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Auction Closed! Thank you for bidding at this awesome Equipment, attachments, Firearms, custom furnishings, tools, Patio, camping and more at this OnLine Only Living Estate Auction, Bozeman, MT
Date & Time: June 17, 2017 5:00 pm Mtn Time
Location: 12745 Kelly Canyon Rd., Bozeman, MT 59715
Highlights: AUCTION CLOSES: Saturday, June 17, 2017 Evening @ 5:00 pm Mountain Time
PREVIEW ITEMS: Saturday, June 17, 2017 between 10 am and 3 pm. Or Online at
REMOVAL OF ITEMS: Sunday, June 18, 2017 between 10 am and 6 pm ONLY! No extended time will be approved! Vehicles and equipment are in running condition, unless otherwise noted. Items sell As is, Where is with all faults and without warranty or guarantee. A 15% BP applies. Please rely on your own inspection!

Welcome to this very nice online auction. The Sellers are down sizing and moving to a new location and would like to offer their good equipment and personal property to the public using the OnLine Only Auction Method of Marketing.
Very nice Bobcat Skidsteer with loader. 26' Gooseneck trailer, JD Tractor, Kubota side by side, excellent firearms, Valley pool table, custom made dining table, set of beautiful oak chairs, Pine Pole furnishings, camping, tools and so many other needed items.

The items in this auction sell AS IS WHERE IS, WITH ALL FAULTS. We appreciate that you rely on the Physical Preview for your own determination of each item in this auction; for condition, models, colors, sizes etc.

A 15% Buyer's Premium applies to all items, unless otherwise noted on certain items. Please, be sure to bid accordingly! 10% BP on the Gooseneck Trailer.

IF PAYMENT OTHER THAN CREDIT CARD is required or desired, please contact Marilyn at 406-570-3922 to make arrangements - before the auction begins to end. D & M does not accept personal checks, cash only please.

In this Living Estate Auction-If you are purchasing rifles or pistols, please regard the laws by removing your own item! You will be asked to show Identification when you arrive to remove your purchased firearm with your Paid in Full receipt. It is unlawful to ask ANY OTHER person other than yourself to remove your purchased firearm. Please regard the FFL and FTA regulations on firearm possession! You must be 18 years of age to purchase rifles/shotguns and 21 years of age to purchase pistols and revolvers. You will asked personal questions about your past. If you live out of state D & M Associates, LLC will carry and receive any and all purchased firearms to an FFL for shipping and they must be received by an FFL! BEFORE THE AUCTION IS OVER! Please contact D & M Auctions as soon as possible for shipping instructions! D & M Associates LLC is working as an Agent for the seller in this Living Estate Auction.
If you are not able to pick up your firearm, call D & M Associates, before the auction ends, and we will carry the firearm back to Lewistown for removal to purchasing bidder only. Please abide by all terms and conditions concerning firearms.

We ship, but we do not crate or freight or deliver! Handling fees begin at $10.00.

Cell and Internet Service is limited at this Kelly Canyon location. A Catalog will be available for questions. Or ask

>We do not presume ourselves to be experts and knowledgeable in all things or about all items and request that you do not presume that we are. For this reason we make every effort to inspect and describe our items to the best of our ability and knowledge for you the buyer to make as informed a decision as possible. If you have any questions regarding our auctions, please inquire prior to making bid or purchase.
NO retraction of bids will be made per our terms and conditions. Before or after the preview.
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Categories: Catalog - ALL ITEMS (687) - AMMO (37) - ART (6) - ATV (4) - BOBCAT (8) - BOOKS (7) - CAMPING (33) - CANOE (2) - COLLECTIBLE (40) - COOK STOVE (1) - DARTBOARD (1) - DCOR (13) - DOLLAR MAN (2) - FARM (5) - FIREARMS (84) - FURNITURE (53) - GAMES (4) - GLASSWARE (79) - GUN SAFE (1) - LAWN (6) - MISC (22) - MUSIC (7) - PATIO (23) - POOL TABLE (2) - RUG (6) - SILVER (17) - SNOWMOBILE (10) - SPORT (31) - TACK ROOM (1) - TERMS (3) - TIPI (1) - TOOLS (157) - TORO (1) - TRACTOR (6) - TRAILER (8) - TV (6)
Notes: Begin by clicking on REGISTER TO BID at the top of the page. Fill in all blanks. If you have registered in the past, then you are already assigned a bid number.
Please update your bidder profile if your address has changed or CC has expired. If you cannot remember your bid number or password, contact the auction company by email at After registering, you will receive a bid number moments after you have registered. If you do not receive your number, PLEASE check your SPAM OR JUNK MAIL BOX. If you are unable to find your number please call Marilyn at 406-570-3922.
You can begin bidding.

Under CATEGORIES, go to ALL ITEMS. Page one will have items 1-50, page 2 will have items 51-100 and so on.
You will place your bid number and password in the identified boxes at the bottom of the page. Once you place a bid, scroll down, put in your bid number and password and then SUBMIT. The page will ask you at least twice if THIS IS YOUR BID! Your number will stay on each page, you will not have to resubmit your bid number on each page.
If you use the Max bid box, your bids will not sweep any others, bids stay in increments only.
Please try to make it to the Physical Preview provided for all bidders! It is recommended that if you cannot make it to the designated PREVIEW please call Marilyn Burns at D&M Associates with your questions of ANY kind!

A 15% buyers premium will be added to the purchase amount unless otherwise noted in each item.
The Auction items will close at a rate of 3 items per minute with a 5 minute EXTENDED bidding time when two or more bidders are bidding on the same item at CLOSING TIME. You will be able to continue bidding during the closing but will not receive "outbid" notices after the auction begins closing!
All winning bidders must rely on their own labor, property insurance, packaging, boxes, wrapping, hand trucks, tools, and moving trucks or service AT THE REMOVAL.
In addition, if you are not able to remove your own items, all bidders must make arrangements, IN ADVANCE, to have their items picked up on the removal day!
AT YOUR EXPENSE AND by PHONE and EMAIL REQUEST ONLY, WE WILL SHIP VIA UPS, MAIL OR FEDEX, however we will not crate for freight shipment or deliver your items. WE WILL SHIP!! Shipping, if desired, will be handled by D & M Associates. Handling fees for shipping start at $10.00 (dollars) will be added to all shipping costs for handling and packaging, unless other arrangements are made. Included will be the handling fee, packaging, shipping and insurance. All precautions will be carefully made; however,if you ask D & M Associates to be responsible for packing and shipping, we will take NO responsibility for breakage of any kind, all items will be insured for value. It is bidder's responsibility if D & M Associates is asked to pack and ship.

IMPORTANT! If bidder is not able to pickup items on removal day, arrangements should be made IN ADVANCE with Marilyn or HAVE SOMEONE REMOVE YOUR ITEMS for you, or please do not bid; all items not removed on Removal Day are considered ABANDONED. NO other dates for removal will be available. Contact Marilyn @ 406-570-3922 with questions and removal requests.
Click on REVIEW BIDS to view your "own" bids. Remember, after the auction begins TO CLOSE, you will not receive "outbid" notices!
REFRESH your page often, and again and again.

We do not presume ourselves to be experts and knowledgeable in all things or about all items and request that you do not presume that we are. For this reason we make every effort to inspect and describe our items to the best of our ability and knowledge for you the buyer to make as informed a decision as possible. If you have any questions regarding our auctions, please inquire prior to making bid or purchase. Or, please, come to the preview!!

Terms: This is a credit card only auction! All Terms and Conditions apply.
A 15% Buyers Premium applies, please bid accordingly. Or unless otherwise noted.
All items are purchased using the Credit Card information used to register for the auction. All credit card information must be accurate and complete and statement address must match the address you register with.
If you cannot pickup your items on the day and time indicated PLEASE DO NOT BID AND/OR If you request removal of your purchase by another party or by shipping, please indicate so by email to:
Marilyn A. Burns at
with your bidder number, personal information and name of the person removing your purchase from the auction site, or request for shipping. Or call 406-570-3922.
If you item (s) is not removed during the removal time it will be considered ABANDONED if you have not contacted Marilyn!
ALL ITEMS SELL "AS IS - WHERE IS" with no warranty implied. Please rely on preview for condition, colors, authorizations, sizes etc. Photos are considered part of the description.
After registering for the auction you will be able to bid with your number and your password. If you have registered previously, please use your bidder number and password. Email, if you have forgotten your number and password.
C and H Angel Seller.
Directions: Directions from downtown Bozeman St., head East to Frontage Rd., continue on Frontage Rd., turn left then veer right on Kelly Canyon Rd. follow approximately 2 1/2 miles to 12745. Signs will be posted.
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