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Category: BRONZE (3 records) CLOSED AND SOLD! THANK YOU ALL! CARVED ~ BEAR Collection! Beautiful Collection belonging to the Revocable Trust of Edward R. Bazinet, 5-6 Ranch of Paradise Valley, Livingston. (Lewistown Preview-Removal-We Ship). - December 1st, 2018

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a020t.jpgDESCRIPTION: Bronze Kodiak bear attached to a wood base. Signed by Drummond, Montana artist (Bill) Ohrmann (1919-2013), '80. Ohrmann was an artist, environmentalist, rancher, and spokesman for the earth. He has been an artist all of his life, and has created a wealth of oil and water color paintings, and produced sculptures in a number of mediums. Beginning with simple themes of wildlife in both his paintings and sculptures, he took the wood carvings to new styles that can be seen in no other art while his more recent paintings are also a demonstration of his ability to create an entirely new way to express ideas. Bill has also been a Montana rancher all of his life, being born on a ranch outside of Philipsburg in 1919, and living in the Philipsburg and Ovando area before the family moved to the present ranch south of Drummond in 1934. Living on and working the ranches gave him an appreciation for nature and a love of animals. He was always a good steward of the land and treated his stock with care.
DIMENSIONS: 12" H 14" L 11" D
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a032t.jpgDESCRIPTION: Scott Scherer signed, ON THE HUNT bronze, limited edition 4/30. The grizzly bear of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem is a marvel in the animal world. They can be seen in the early spring hunting for grubs and berries and occasionally taking down an elk, moose or bison. A mostly self-taught artist, Scott began sculpting in 2003 and had his first piece cast in the summer of 2003. He tries to convey realistic action and proportion while at the same time not getting too detailed. His works are a hybrid of impressionism with a touch of realism. "Sculptures have to look good from every angle and so I look for different movements animals make and try to capture this with my camera or sketch pad before I put it in clay or on canvas. Whether a painting or a sculpture, I want to put just enough information in the piece to make it read without over doing it". Scott's work has won multiple awards in just the few shows he has entered.
DIMENSIONS: 16" H 17" L 10" W
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a048t.jpgDESCRIPTION: And our highlighted item!! Awesome, antique art work by French artist V. (Victor) Peter (1840-1918) signed bronze of two fighting bear cubs, titled Barengruppe. It is not clear how many are in the edition for this bronze; but we have researched about 5 that have sold from $1000 to $5200. The foundry is the Susse Fres. Ed. trs., Paris. It's age of over 100 years shows a bit on the bottom (shown), but still in great condition! The bears are bolted from the underside, with two screws missing. This is a great antique, wildlife work of art!
DIMENSIONS: 14" H 11" W 4" D
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