Closed! The Estate of Arnold (Jake) W. Johnson, Bozeman, Montana. Thank you for bidding!
Date & Time: Saturday, April 7, 2018 6:00 pm Mountain Time
Location: 141 McGee Dr., Bozeman, Montana
Auction Physical Preview: Two days!
Friday evening, April 6, 2018 from 4 pm to 7 pm and Saturday, April 7, 2018, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, 141 McGee Dr., Bozeman, MT

Auction Removal: Sunday, April 8, 2018, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, 141 McGee Dr., Bozeman, MT. For shippers and moving companies. Mergenthaler will be the best choice, please call BEFORE the auction ends. If you do not win your item, they can be cancelled. Provide for your help or Labor BEFORE the removal day. D & M Associates does not provide labor of any kind.

Arnold "Jake" Johnson (1930-2017) not only served his country in war and peace, but he was also a connoisseur of many things including art, stamps, books, New England furnishings and collectibles. As a soldier in the U. S. Army, Jake was deployed to Korea in 1950 where he received two Purple Hearts during the bitter fighting against the communist North. Upon his return home, he enrolled in the forestry program at Yale University, graduating in 1957. For the next few decades, he served as a conservation officer in Alaska before returning to Rhode Island and later moved to Bozeman, Montana. Jake Johnson had a keen, questing mind, a fantastic memory, and enjoyed a good laugh. He and his wife Donna were affable hosts who welcomed visitors and family first to their home in Rhode Island, and then to Bozeman, Montana.

We are very excited about this auction! Beautiful Colonial, 17th and 18th Century antique furniture (chest on chest), and collectibles! Original cast iron banks, electronic, art, unique and hard to find collectibles, and an amazing collection of Barrister Bookcases and antique cupboards. Several in fact!
Gorgeous Persian area rugs and rare Oriental Field Sports antique transfer-ware marked Spode and Clew!! This is a very high end auction with 17th and 18th Century antiques we seldom see in this part of the country. Get ready, this is a wonderful opportunity for everyone!! The majority of these items ARE 17th and 18th Century! Please attend the preview, you won't regret it.

Please bring your own labor!! Packaging, paper, boxes etc. Very important for the barristers, plastic wrap to keep them tight and together when moving the sections! As well as the glass front bookcases etc. D & M Associates does not have labor available to help move the large items! Please call a moving company ahead of removal! Merganthaler of Bozeman is a good one. Please make arrangements prior to the removal!

WE SHIP!! Smaller items!! For larger items: removal, packing, labor and storage is the responsibility of the bidder! Please come prepared. Please read all Terms and Conditions!

Very Important! Because of the many amazing larger pieces (barrister's, furnishings etc) be prepared to bring your own labor, furniture wrap!!, tools, hand trucks, etc to remove and protect the items and home in this auction! Call Marilyn, 406-570-3922 with questions. Note: even though we identify the barristers with the marks they have, these stacked cases fit on each other, they may or may not be mixed with other brands. They are as they are, and in great condition. Please...attend the preview!! You won't regret it.

Normally cards are run automatically at the conclusion of the auction. If you would rather pay cash at removal, you MUST send an email to for that auction before the auctions closes and the email MUST include your bidder number.

Yes, we do ship! Please read terms and conditions below. You can request shipping by emailing or

A Buyer's Premium of 15% applies, please bid accordingly!

Please read all terms and conditions, and I know I am repetitive, but it's important. If you have ANY questions, please email Marilyn at

We do not presume ourselves to be experts and knowledgeable in all things or about all items and request that you do not presume that we are. While we endeavor to be as forthright as practical in our descriptions and generally include overall measurements, we do have public preview events where you can inspect/test items prior to purchase. Most items are used, so there are usually imperfections of some kind. An auction is not a retail store, sorry - we cannot offer refunds or returns. If you have any questions regarding our auctions, please inquire prior to making bid or purchase. Or, please come to the preview!
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Items in this auction close at a rate of 5 items per minute; 1 through 5 will close at 6pm, 6-10 at 6:01pm, 11-15 at 6:02pm, etc. If you and someone else are bidding on the same lot, then that lot will not close until someone has stopped bidding for 5 minutes. It is important for you to know that once the bidding has started to close, you will NOT receive outbid notices in your email. Please watch your items closely and REFRESH your page often!

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All winning bidders must rely on their own labor, property insurance, packaging, boxes, wrapping, hand trucks, tools, and moving trucks or service AT THE REMOVAL.

If you cannot pickup your items on the day and time indicated please do not bid OR if you request removal of your purchases by another party or by shipping, please indicate so by emailing Marilyn A. Burns - or by calling 406-570-3922 with your bidder number and name of the person removing your purchases from the auction site. Please note you have to follow this procedure every time you want to have items shipped. We cannot "flag" your profile to be a shipping customer. At your expense and by your request we will ship small items via UPS, USPS or Fedex, however we will NOT crate for shipment or deliver your items. We charge your credit card on file for shipping charges plus at least $12 for handling of items. Handling depends on labor costs to gather, wrap, and pack your items and to transport to a shipping center or post office.

If your items are not removed on our specified removal day and we have not been contacted with arrangements, they will be considered ABANDONED.

Thank you for your business! Call for more information 406-570-3922, Marilyn Burns.

Directions: From I-90 E, take the Main Street exit into Bozeman. Turn left onto Highland Boulevard - at the first stop light. Continue to Kagy Boulevard and turn left. Continue to Painted Hills Rd. and turn right. Follow until Cook Ct. and turn left. The next right will be McGee Dr. Follow to 141 McGee Dr., destination will be on your right.
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