lincoln Cent. Birthplace, Formative Years, Professional Life, and Presidency.
253.DESCRIPTION: Ten, 2004-06 Westward Journey Nickel Series. Five from each Mint (except the Keelboat - both are Philadelphia), Denver and Philadelphia to commemorate the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Handshake/Peace, Keelboat, American Bison, Ocean View, Return to Monticello.
254.DESCRIPTION: 1925 Standing Liberty Quarter, 90% Silver. The Philadelphia Mint was the only mint to issue the 1925 Quarter dollars for the year.
255.DESCRIPTION: U.S. Mint, Lt. Col. William Washington commemorative pewter medallion in plastic display case. From the series called "America's First Medals", a reductions of the original medal that was "voted by the Continental Congress to honor the bold commanders and successful Revolutionary War battles that won for a new nation its freedom and independence."
256.DESCRIPTION: Eight, brilliant uncirculated Lincoln cents: 1959, 1960-D, 1961-D, 1964, 1973-D, 1974-D, 1978-S, 1980.
257.DESCRIPTION: Foreign paper currency. 1990 Yugoslavia 500 Dinara, SN: AP 7371643; 1991 Yugoslavia 100 Dinara, SN: AE 6296352; Central Bank of Myanmar (formerly Burma) 10 Kyats, SN: CJ1741309; 2000 Russia 20 Rubles, SN: BO 0026760.
258.DESCRIPTION: 1978-S Kennedy Half Dollar, Gem "Proof" Condition. All of the coins issued in 1978 at the San Francisco mint were minted as proofs.
259.DESCRIPTION: James Madison 4TH US President first day issue stamp with replica FDI 22kt gold cover stamp, Oct. 18, 2001.
260.DESCRIPTION: 1941 Mercury Dime, 90% Silver.
261.DESCRIPTION: Two sets of 1943-PDS Steel War Pennies. The United States issued the steel penny because the copper was needed for World War II. The steel look is actually the result of the mint using a zinc coating.
262.DESCRIPTION: Ancient Roman coin collected from the Holy Land. The Roman Empire minted coins throughout its reign (27 BC to 378 AD). Kings and heroes of the battlefield were honored by stamping their likeness on a coin.
263.DESCRIPTION: Eight old Jefferson Nickels. 1939, 1940, 1941, 1954-S, 1959-D, 1957-D, 1958-D, 1959-D.
264.DESCRIPTION: Civil War (1861-65) Indian Head Penny.
265.DESCRIPTION: 1973 Franklin Mint Christmas dove coin card featuring Peace, a wish for this season, peace for you and all mankind". The coin is sealed within the card. There is some writing in ink under the coin.
266.DESCRIPTION: Six old Jefferson Nickels. 1939, 1940, 1941-D, 1947, 1951-S, 1959-D.
267.DESCRIPTION: Series 1963-B Joseph W. Barr Note. Barr became the Secretary of the Treasury in Dec. 1963. Barr's appointment was to be effective for the remainder of Johnson's term in office. His 21 days in the position was the shortest term of any Treasury Secretary. Given his short period in office, his signature appears only on the one-dollar bill.
SN: L 88664520 F
268.DESCRIPTION: Eight old wheat pennies: 1918, 1924, 1928, 1937, 1944, 1946, 1953, 1957-D.
269.DESCRIPTION: Eight foreign coins: 1957 Argentina 1 Peso, 2003 Spain 2 Euro; 1999 Australia 5 Cent; Spain 1 Euro; 1993 Philippines 25 Sentimos; 1977 Mexico Cincuenta (50) Centavos; 1989 Great Britain Penny; 2000 Nicaragua 1 Cordoba.
270.DESCRIPTION: Brilliant uncirculated Kennedy Half Dollar with a statehood quarter imposed image on the face, 2002 Louisiana.
271.DESCRIPTION: Six brilliant uncirculated Jefferson nickels: 1970, 1975, 1977, 1978-D, 1981-D, 1987-D.
272.DESCRIPTION: 1913 Silver Barber Dime. As far as US Mint coinage goes, few series are more popular amongst collectors than the Barber Dime. First produced is the late 1800s, these coins were incredibly useful during their time in circulation, which helps make them extremely valuable nowadays.
273.DESCRIPTION: Six old Indian Head Cents: 1896, 1897, 1898, 1905, 1906, 1907.
274.DESCRIPTION: San Francisco proof set of coins, specially polished, high-pressure dies. 2003 Lincoln Cent, 1970 Jefferson Nickel, 1976 Roosevelt Dime, 2002 Louisiana Statehood Quarter.
275.DESCRIPTION: Two uncirculated old wheat pennies, 1957 and 1958.
276.DESCRIPTION: 1975-S Roosevelt Dime, PCGS PR69DCAM, series 32PR, coin 23, 95253.69/73279576.
277.DESCRIPTION: 2003 Commemorative Quarters, Gold Edition in plastic display case, original gold foil lined cardboard box with specifications. Statehood quarters include Illinois, Maine, Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama.
278.DESCRIPTION: Four old V-Nickels: 1897, 1905, 1906, 1907. Nickels were first introduced by the US Mint after the Civil War and have continually been produced up until today. The V-Nickel (Liberty Head) is a five cent piece struck from 1883-1913. The obverse of the 1897 V-Nickel features the face of Lady Liberty facing left.
279.DESCRIPTION: 1972-D Ike Dollar.
280.DESCRIPTION: 1976 Bicentennial $2. Released by the US Treasury to celebrate our 200th anniversary of American Independence and Freedom. 1976 two dollar bills were exciting to the general public because this marked the first time a denomination of United States money had seen a redesign in many years. Prior to 1976 all two dollar bills featured Monticello on the back of the bill. 1976 and newer two dollar bills show The Signing of the Declaration of Independence. This design is still very exotic and intricate compared to the back of most money. The front of the bill is still very similar to old twos. It features Thomas Jefferson.
SN: D 17028761 A
281.DESCRIPTION: 1965 Great Britian Churchill Crown. This coin honors the man who helped lead Great Britain through World War II. As Prime Minister, Winston Churchill inspired the British people to fight on - rallying them in the face of defeat. After he passed in 1965, this Churchill coin was issued in his honor. One year issue only, the first time in over 1,000 years that an English coin featured a "common man".
282.DESCRIPTION: 1972 mint set, Denver and Philadelphia. Each sealed plastic set contains a Kennedy half dollar, Washington quarter, Roosevelt dime, Jefferson nickel, and a Lincoln penny (Philadelphia has two, Denver has a mint token). They come in original envelope.
283.DESCRIPTION: 1860 Seated Liberty Half Dime. Features Liberty sitting on a rock holding a shield and is sought after by both dealers and collectors alike. These coins were last minted in 1873 and the series does have its share of rare coins. Many of the coins produced in the 1860s are difficult to obtain.
284.DESCRIPTION: Six old wheat pennies: 1925, 1930, 1935, 1947-S, 1950, 1952-D.
285.DESCRIPTION: 2000 Republic of Liberia Millennium $10 Coin. Obverse: Seal of Liberia w with motto, reverse: Female liberty figure releasing a dove, holding large hour-glass, sitting atop Greenland.
286.DESCRIPTION: 1909 VDB Lincoln Penny. In 1909 there were V.D.B. and Non V.D.B. marked pennies. VDB were the engraver Victor David Brenners initials. The coins with VDB are worth about $10 more than those without the initials on the reverse.
287.DESCRIPTION: Six Buffalo Nickels: 1919, 1920, 1926, 1927, 1929, 1934. The dates are hard to read, we went by what the seller has stated.
288.DESCRIPTION: Eight uncirculated Roosevelt dimes: 1974, 1974-D, 1979, 1979-D, 1981-P, 1981-D, 1987-P, 1987-D.
289.DESCRIPTION: Six 1943 Steel War Pennies. The United States issued the steel penny because the copper was needed for World War II. The steel look is actually the result of the mint using a zinc coating.
290.DESCRIPTION: Series 1957-B $1 Silver Certificate Bank Note. This is the last one dollar silver certificate issued by The United States. All 1957 $1 silver certificates have the same seal type.
SN: V 33559353 A
291.DESCRIPTION: 1869 Shield Nickel. A difficult find for most collectors. These coins were produced so long ago and used so frequently that very few have been able to make it through the years. Still, being that the Shield Nickel is a crucial part of US coinage history, collectors will stop at nothing to get their hands on these coins.
292.DESCRIPTION: Six old wheat pennies: 1926, 1938, 1939, 1941, 1955, 1958-D.
293.DESCRIPTION: Eight Buffalo Nickels: (2) 1920, 1926, 1927, 1929, 1930, 1935, 1936.
294.DESCRIPTION: 1860 Indian Head Penny/Copper-Nickel. Collector demand is causing the 1860 Indian head penny value to rise. A popular series of old coins to collect, interest remains strong with both advanced and new collectors. It is needed by collectors as a first year design type. Also significant as it introduces a new reverse design. The wreath was changed, a shield and arrows were added and this design remained on all latter years.
295.DESCRIPTION: William Howard Taft, 27th President of the United States 1909-1913, from the The United States Presidents Coin Collection series. Features the July 9, 2013 issued gold dollar, a fascinating and biographical collector panel. Enhanced with two mint-condition U.S. postage stamps, Sept. 27, 1944 - 3 cent to honor the Philippines during WWII and Dec. 17, 1981 - 20 cent that features the Supreme Court Building. Taft was the only President to serve on the Supreme Court.
296.DESCRIPTION: 1890 Silver Morgan Dollar.
297.DESCRIPTION: Ca. 1996, Jim Palmer, Baltimore Orioles, CMG Worldwide, 22K gold foil card. Pictures Palmer's likeness on the front along with player name, team afiliation and team logo. Back of card has bio and season by season stats. Card is sealed in acrylic holder and has never been taken out. The seller states that it is 24K gold foil but in doing research I believe it to be 22K.
298.DESCRIPTION: 1980 Denver Souvenir Mint Set sealed in plastic and in original envelope. Souvenir Mint Sets are special Mint Sets that were once sold only at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint gift shops. contain examples of coins struck at the individual Mint facilities. Traditionally sold only over the counter and not by mail, it consists of the year's circulating coinage in uncirculated quality. The set contains five coins and a special .33mm bronze Mint Medal that shows the facility on the obverse and the Treasure Seal on the reverse.
299.DESCRIPTION: 1965 Great Britian Churchill Crown. This coin honors the man who helped lead Great Britain through World War II. As Prime Minister, Winston Churchill inspired the British people to fight on - rallying them in the face of defeat. After he passed in 1965, this Churchill coin was issued in his honor. One year issue only, the first time in over 1,000 years that an English coin featured a "common man".
300.DESCRIPTION: Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse "Yours Forever" pure solid .999 fine silver medallion/round coin. Great for collectors, especially being 1 full troy ounce of silver!
301.DESCRIPTION: 1975-S U.S. Proof set in plastic display case and in original cardboard sleeve. In preparation for America's 200th Birthday, the U.S. Mints began producing Bicentennial Quarters, Half Dollars, and Dollars in 1975 that were dated 1976. Proof versions of these patriotic designs were included in 1975 Proof Sets, helping to boost sales by over 200,000 units. The six coins represented are the Lincoln Cent, Jefferson Nickel, Roosevelt Dime, Bicentennial Washington Quarter, Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollar, and Bicentennial Eisenhower Dollar.
302.DESCRIPTION: 28 collectors medals and tokens. Bronze Fort Hamilton, New York Area Command; (2) 1964 Washington State Diamond Jubilee (75 years) Commemorative; Honeywell Operating System - Spokane, Washington; 1969 Jerusalem Temple, Scooters Mardi Gras; Nixon New Penny "Getting Smaller" novelty; Mitchell, South Dakota - World's Only Corn Palace "Great Faces, Great Places"; $1 - 1962 Seattle's World Fair - America's Space Age, Century 21 Exposition; $1 BM Bubble Machine - Seattle & Spokane; Philippines 25 PAE - plus another from the Philippines; 1989 Chuck E. Cheese, 25; James Madison - 4th President of the U.S.; Vernon County 1855-1952 wooden nickel; (2) 2016 Chuck E. Rocks; Commander's Best - Wings of Victory; Shell's Mr. President Coin Game - William McKinnley 1897-1901, 25th President; (2) Life-Study Fellowship; Cedar Point Amusement Park; Jumpers; (2) All Quality Mints - 5 cent; Spokane City Bus Lines - for school fare only; State of Washington Tax Commission Sales Tax; and a few more.
303.DESCRIPTION: 1926-S Silver Peace Dollar. The 1926-S Peace dollar had a huge mintage of nearly seven million coins. However, many seem to have circulated considering the relatively small number of gem coins seen by NGC. They are available at the gem level in some quantity, but above that they become extremely rare.
304.DESCRIPTION: Three colorized Elvis Presley Kennedy half dollars: 1956 - First Appearance on Ed Sullivan, 1973 - Aloha from Hawaii Concert, 1968 - The King of Rock N Roll.
305.DESCRIPTION: 1999 U.S. Mint uncirculated coin set, Denver. Unlike the Proof Sets, these are normal coins intended for circulation. The "Official" packaging is the United States Mint's stamp of authenticity as to the condition of the coins. This 1999 United States Mint set is the 40th year of issue. The U.S. Mint set took on a whole new look in 1999. It was the 1st year of the 50 State Quarter Program. This set includes the Cent, Nickel, Dime, Half Dollar and the 1st five 50 State Quarters: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, and Connecticut. Plus a Denver Mint token.
306.DESCRIPTION: 1972-D Ike Dollar.
307.DESCRIPTION: 1939 Canadian Dollar, 80% Silver. This coin, the second commemorative silver dollar struck in Canada, was minted to celebrate the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1939. The reverse of the coin depicts the Parliament buildings in Ottawa.
308.DESCRIPTION: Six buffalo nickels: 1930, (2) 1935, (2) 1936, 1937.
309.DESCRIPTION: 1979-S Proof Year Set: Kennedy Half Dollar, Washington Quarter, Roosevelt Dime, Jefferson Nickel, Lincoln Cent.
310.DESCRIPTION: 1879 Silver Morgan Dollar.
311.DESCRIPTION: 1999-S U.S. Mint 50 State Quarters Proof Set: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut.
312.DESCRIPTION: 1944 Walking Liberty Half Dollar. The Walking Liberty Half Dollar was an astounding piece of coinage from the second it was introduced during the early stages of the 20th century. These coins were unique not only because of their size, but because of the beautiful imagery that is present on both the obverse and reverse sides. Though these pieces have since had their circulation ceased, they are still extremely popular in the eyes of collectors everywhere.
313.DESCRIPTION: Three old type coins: 1901 Indian Head Penny, 1935-S Buffalo Nickel, 1945-S Mercury Dime. 1945 was the last year the Mercury or Liberty head dime was produced. This coin is 90% silver.
314.DESCRIPTION: 1897-O Silver Morgan Dollar. The New Orleans 1897 Morgan Silver Dollars seem to be selling for much more than the ones minted in San Francisco or Philadelphia.
315.DESCRIPTION: Three Red and Green Seal $2. Series 1976, uncirculated with 13 cent stamp - Apr. 13, 1976; Series 1953 red seal; Series 1953 A red seal.
316.DESCRIPTION: Three books in new condition. 1) Gallo be Thy Name by Jerome Tuccille, c. 2010, revised edition, first printing. 2) The Far Side of Eden: New money, old land, and the battle for Napa Valley by James Conaway, c. 2002. 3) The Kentucky Bourbon Experience: A visual tour of Kentucky's bourbon distilleries by Leon Howlett, c. 2012, first printing.
317.DESCRIPTION: Five DIY/Informational books, good condition. 1) Wells and Septic Systems by Max and Charlotte Alth, 2nd edition, c. 1992 by TAB Books. 2) The Home Depot, Wiring 1-2-3: Install, upgrade, repair, and maintain your home's electrical system, c. 2000, stated FIRST EDITION. 3) Time-Life, How to Fix it: Major Appliances. 4) The Illustrated Practical Home Encyclopedia: 1001 step-by-step hints, tips and household skills, editor Margaret Malone, c. 1999, unstated FIRST EDITION. 5) Discoveries - How Things Work, c. 1996.
318.DESCRIPTION: Ex-library softcover, Charles M. Russell, Word Painter: Letters 1887-1926, edited by Brian W. Dippie, Amon Carter Museum, c. 1993, distributed by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. The most comprehensive collection of Russell's correspondence ever assembled. Letters to his wife Nancy, to patrons and fellow artists, and to the saloonkeepers and cowboys who remained his friends for life reveal a surprisingly modest man. Russell downplayed his own verbal skills, but his letters show that he was an artist with words as well as paint, able to evoke a bygone era or make a shrewd social observation in a few well-chosen sentences. Each letter is reproduced in facsimile, allowing readers to see, in the artist's own handwriting and with his inimitable spellings and punctuation, how Russell cleverly interwove colorful sketches and eloquent words to form a memorable whole.
319.DESCRIPTION: Five art/design books, new condition. 1) Unstated FIRST EDITION hardcover, Lighting: A design source book by Elizabeth Wilhide, c. 1998. 2) Orientalism by Christine Peltre, c. 2004. 3) The Masterpieces of Metsu (1630 (?) - 1667): Sixty reproductions of photographs from the original paintings, affording examples of the different characteristics of the artist's work, Metsu, Gabriel, 1629-1669, c. 2011. 4) Christie's New York: Fine American paintings, drawings, and sculpture, Tuesday 4 March 2003. 5) Painting the Landscape in Pastel by Albert Handell and Anita Louise West, c. 2000, first printing.
320.DESCRIPTION: Three American History books, new condition. 1) American Discovered: A historical atlas of North American exploration by Derek Hayes, c. 2004, first paperback edition. 2) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Historical Maps of North America by Michael Swift, c. 2001. 3) The Historical Atlas of New York City: A visual celebration of 400 years of New York City's History by Eric Homberger. Revised and updated, c. 1994 and 2005 by Swanston Publishing Limited.
321.DESCRIPTION: Three hardcovers with dj's. 1) Seven Miracles that saved America: Why they matter and why we should have hope by Chris and Ted Stewart. C. 2009 by the Shipley Group Inc. and Brian T. Stewart. 2) The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris by David McCullough, c. 2011. Stated FIRST Simon & Schuster edition. 3) Past Lives: Unlocking the secrets of our ancestors by Ian Wilson, c. 2001, unstated FIRST EDITION.
322.DESCRIPTION: Bronze Inside and Out: A biographical memoir of Bob Scriver by his wife Mary Strachan Scriver, c. 2007, Calgary Press publ. New condition, paperback. Bob Scriver is best known for his work in bronze and for his pivotal role in the rise of "cowboy art." Living and working on the Montana Blackfeet Reservation, Scriver created a bronze foundry, a museum, and a studio - an atelier based on classical methods, but with local Blackfeet artisans. His importance in the still-developing genre of "western art" cannot be overstated.
323.DESCRIPTION: A fantastic hardcover copy with cardboard slipcase in new condition. The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper. Introduction by Edward Everett Hale, illustratioins by Edward A. Wilson, The Heritage Press publ. Volume bears c. 1932 date but possibly issued 1932-1970s. In pale yellow paper-covered boards with olive woodland illustrations to front and back, and backed in pale yellow quarter cloth; titling in green to spine. The classic historical novel set in Colonial America featuring the author's Natty Bumppo character, in an attractive illustrated reprint edition.
324.DESCRIPTION: The Complete Reference Box Set featuring Webster's New World Dictionary and Thesaurus, the last word on using the right word. C. 1990, 1995 by Simon & Schuster, third college edition. Plus Words Most Often Misspelled and Mispronounced by Ruth Gleeson Gallagher and James Calvin, c. 1963 by Simon & Schuster, first Pocket Books printing.
325.DESCRIPTION: New paperback copy in factory plastic, The North American Indian by Edward S. Curtis, Taschen publ, 2005. A unique pictorial record of more than 80 American Indian tribes at the turn of the century, the American photographer Edward Sheriff Curtis (1868-1952) started on his thirty-year project to produce a monumental study of North American Indians. Using an approach that was both artistically and scientifically ambitious he recorded, in words and pictures, the traces of the traditional Indian way of life that was already beginning to die out.
326.DESCRIPTION: Five financial books, four are hardcover in new condition with dj's. 1) Manias, Panics, and Crashes: A history of financial crises by Charles P Kindleberger, revised edition, c. 1989 by Basic Books publ. 2) How to Ruin Your Financial Life by Ben Stein, c. 2004, unstated FIRST EDITION, stated first printing, March 2004. 3) The Millionaire Mind by Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D., c. 2000. 4) Stated FIRST EDITION, Apple: The inside story of intrigue, egomania, and business blunders by Jim Carlton, c. 1997. 5) Stated FIRST EDITION, Next, The Future Just Happened by Michael Lewis, c. 2001.
327.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, Charles M. Russell, Legacy by Larry Len Peterson, c. 1999. Printed and published Works of Montana's Cowboy Artist, Twodot Books, Helena, MT. Hardcover pictorial boards with sheer dj. "This impressive volume contains 1,038 incredible images, more than 550 shown in full color. The informative text of Legacy is sprinkled with personal images of Russell and his family and friends, along with photos of several of Russell's watercolors, oils, and sculptures. Many of the artist's printed and published collectibles and memorabilia featured in this book are held in private collections and are rarely available for viewing." There are a few smudges on the dj and a few small tears from storage.
328.DESCRIPTION: Three softcover art books from the Denver Art Museum. 1) European Art, D.A.M. Winter Quarterly, 1955. 2) The Helen Dill Bequest: A schoolteacher's legacy, c. 2012. 3) Companion to Spanish Colonial Art at the D.A.M. by Donna Pierce, c. 2011.
329.DESCRIPTION: Large hardcover culinary book, Essential Pepin: More than 700 all-time favorites from my life in food by Jacques Pepin, c. 2011. With a searchable DVD demonstrating every technique a cook will ever need. In his more than sixty years as a chef, Jacques Pepin has earned a reputation as a champion of simplicity. His recipes are classics. They find the shortest, surest route to flavor, avoiding complicated techniques.
330.DESCRIPTION: Two old books pertaining or written by Theodore Roosevelt. 1) Early second printing (in the same month), Theodore Roosevelt the Citizen by Jacob A. Riis, illustrated, The Outlook Company publ., New York, MCMIV (1904), c. 1903, 1904, first published March, 1904. Original brown cloth with bold embossed gilt lettering and vignette. 471 pages, portrait frontis with tissue-guard plus 11 text illustrations. 2) Unstated FIRST EDITION, The Foes of Our Own Household by Theodore Roosevelt, George H. Doran Co. publ., New York. C. 1917 by George Doran, The Metropolitan Magazine Co., and The Outlook Co. Bound in red cloth with gold lettering, 347 pages.
331.DESCRIPTION: Six softcover art books from Taschen Publishing. 1) Francis Bacon 1909-1992 by Luigi Ficacci, c. 2006. 2) Sandro Botticelli 1444/45-1510 by Barbara Deimling, c. 2007. 3) Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1841-1919: A Dream of Harmony by Peter H. Feist, c. 2006. 4) Giotto Di Bondone 1267-1337: The Renewel of Painting by Norbert Wolf, c. 2006. 5) Max Ernse 1891-1976: Beyond Painting by Ulrich Bischoff, c. 2005. 6) Peter Paul Rubens 1577-1640: The Homer of Painting by Gilles Neret, c. 2005.
332.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION hardcover in new condition, Grand Canyon Gandeur: Early paintings and prints from the Hays collection by Thomas H. Wilson, c. 2007 by Southwest Museum Foundation. This volume is SIGNED by A.P. Hayes! This book features a traveling exhibition of 19th and 20th century Post-Impressionist artworks of the Grand Canyon as well as modernist art in oil, tempera, gouache, watercolor,etching and woodcut. Included are vibrant examples of The Grand Canyon by Louis Akin, Gustave Baumann, Carl Oscar Borg, Ferdinand Burgdorff, George Elbert Burr, Howard Cook, E. I. Couse, William Robinson Leigh, Thomas Moran, Julian Scott, Edgar Payne, Hiroshi Yoshida, and Gunnar Mauritz Widforss are vividly depicted in this 28 page treatise. Every image depicted is from the collection of A. P. Hays of Paradise Valley, Arizona. The exhibit was on display at the Western Discovery Museum in 2010, in Tusayan, Arizona on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
333.DESCRIPTION: Three hardcover coffee table book set with dj's, new condition. The Way It Was in the U.S.A. by Clarence P. Hornung. C. 1978 by Abbeville Press, these editions published in 1992 by Smithmark Publ. 1) The South, a glowing tribute to the spirit of the South. It captures the unique heritage and folkways of the Old South. With descriptive passages by America's great writers and historians and over 200 period illustrations. 2) New England, one of the most beautiful and best loved regions of America. It is also the cradle of American liberty. This volume pictures New England the way it was, its virgin countryside and bustling cities, in the words of our great writers and through over 200 period illustrations. 3) The West, an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the Old West. It tells of the real adventure of settling a wild and unknown continent.
334.DESCRIPTION: Complete, decorative hardcover box set of Automobile Quarterly with pictorial front cover, gold title on cover and spine, in slipcase (also with gilt writing on spine). New condition. 1977, volume 15, 1st through 4th quarter.
335.DESCRIPTION: Complete, decorative hardcover box set of Automobile Quarterly with pictorial front cover, gold title on cover and spine, in slipcase (also with gilt writing on spine). New condition. 1978, volume 16, 1st through 4th quarter.
336.DESCRIPTION: Complete, decorative hardcover box set of Automobile Quarterly with pictorial front cover, gold title on cover and spine, in slipcase (also with gilt writing on spine). New condition. 1979, volume 17, 1st through 4th quarter.
337.DESCRIPTION: Complete, decorative hardcover box set of Automobile Quarterly with pictorial front cover, gold title on cover and spine, in slipcase (also with gilt writing on spine). New condition. 1980, volume 18, 1st through 4th quarter.
338.DESCRIPTION: Indians of the Plains by Wilhelmina Slootmacher, Little Wonder Book 313. C. 1939 by Charles E. Merrill Co., revised printing 1947. 32 page, pamphlet -style, with b & w photographs.
339.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, The Magic of the Skye by W.A. Poucher, F.R.P.S. With 148 b & w photographs by the author, Chapman & Hall Ltd publ, 1949, stated FIRST PUBLISHED 1949. Hardcover with dj (torn in places) and clear plastic cover, pages are in great condition. "The book is a feast of beauty and interest for photographers, climbers, ramblers and all who love the high places and the silence of the lonely hills."
340.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, Rosa Bonheur: A Life and a Legend by Dore Ashton, c. 1981, The Viking Press publ., a Studio Book. Hardcover in good condition. The dj is torn in a few places.
341.DESCRIPTION: New copy, The American Indian Wars by John Tebbel & Keith Jennison, c. 1960. This edition published in 2003 by Castle Books. By far the most detailed coverage of the battles that happened between American settlers and native Americans. It provides not just a high level view, but details on the backgrounds and motivations for every battle. This book covers the little skirmishes, the huge battles, and the sequences and causes of them all. Want to know what Andrew Jackson did besides sign the infamous Indian Removal Act? It's all here, every battle including statistics on how many from each side were killed, injured or taken prisoner. One memorable story is the account of the purposeful extinction of the Pequot tribe where they chased down every last Indian they could find to eliminate the tribe from the face of the earth. These are but very small samples of the enormous coverage of this book.
342.DESCRIPTION: C. 1968, hardcover culinary book with dj, Luigi Carnacina's Great Italian Cooking, La Grande Cucina Internazionale, edited by Michael Sonino, Abradale Press publ. 851 pages, color and b & w illustrations. An encyclopedic array of more than 2300 Italian and international recipes written in a way that will be clear and helpful to everyone. The recipes have been carefully adapted by an expert cook, to follow American cooking practices based on readily available ingredients.
343.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, hardcover coffee table book with dj (torn on front cover), good condition. The American Civil War by Earl Schenck Miers. A popular illustrated history of the years 1861-1865 as seen by the artist-correspondents who were there. A Ridge Press Book/Golden Press, c. 1961.
344.DESCRIPTION: Three copies of Life Magazine, July 9, 1956. One is enclosed in plastic with cardboard back. The cover features Beatrice Lodge, an American beauty and diplomat's daughter in a Sanish debut. Plus an issue from March 23, 1962. The cover features A New Vista in the American West: Opening up the Desert for Living and Nixon's Own Story.
345.DESCRIPTION: Charles M. Russell by Frederic G. Renner, new concise edition. Published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. c. 1976, in association with the Amon Carter Museum of Western Art. Published in 1976. The broth cloth hardcover with gilt illustrated front cover and spine are in good condition. The dust jacket has a small tear on the bottom front.
346.DESCRIPTION: Vintage, The Magazine Antiques. The seven issues include: Dec. 1951, Jan. 1952 - 30th anniversary edition featuring furniture of the Old South 1640-1820, Feb. 1952, Mar. 1952, Apr. 1952, May 1952, and June 1952.
347.DESCRIPTION: Blackfoot Indians of Glacier National Park: Twenty-four (24) total prints including the 'The Story of the Blackfoot Indian' booklet by Claude Schaeffer and the original envelope. The prints were drawn from life by the late Winold Reiss in Glacier National Park in Montana. Published and copyrighted by Great Northern Railway Company, 1958, 2nd edition. Great condition. The outside envelope that this set comes in has four purple Lincoln 4 cent stamps attached to it that are unmarked.
348.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST EDITION, Desert Dreams: The Art and Life of Maynard Dixon by Donald J. Hagerty, c. 1993, Gibbs-Smith publ. Good condition hardcover coffee table book with clipped dj (has been taped and repaired in places). There's also writing in ink on front end page.
349.DESCRIPTION: Paperback, Frederic Edwin Church by Franklin Kelly, National Gallery of Art Washington, c. 1989. This book accompanies the first major exhibition devoted to the work of Church in almost 25 years. Perhaps even more important, it marks the first time ever that all of this great American artist's most significant paintings have appeared together. Good condition, but the front cover has been creased.
350.DESCRIPTION: Three ex-library hardcovers featuring American art. 1) E.E. Heikka: Sculptor of the American West by Vivian A. Paladin, publ. by Montana Art Investment Holding Co. in association with C.M. Russell Museum, Great Falls, MT, c. 1990. 2) People of the First Man: Life among the Plains Indians in their final days of glory. The firsthand account of Prince Maximillian's expedition up the Missouri river, 1833-34. Watercolors by Karl Bodmer, edited and designed by Davis Thomas and Karin Ronnefeldt, F.P. Dutton & Co. publ. 1976. 3) Art of the Americas: Ancient and Hispanic with a comparative chapter on the Philippines by Pal Kelemen, c. 1969.
351.DESCRIPTION: Illustrated History of the American Civil War, edited by Henry Steele Commager, Orbis Publ. C. 1976 by Grolier Enterprises Inc., reprinted 1982, 1984. Illustrated with over 300 pictures, many in colour, carefully composed to maintain a vivid impression of what life was like at the time; how the war affected the life of the people, combatants and non-combatants, militants and pacifists, civilians and soliders, whether on a slave plantation in the old South, at the front line, or in the notorious prison camps, such as Andersonville.
352.DESCRIPTION: Five Western Art auction catalogues. Three from the Altermann Galliers & Auctioneers - Santa Fe, Scottsdale, Dallas. Friday, April 1st 2016, vol. 2; Friday, August 12, 2016, vol. 1; Saturday, Aug. 13, 2016, vol. 2. C.M. Russell Museum permanent collection, Great Falls, MT, c. 1989. Includes an announcement for the publication Grand Expediiton of Lewis & Clark as seen by C.M. Russell. The binding is pulling away from the cover. Plus Mountain Majesty, the art of John Fery, a traveling exhibition, c. 1997 by William P. Healey and John B. Frey.
353.DESCRIPTION: Stated FIRST EDITION, Jammin'-to-the-Sun: A tribute to the red buses of Glacier National Park, photography by Bret Bouda, c. 2010. Digital Broadway Publishing 2010. Bouda has captured the glamour of the Red Buses against the backdrop of the grandeur of the park. He celebrates the encounter of the mechanical with the natural. Hardcover with dj, new condition.
354.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST, limited edition 92 of 100 copies, hardcover in slipcase. Rim-Rock and Sage, the Collected Poems of Maynard Dixon with drawings. Introduction by Kevin Starr, The California Historical Society publ., 1977. Yellow cloth and leather cover, circular vignette of stylized eagle on front and back. Poems of the West by the noted artist, 1896-1937. Previous owner marks inside front over and front end page.
355.DESCRIPTION: Vintage hardcover, Exotic Mushrooms by Henri Romagnesi, Sterling Publ. Co., Oak Tree Press Co. C. 1971, 1970, 1961 by Bordas Edituer, Paris. This is a large sized book. There are 160 different types of mushrooms listed but the best part is the actual plates. They are colorful and large and just plain fun to look at. The book is printed on thick paper. At the bottom of each picture it also tells whether it is edible or not.
356.DESCRIPTION: Decorative hardcover, The Art of Mixology: Classic cocktails and curious concoctions, published by Parragon Books in 2016. offers a stunning anthology of cocktail recipes to make at home. You'll find an informative introduction packed with all the essential knowledge any experienced or novice mixologist could ever need and over 200 recipes to suit every occasion. The drinks are grouped within sections on Gin & Vodka; Rum, Whiskies, and Brandy; Bubbles; Something Different; and Mocktails, and the drinks range from a Singapore Sling, a Buck's Fizz, and a Cosmopolitan to a Highland Fling, a Brandy Julep, and a Baby Bellini. Plus Drinking in America: A History by Mark Edward Lender and James Kirby Martin, c. 1982, 1987 by the Free Press, revised and expanded edition.
357.DESCRIPTION: Vintage hardcover with dj, America's Great Outdoors: The story of the eternal romance between man and nature, edited by L. James Bashline and Dan Saults. An anthology of 200 years of writing with collected illustrations. J.G. Ferguson Publ. Co., c. 1976 by the Outdoor Writers Association of America.
358.DESCRIPTION: Two ex-library art books. 1) RARE, stated FIRST EDITION, Roots in the Rock: The house and the life they built together in Seacoast Main, illustrated by the author Charles Child, c. 1964. An Atlantic Monthly Press Book - Little, Brown and Co. 2) Unstated FIRST edition, stated first printing, The American West: Out of Myth, into Reality, Peter H. Hassrick guest curator. Trust for the museum exhibitions in association with the Mississippi Museum of Art, c. 2000.
359.DESCRIPTION: Four softcovers referring to Western art/artists. 1) Ex-library, Frank Mechau/Artist of Colorado by Cile M. Bach, c. 1981 by the Aspen Center for the Visual Arts. 2) Alfred Jacob Miller (1810-1874), artist as explorer, first views of the American Frontier with an essay by Ron Tyler. Gerald Peters Gallery, c. 1999. 3) The Lure of the West: The Carl S. Dentzel Collection of Western American Art, c. 1897 by Phoenix Art Museum. 4) Majesty & Wilderness, Works by Carl Rungius, The Center for Western Art at the Rockwell Museum, Sept. 19 - Nov. 3, 1985, c. 1985.
360.DESCRIPTION: Four softcovers referring to Western art/artists, two new copies in original plastic. 1) James Swinnerton by Donald J. Hagerty, Gerald Peters Gallery, c. 2001. 2) Frank Tenney Johnson and the American West, Gerald Peters Gallery, Essay by Melissa J. Webster, 2000. 3) Frederic Remington, the Late Years, c. 1981. 4) The Western Paintings of John Clymer, introduction by Paul Weaver, c. 1977, a Peacock Press/Bantam Book. Stated FIRST printing: Sept. 1977.
361.DESCRIPTION: 1) Savages & Scoundrels: Untold story of America's road to empire through Indian Territory by Paul VanDevelder, c. 2009, Yale University Press. New condition hardcover with dj. 2) Film Reviews: Sex, Love, Indians by Mary Scriver, Nahpi-Yaki Press, Valier, Montana. These are the film reviews published on the blog called www.prairiemary.blogspot.com over a period of years. Many of them about sex, love, and/or Blackfeet Indians.
362.DESCRIPTION: New, vintage copy softcover in original plastic, Haynes 18020 (2020) BMW 3 & 5 Series, Automotive Repair Manual. Based on a complete teardown and rebuild. Features step-by-step procedures linked to hundreds of easy-to-follow photos, quick and easy troubleshooting sections, detailed wiring diagram, color spark plug diagnosis.
363.DESCRIPTION: New German hardcover copy in original plastic, slipcover. 50 Jahre (years) Porsche 912 by Jurgen Lewandowski, Delius Klasing publ. A complete history of the development and design of the Porsche 912. Apart from the Porsche 912 Coupe (1965 to 1969) this book also presents the Porsche 912 Targa (1966 to 1969). Less well-known, but all the more intriguing, is the story of the Porsche 912E, built in 1976 just for the US market, and of which only 2099 specimens exist.
364.DESCRIPTION: Two C.M. Russell hardovers. 1) A Bibliography of the Published Works of Charles M. Russell, compiled by Karl Yost and Frederic G. Renner, University of Nebraska Press, c. 1971, second printing. Includes 3500 items, 42 plates, 18 in color, 8-1/2 x 11". 2) The CMR Book, text by John Willard with foreword by Senator Mike Mansfield, Salisbury Press, Superior Publ. Co., c. Canada 1970. Brown textured leather stamped with gold gilt on front cover, spine is torn on top area.
365.DESCRIPTION: Two vintage hardcovers. 1) Unstated FIRST EDITION, U.S. West: The Saga of Wells Fargo by Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg, Bonanza Books, New York. C. MCMXLIX (1949) by E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc. 2) Stated FIRST Complete Edition of 500 copies, The Teepee Book, a monthly periodical, published by Herbert Coffeen, Sheridan, Wyoming. Part 2, volume 2, number 4 (April 1916) to volume 2, number 12 (December 1916). With a new introduction by Gene M. Gressley, Sol Lewis publ. 1974. The Teepee Book magazine was devoted to Indians and the West.
366.DESCRIPTION: Leather bound Arizona Highways magazines by Don and Jean Paisley. It is complete with all twelve 1950 monthly editions!
367.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, Sacred Encounters: Father De Smet and the Indians of the Rocky Mountain West by Jacqueline Peterson with Laura Peers. The De Smet Project, Washington State University in association with the University of Oklahoma Press, c. 1993. In full color, with two hundred illustrations, Sacred Encounters captures on the page the emotional tension, drama, and multiple voices of the exhibition of the same title. With the collaboration of more than one hundred Native American, Jesuit, curatorial, and academic consultants, Sacred Encounters bridges the fine arts, history, and ethnography to evoke the ongoing dialogue between Christianity and traditional Indian belief that produced new ways of life and new ways of believing for native and newcomer alike. New condition hardcover with dj.
368.DESCRIPTION: Two hardcovers featuring Seattle and State Fair's. 1) Stated FIRST EDITION, The American State Fair by Derek Nelson, c. 1999, MBI Publ, 1999. Vintage photos, postcards show harness racing, rodeos, Ben Hur chariot races, animals, etc. with b/w & color photos. 2) King County and its Queen City: Seattle, an illustrated history by James R. Warren. C. 1981 by Windsor Publications.
369.DESCRIPTION: Unstated FIRST EDITION, The Sixties Chronicle, David Farber, Ph.D. consultant. C. 2004 by Publications International Ltd. A Bible for anyone wanting to study the importance of the cultural shock the 60s have steered worldwide. Nicely organized pictorial history of the sixties-one chapter for each year, each chapter going from January through December of important events with asides to give more details about a particular event or individual.
370.DESCRIPTION: Three vintage hardcover coffee table books with djs, all first editions. 1) The Films of 20th Century Fox, 50th anniversary edition - celebrating fifty years of motion picture production by Tony Thomas and Aubrey Solomon, c. 1979. 2) The RKO Story by Richard B. Jewell, c. 1982. 3) The Paramont Story by John Douglas Eames, the complete history of the studio and its 2805 films, c. 1985.
371.DESCRIPTION: Four interesting hardcovers about history. 1) Time-Life 1968 - War abroad, riots at home, fallen leaders and lunar dreams: the year that changed the world. Collector's CD included, c. 2008. 2) Stated FIRST EDITION, Reader's Digest, New Zealand Yesterdays: A look at our recent past, c. 1984. 3) Stated FIRST EDITION, Time-Life, Sixty Years: A 60th anniversary celebration 1936-1996, c. 1996. 4) Time Inc., Eyewitness: 150 Years of Photojournalism by Richard Lacayo and George Russell, c. 1995, second edition.
372.DESCRIPTION: Pilgrimage by Annie Leibovitz, Random House publ, c. 2011. Pilgrimage took Annie Leibovitz to places that she could explore with no agenda. She wasn't on assignment. She chose the subjects simply because they meant something to her. The first place was Emily Dickinson's house in Amherst, Massachusetts, which Leibovitz visited with a small digital camera. A few months later, she went with her three young children to Niagara Falls. "That's when I started making lists," she says. She added the houses of Virginia Woolf and Charles Darwin in the English countryside and Sigmund Freud's final home, in London, but most of the places on the lists were American. The work became more ambitious as Leibovitz discovered that she wanted to photograph objects as well as rooms and landscapes. She began to use more sophisticated cameras and a tripod and to travel with an assistant, but the project remained personal.
373.DESCRIPTION: Four softcover art books. 1) Frederic Edwin Church by Franklin Kelly, National Gallery of Art, c. 1989. Exhibition dates: Oct 8, 1989 - Jan 28, 1990. 2) Life in California: 1930-1950, scene paintings from the Sally and David Martin Collection, Santa Barbara Historical Museum, c. 2008. 3) California Impressionists, text by Susan Landauer, a presentation of the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games Cultural Olympiad, c. 1996. 4) E. Martin Hennings: Paintings & works on paper from Europe & Taos, Gerald Peters Gallery, c. 1991.
374.DESCRIPTION: A selection of 12 misc. books to pass the time. 1) Stated FIRST EDITION, Balkan Ghosts: A Journey Through History by Robert D. Kaplan, c. 1993. 2) The Sorcerer's Apprentice: Picasso, Provence, and Douglas Cooper by John Richardson, c. 1999, third printing. 3) "Sexually, I'm More of a Switzerland", More personal ads from the London Review of Books, edited by David Rose, c. 2010. 4) Stated FIRST EDITION, Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern, c. 2010. 5) Longitude: The true story of a lone genius who solved the greatest scientific problem of his time by Dava Sobel, c. 1995. 6) Unstated FIRST EDITION, Spirit Animals by Victoria Covell, c. 2000. 7) Why You Say It by Webb Garrison, c. 1992. 8) Gunsmoke: Dead Man's Witness, a novel by Gary McCarthy, c. 1999. 9) The Island of Lost Maps: A true story of cartographic crime by Miles Harvey, c. 2000. 10) Beethoven's Hair by Russell Martin, c. 2000. 11) The Big Oyster: History on the half shell by Mark Kurlansky, c. 2006. 12) Stated FIRST EDITION, Written by Herself, volume II, Women's memoirs from Britain, Africa, Asia, and the United States, edited by Jill Ker Conway, c. 1996.
375.DESCRIPTION: Proud Heritage: An illustrated history of Lake County, the Lower Flathead, Mission and Jocko Valleys by Paul Fugleberg, c. 1997, The Donning Co. Publ. Home to thousands of Montanans who enjoy living and working in one of the most beautiful, if not the prettiest, areas in a state noted for its natural splendor. This illustrated history touches on the highlights of preceding generations - showing in pictures and telling in words, their experiences and accomplishments. It also gives a glimpse of where the area is today, how it got there, and the direction in which it's heading. With 275 photographs and some 35,000 words, read and enjoy and appreciate those whose dreams, determination and effords built a proud heritage. New condition hardcover with dj, writing in black ink on front end paper.
376.DESCRIPTION: New unstated FIRST EDITION, hardcover with dj, Charles M. Russell, Word Painter: Letters 1887-1926, edited by Brian W. Dippie, Amon Carter Museum, c. 1993, distributed by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. The most comprehensive collection of Russell's correspondence ever assembled. Letters to his wife Nancy, to patrons and fellow artists, and to the saloonkeepers and cowboys who remained his friends for life reveal a surprisingly modest man. Russell downplayed his own verbal skills, but his letters show that he was an artist with words as well as paint, able to evoke a bygone era or make a shrewd social observation in a few well-chosen sentences. Each letter is reproduced in facsimile, allowing readers to see, in the artist's own handwriting and with his inimitable spellings and punctuation, how Russell cleverly interwove colorful sketches and eloquent words to form a memorable whole.

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